Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2353

Punctures 10,000 swords?” Three people were shocked. Xia Tian does not understand that opposite party what is this. They also think any Sword Intent and so on test, looked finally now, unexpectedly is makes them puncture 10,000 swords same place, this also too exaggerated. What is this tests the law? If must test the physical strength should not use the singlestick. 10,000 swords!! This is anything competes certainly the inspection of accuracy, I must seriously treat.” In two Dragon Xin secretly thought, he understands this inspection certainly is very essential matter, although he has not thought temporarily tests is anything, but he thinks that he only needs to show sensibility to the Sword Intent, that definitely will be selected by the first several big elders. If were selected by nine sword elders, then made a rapid career advance. Their vision looked a moment ago on a front stele, the stone all over the body is crystal same glittering and translucent carving, what on that stele recorded was nine all people, the typeface was the black, therefore they can see very clearly. Big elder, is nine sword elders. His hanger-on has three disciples, although these three disciples are only three names. However several people all guessed correctly. These three people should be nine three in legend. Was known as that supports entire nine figure. They three reputations solely do not become famous in Hong Jianmen, outside Hong Jianmen, their three is also very famous, nine reputations are worst, but they three reputations actually to best, because their three have not discarded nine, even if were gathered by others, they also never pass through. Two elders are eight sword elders, the strength are also unusual formidable. Under his hand altogether has ten disciples, the strengths of these ten people also absolutely low not.

Three elders are seven sword elders. Under the hand has 20 disciples. Four elders, five elders, six elders, seven elders all are six sword elders. They several disciples are also quite average, is 30 people, are not many much. Eight elders and nine elders are five sword elders, under their hands has five people and four people. It seems very pitiful. But this is not most pitiful, those who are most pitiful is ten elders, under the hands of ten elders a person does not have, because he is a sword elder, rank lowest elder. Who acknowledges as teacher does not hope to look for fierce point Master. Eight elders, nine elders are five sword elders, turned into a sword elder to ten elder here. This can be said as is very disappointing. Two dragon and Lu Bing think that this elder definitely is plies the connections to become gear-driven elder position, therefore they are do not spare a glance to ten elders, at this time their goal is an elder, two elders and three elders, even if again bad, must bump into four elder their these six sword elders. Performance that they go all out very much. Looks at Xia Tian again, he probably deals with the matter to be the same there, casual toward leaving thorn. Two dragon and Lu Bing's split vision saw the performance of Xia Tian, their innermost feelings are all despising Xia Tian, they think that Xia Tian definitely does not have of candidate. !!!! The swords of two dragons puncture is very steady, the way and angle that each sword punctures were just the same as before, he started to practice the sword since childhood, the way of this type of thorn sword was the potluck, but he did not have time here over 10,000 swords, but he thinks that this did not have what difficulty regarding oneself, oneself before punctured 1000 swords, moreover punctured with sansishi cattys in weight sword.

But singlestick three jin (0.5 kg), therefore does not have any difficulty regarding him. Lu Bing is also puncturing the sword that goes all out there. He is the same with two dragons, thinks what this time definitely tests is the accuracy and endurance. Therefore he is also cautious and solemn there thorn sword!! Xia Tian may be disinclined to puncture the sword, because he had the candidate in mind, therefore he does not need to make several other elders elect him, he only needs one to wait for that several elders announced the result was OK. Moreover Xia Tian knows, this singlestick inspection absolutely is not the endurance and accuracy, because this type of thing is the department of pediatrics, even if tests also needs to test with the heavy sword, but is not the singlestick, therefore result grading of these two people will not be definitely high. Really!! After ten minutes!! The big elder, two elders and three elders all are disappointed shaking the head. Obviously their three had determined that does not choose. Two dragons go all out there thorn sword!! However Lu Bing had discovered obviously three long shameless on disappointed colors, he is pondering afterward fast: According to the expressions of three elders, we two present procedures both are not obviously right, is the outcome of then inspecting what?” His split vision looks to the eyes of several other elders. Is the sword blade!!” Lu Bing the sudden discovery, the vision of that several elder is looking at own sword blade, therefore he changed the strategy, he starts to use the singlestick to whip the air. The singlestick whips the air, that is be more difficult than the iron sword. Lu Bing has attempted three times, finally succeeded.

After Lu Bing has succeeded, four elder nods of silently. Two dragons saw after Lu Bing performance, suddenly understood, therefore he also started to whip the air, but whipped three times not to succeed, at this time four elders also shook the head, afterward he whipped the fourth time, still has not succeeded, five elders also shook the head, afterward he whipped the fifth time, fifth time has not succeeded, six elders also shook the head. This time two dragon innermost feelings incomparable worries. He understands that which elder shakes the head, that showed that which elder will definitely not elect him, at this time six elders gave up him continually, then his final opportunity was seven elders, if his final these was also defeated, then he entered the seven elder there opportunities of not to have. Shouted!! Gives me to succeed!!” Two dragons give a loud shout, afterward patted directly above the air. Succeeded. He has succeeded finally, after succeeding, on his face has the joy of not being able to conceal. He understands, subordinates who oneself this time can join seven elders. Looks at the landing soldier self-satisfied appearance, he somewhat envies, he thinks his talent will be definitely higher than Lu Bing, but Lu Bing unexpectedly obtained the approvals of four elders now, although 567 elders will also extend the olive branch to him, but the fool will choose 567 in the situations of four elders. Coughs! Stops!!” Nine sword elders have coughed gently two: Actually this inspection whips the air, if you come up for one minute to sense and succeed, then I will choose you, if five minutes, is two elders, ten minutes, that is three elders, over after ten minutes, must think that your several times can succeed, if thinks finally continually whips person who the air has not thought, we will also prompt him.” Nine sword elders spoke of here time, his vision looked to Xia Tian: You can try!!” I?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the opposite party. Right!!” Nine sword elders said. „Does this child cross the thing of each family also trial?”