Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2355
On the face of big elder has shown the smiling face. The faces of two elders and on three elders has filled with the anticipation. What I choose is ten elders.” The Xia Tian vision looked directly to ten elders. When they hear ten elders, that several elders were all shocked. Conversely, two dragon and in the Lu Bing two will of the people are happily blossomed. They just started also to think that Xia Tian must choose the big elder, then after them, does not have the auspicious day, even , must follow to beg for food to eat behind the buttocks of Xia Tian, but was now good, now Xia Tian unexpectedly has chosen ten elders, this lets them simply is excited must die. Lu Bing felt at this time one rose the heaven from the hell all of a sudden. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” He has even smiled directly, but he discovered immediately the situation is not right, on the faces of several other big elders is the dignified look. Although two dragons want to smile, but held. Suddenly, the atmosphere coagulated thoroughly. What because Xia Tian choice is ten elders, must know that ten elders are only a sword elder. His unexpectedly gave up nine sword elders choosing a sword elder, this in others opinion, was the brain show teases. „Do you elect me?” Ten elders gain ground slightly. Um, Master, please receive the disciple to do obeisance.” Xia Tian knees down directly, good acknowledging as teacher ritual. Once good acknowledging as teacher ritual that was unable to change, only if trades the gate. At this moment, Lu Bing and two dragons are true relaxing, they have not dared to be too dissolute a moment ago, but was now different, now Xia Tian has chosen Master, then he cannot change. Boy, your head definitely was enters the water, unexpectedly has elected a sword elder.” Lu Bing smiling looks at Xia Tian. Is, I estimated you also on this level.” Saying that two dragons despise.

At this time they all despise looks at Xia Tian. In their eyes Xia Tian has chosen worst Master. Good, that starting today, you were my apprentice.” Ten elders nodded, afterward he looked said to several other elders: Now I had the apprentice, later do not urge me all day, was tired of bothersomely.” Meaning that the expression that ten elders spoke has not respected, was more like was complaining that the subordinate was the same. Normal, his sword elder saw nine sword elders, that must be respectful is right, is ten elder unexpectedly to the big elder their so tone. Lu Bing and two dragons stare. At this moment, more inconceivable appeared. Other nine elders also cup one hand in the other across the chest: Yes, Teacher's younger brother!!!” Whish!! Lu Bing and two dragons they have all opened the mouth. Teacher's younger brother!! Nine sword elders their unexpectedly called this sword elder are the teacher's younger brothers, this was also too inconceivable, in the legend these formidable elders were the Hong Jianmen gate main disciples, in other words front the sword elder unexpectedly was gate main Junior Brother, this was also too terrifying, they have thought Xia Tian this time ended. Has chosen a worst elder. But they have a dream have not thought that the Xia Tian choice elder unexpectedly is the teacher's younger brothers of nine sword elders, Junior Brother of leader. Was good, you follow me.” Ten elders said direct stand forth, after he walked several turns head directly: These two fellows I do not like, I later do not want to see them.” Ten elders said that these words left directly, Xia Tian also directly followed. Bang!!

They all fell on the ground. Sees off the teacher's younger brother!!” Several other elders said directly. Until after ten elder and Xia Tian forms disappeared thoroughly, big elder vision ice-cold visits them: You, hand over Hong Jianmen thing, then immediately descends the mountain, do not stop over, gives you half day the time, after the half day, if you also on mountain, then to invade the crime to handle you.” Listens to the words of big elder, they were all silly. Read the heaven, read hell. They still above the heaven, at this time they dropped a moment ago in the hell. Ten elder a few words, their all labor all have wasted . Moreover the place that has not reasoned things out, does not have what reason, if they take a reason, is ten elders does not like them. Xia Tian walks toward front with ten elders, here left nine courtyards. I live in side this mountain, you later here practice, does not need to give an indoctrination speech.” Ten elders said directly. Gives an indoctrination speech goes to practice the sword with everybody together, to put it bluntly is forces to request, making them should not be lax, if who were lax, giving an indoctrination speech time naturally can look. Yes, Master!!” Xia Tian said. Was right, why will you elect me?” Ten elders sat on stone platform. Because you stand there is a handle sword, this type felt that I am familiar, therefore I want to study the sword best means am to look for you.” Xia Tian respectful saying, before his anything not time feels from the body of Yin Nie has been to this feeling, at this time he is next three first Expert, even if Yin Nie stands before him, will not have any feels. But he can also feel such formidable Sword Intent from ten elders. Thus it can be seen ten elders are one use sword Expert absolutely. Um!! Good, was right, Sword Intent sensibility time, how many are you?” Ten elder very optional asking, he has taken up one cup of tea directly, gently drinks. 999.” Xia Tian said.

Puff!! The tea in ten elder mouths have spurted directly: How many??” 999.” Xia Tian said. This is the Sword Intent stone, you sense me to have a look to me.” Ten elders threw to the Xia Tian together Sword Intent stone directly, afterward his right hand placed the Sword Intent stone above, Sword Intent crashed in his within the body, afterward his Swordsmanship domain was towed directly. Bang!! 999!! On the Sword Intent stone presented 999 nourishing. The eyes of ten elders stare big, this is Xia Tian first time sees surprisedly on his face. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Ten elders have laughed suddenly, afterward he looks to Xia Tian: You have such strong Sword Intent, why came to nine by the minute?” Eight elders just started saying that was the Sword Intent stone has gone bad, afterward said that I was a waste, will therefore demonstrate 999.” Xia Tian answered. Went to his Ma an egg, this idiot, has almost missed the peerless talent.” Ten elders excited look at Xia Tian, probably was looking that a Jane rare treasure is the same. Peerless talent? Were you saying me?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to ten elders. Nonsense, I naturally in saying you, I had not planned to accept the apprentice, was that several kids asks me to be very long I to guess to push someone take on a difficult job, has not thought that today unexpectedly lets the treasure that I picked, the boy, I will make you three strongest swordsmen!!” Ten elder vision firm saying.