Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2357

Xia Tian also wants to know own talent high. Seven days? Should, although I had used in the past for ten days, but perhaps this boy seven naive can be successful.” Saying that nine ten elders thought aloud. Although he gives the order of Xia Tian is seven days, but in fact, he also in gambling. He is a super talent, but he also has spent for ten days. Thus it can be seen, this Hong Family's Yin secret art is not that good cultivation. The sensibility of this First Layer is simplest, but also be more difficult than other sword knacks, because it is eight levels of sword knacks. In outside Rank 3 merit law, that could the strong broken head, let alone be eight levels of sword knacks, even if the entire Hong Jianmen Buddhist scriptures pavilion, perhaps also few eight levels of merit laws. Thus it can be seen, eight levels of merit laws actually abnormal. Eight levels of sword knacks are one in eight levels of merit law. The merit law can be divided, sword Secret Art, the blade Secret Art, executes by shooting, holds the law and so on!! These merit legally constituted authority are called the merit law!! Time every little bit passing. Idles the bored nine ten elders to start to drink tea, he likes quietly, therefore his most likes drinking tea, Xia Tian likes making noise, what therefore he most likes is the liquor. What the liquor and tea represent is two ideal conditions!! Naturally, in fact Xia Tian all comes are welcome. No matter the liquor, is the tea, is the food, he does not resist, because his appetite is good, eats fragrant. Drinking tea has many tasteful. Especially in three, Hong Jianmen this big place.

Nine ten elders are making their tea patiently, he was waiting for that he is waiting for Xia Tian cultivation. This time nine cabinets!! Has not thought, teacher's younger brother this unexpectedly accepted the disciple personally.” Nine two elder excited saying, this regarding them absolutely is an important matter, their teacher's younger brothers, is gate main own Junior Brother, has treated in nine, is not willing to accept the disciple, nine decline shortly more and more, in their hearts anxious. Therefore they every day keep urged own teacher's younger brother. Really, they have convinced, but they do not dare to force to request teacher's younger brother anything, can only look at his regard. Passed shortly three groups of disciples, nobody chooses their teacher's younger brothers, finally in this fourth group of three people, their teacher's younger brothers have selected one finally, no, was the opposite party has selected their Master, but their teacher's younger brothers also happily complied. Although another two people were expelled. So long as their teacher's younger brothers elected the person, that this was the good sign. Yes, these many years, the teacher's younger brother he has been willing to receive the disciple finally . Moreover the talent of this disciple is good, if he can learn 1/10 skills from teacher's younger brother's body, then our nine can carry forward.” Three elders are also an excitement of face, they at this time really specially excited. Because this matter they have soon planned for 100 years. Finally today succeeds finally. Regarding the three people, 100 years do not calculate that are much long. Um, the matter that this teacher's younger brother receives the disciple you must press to me, cannot tell anybody, especially that group of people, if makes them know that has gone bad . Moreover the gate main do not tell, this is teacher's younger brother's meaning, understands?” Nine big elder very serious saying. Relax, Big brother, we understood.” Two elders show a faint smile. That is good, do not annoy the teacher's younger brother not to be happy that he treats in our nine, therefore had not been cancelled nine to the present, if nine were cancelled, then we must be at somebody's beck and call.” The big elder looks that their several said. Um!!” The people all nodded. They with other family several, although does not have what contradiction, but others look down upon their, if they were forced to join several other, where that day definitely was very to goes.

Was right, you still remember that what that boy did call?” The big elder opens the mouth to ask suddenly. Probably calls Xia Tian, I heard he comes time also with eight belt Captain old noisy is not very happy.” Four elders said. Um, his talent is truly good, first time uses this way to strike against the air directly to offend somebody, moreover is two, this sufficiently proved his talent.” The big elder nodded, if not ten elders has a liking for Xia Tian, then he also was really wants to receive Xia Tian this disciple. After all the talent such high person he for a long time had not seen very much. „The boy truly is a super talent, moreover eyesight also very good, otherwise he will not choose the teacher's younger brother.” Two elders said. Um!!” The people all nodded, they understand that Xia Tian absolutely is not the casual choice, reason that he has chosen nine ten elders, that definitely was he looks at anything, otherwise the normal person noticed that on nine ten elder swords symbolized, that definitely will not elect. Was right, recruitment of students time, how many his was Sword Intent?” Three elders asked suddenly. Right, how many his is Sword Intent?” The big elder also suddenly opens the mouth to ask. This I had not asked but actually, generally Sword Intent high will be robbed by several other, only then below 80 talents will be one's turn our here.” Four elders said that this point they were already used to it, the talent prepares for others generally, but they can only pick remaining, as for this remaining, that must think how they trained. Asked the elder who led to ask that the Sword Intent sensibility of Xia Tian was many, I was very curious.” The big elder said. Um, now I a little am also curious.” Three elders said. Under a famous artisan directly a that sword elder who exited to lead. At this time these elders are very curious, actually Xia Tian Sword Intent is many, the talent that after all Xia Tian shows was so strong, Sword Intent should not be low. Quick!! A that sword elder came. See fellow gear-driven elders.” Sword elder respectful saying of leading. In Hong sword nine, in each gate status most honored is the gear-driven elder.

I asked that Xia Tian was you draws on?” The big elder asked. Yes!!” How many are his Sword Intent sensibility?” The big elder asked directly, hears these words, several other gear-driven elders also looked that to brought Captain to be old. At this time eight out of the door. Listened to me, this time was Dean Boss told that spunked up to me, today we go first to teach that boy, then crossed for two days to abandon him again, finally killed him quietly, yes?” Eight two sword disciples asked loudly. Yes!!” At this time outside a nine out of the door cave!! Here was also an independent paradise. Nine ten elders patient is making the tea, his routine but actually two cups, when he just took up one cup, other one cup also took. Um??” _________________________________________ Ps: The brothers, 12.1 have been the new week, today 11, ask recommends the ticket and so on thing here, because of Monday all list all resets, had crosses 12 help that hit to enjoy to hit to enjoy!! Many thanks!!