Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2356
Xia Tian is peerless talents in nine ten elder mouths. The beforehand nine ten elders were compelled to accept the disciple by oneself that several Martial Nephew, was worried that he was too bored, therefore wants to look for a partner to him, he also been tired of did not have the means to comply. But now he thinks value that too own this apprentice receives. He does not have to think own unexpectedly has bumped into a talent of 999 Sword Intent sensibility. Boy, you have the domain, moreover your domain is also not the ordinary domain, but is the growth domain!!” Nine ten elder excited saying. Um!!” Xia Tian had not denied, since had been seen through, how then conceal again also uselessly. Moreover he has not felt the evil intention from the bodies of nine ten elders. Ha Ha Ha Ha, really so, really so Ah!!” Laughing that nine ten elders keep. Xia Tian had been smiled to hoodwink by him, oneself have the domain right, but also return to the birth family on sensibility Wan sword to the present. Absolutely does not have other any special abilities. Moreover the might that Wan sword returns to the birth family is not very big. It can be said that is only one clashes the face skill. Boy, you do not certainly understand that I so am why excited right, good, I told you.” On the faces of nine ten elders has been full of the smiling face: Sword Intent senses over 90 people, was called the talent, is talented person who our Hong Jianmen gathers specially, but Sword Intent senses over 95 people, can join one, has to understand that in one existence of domain, other person some successfully have also sensed the domain under the gear-driven elder's leadership, some for a lifetime miss, all they can only the cultivation false domain, although the might of false domain is also very big, but between true domain Expert the disparity will be getting bigger and bigger, they join a gate time disparity not to calculate in a big way, but once a person has. The domain, that this person will have been away from other people are getting more and more far.”

Um!!” Xia Tian nod of silently. Moreover what is surprised, Hong Jianmen unexpectedly has the means of special cultivation domain, moreover there is a false domain to study. These are not main, the Sword Intent sensibility is the domain, when the Sword Intent sensibility achieves 100 will present the false domain, when the Sword Intent sensibility achieves 101 will present the domain, although only poor Sword Intent sensibility, but is also absolute is day is, now you understand that you had 999 Sword Intent sensibility to represent anything!!!” Nine ten elders smiling look at Xia Tian. Probably understood a point.” Xia Tian as if understood, oneself this 999 digit truly compared with 101 scary many. Ha Ha Ha Ha, this was only just started, your Sword Intent sensibility was 999, this does not represent you now compared with others, but will represent in the future your may the growth space be more fearful than them, how many did 101 people again sense for a lifetime can achieve? According to my experience, generally also about 150, even if the gate main that old ghost, his Sword Intent sensibility now also 500, compare with you, is the child crosses each family simply, in less than many years, I will make you surpass that old ghost, turns into Nine Provinces first Swordsman, even is three first Swordsman.” Nine ten elders more said that is more excited. At this time Xia Tian understands finally 999 this digit were representing anything. This on behalf is his future talent. His growth space. Really? Will sword that but why I sense incur so will be weak?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Fool, because you do not have the cultivation excessively proper sword Secret Art, does not have the famous teacher director, therefore you feel the stone to cross river in yourself, will succeed possibly like your this person in the future, but you will take similarly also many tortuous paths, but was now good, had me, you later did not need to detour.” Nine ten elders teach said. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. These years he truly little has not detoured.

All are trying to find out cultivation, does not have anybody's help, does not have anybody refers. Therefore his domain so will be weak. exceed thinks that I was happier, the boy, what Lingyun sword Secret Art was the entrance gives you?” Nine ten elders asked. Gave.” Xia Tian the reaching the clouds sword Secret Art will take directly. After nine ten elders received sword Secret Art, has thrown directly: Goes to T , N , N, this thing cultivation to also can only help your cultivation leave the false domain finally, the effect on others is very big, but absolutely does not have any use to you, from now on you will study my Hong Family's Yin secret art.” Hong Family's Yin secret art?” Xia Tian doubts looks to nine ten elders. He does not understand that this is the sword Secret Art of any rank. Boy, this is eight levels of sword knacks, good thing that your boy cannot bump into for a lifetime, what in my hand is Hong Family's Yin secret art, what in gate main hand is the Hong positive Secret Art, said changed the subject, this you were taking, it was Hong Family's Yin secret art.” Nine ten elders jade Jane Reng to Xia Tian, he had any matter not to tell directly probably to Xia Tian. Many thanks Master!!” Xia Tian said that he naturally will not go to ask. Your boy with was good to me, this thing, lost thoroughly on vanished, has not developed the printing plate.” Nine ten elders reminded. Relax, Master, person, sword Secret Art in!!” Xia Tian pledged. Young fellow, I did not accept the disciple easily, but after seeing your talent, I could not bear, but you must remember to me, moral behavior that I most regard as important, if some day I discovered that your moral behavior has the matter that the issue or makes to bully Master Miezu to come, I will kill you personally.” Nine ten elders said.

Yes, Master!!” Xia Tian this whole life most said was the loyalty and benevolence. These that nine ten elders said that he is absolutely impossible to violate. Was right, outward do not say my real status to come, especially cannot to know that you requested me to be the master, the gate main cannot, otherwise troubled.” Nine ten elders as if have any covert matter not to know to be the same. Yes, Master!!” Xia Tian said again. Was good, the boy, Hong Family's Yin secret art is divided into nine heavily, First Layer is crosses the threshold, your boy gives me well cultivation, in seven days, you must build up First Layer to me, otherwise I project on you to spit blood.” Saying that nine ten elders threaten. Attracts!! Xia Tian also really by own Master with making, this should be the so-called strict teacher has the outstanding disciple. He has not thought that but sits cross-legged directly on the ground starts cultivation. He does not know that this Hong Family's Yin secret art is good cultivation, therefore he does not dare to waste the tiny bit time: It seems like the normal person cultivation Hong Family's Yin secret art speed should be seven days, does not know that I do take several days?”