Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2359

!! A Xia Tian sword punctures! Several people saw that the Xia Tian momentum returns to base immediately. But they immediately discovered that this sword absolutely does not have any might. Ha Ha Ha Ha, this skill, calls me, so long as does not kill, is casual you to be what kind.” That eight two sword disciples have laughed. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! At this moment, that nine body of person hears the explosive sound, afterward their nine people all fell down, at this time their whole body was the blood. The wrist|skill and ankle were all cut open, obviously was the hand muscle and foot muscle all shuts off. What?” That eight two sword disciple whole person were shocked directly: How is this possible?” He really cannot think through now, just the basic disciple, unexpectedly can a move defeat oneself these many little brothers, this also too exaggerated. bo!! The flash, his head presented five small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons directly!! Five cauldron Rank 9!! Afterward his right hand flings, body direct dances in the air!! Lingyun sword Secret Art first!! Ling Yunfei sword!! ! The flying sword in his right hand shot at Xia Tian directly, this move of Xia Tian can also, he understand after flying sword this flew to shoot, will return to the hand of opposite party, but deeply understood this move of Xia Tian, how also to make the flying sword go back. Finger of Consonance!! dāng!! The flying sword was gripped by the Xia Tian two fingers directly. Yeah!!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: I see have visited to give a present, sees has visited to take a wife, has not seen has visited to look to punch, you are the first wave.”

!!! The silver light dodges, afterward Xia Tian presents in the opposite party directly. Seizes dragon!! Bang!! Xia Tian directly body pounding of opposite party maliciously above ground. After one minute, Xia Tian has patted clapping, he all had pulled a moment ago out up the full mouth tooth of opposite party, is stiffly Ba Guang, that pain will certainly let opposite party deep remembering. The Xia Tian principle is, does not stir up trouble, but if has annoyed, he is not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely!! Since the opposite party has walked, he naturally must entertain one well. Solved?” Nine ten elders smiling look at Xia Tian. Um!!” Xia Tian nodded. Feels how is it?” Nine ten elders asked. This move is act high and mighty, sneak attack Secret Art, what a pity I completely have not grasped, otherwise this move of might will be certainly bigger.” Saying that Xia Tian regrets, if he can thorough comprehension this move, then he believes that he relies on this move to sneak attack six cauldron Rank 1 Expert with ease. But not by his other methods. Nonsense, if you can first look thoroughly on grasps, that tomorrow's Yu Wang coming will acknowledge you as the teacher.” Nine ten elders stared Xia Tian one. Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian has smiled awkwardly. Goes to that side the cliff, I want you simultaneously to cut nine leaves!!” Nine ten elders said. This is not difficult.” Xia Tian said. My words have not said that you worry, what I said is the dead centers of nine leaves, tiny bit cannot miss, moreover I, so long as you cut first half one-third.” Nine ten elders said that continues to start to drink tea, as if the sado regarding him is he biggest hobby. Um!” Xia Tian nodded. He also wants to try!! In order to is more convenient, is more accurate, he opened the X-Ray Vision eye directly.

It can be said that had the X-Ray Vision eye, he had the method of cheating. At this time his vision locked on nine leaves directly. Whistling! Xia Tian long expiration , the long sword in right hand punctures afterward. Hong Jianyin Secret Art First Layer!! Imaginary cloudy sword!! A Xia Tian sword punctures, he is self-confident to his look, he believes that he has aimed at that nine leaves absolutely. ! Xia Tian is waiting for silently. Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmit. Lying trough!!” Xia Tian has not borne, scolded directly, his original manuscript thinks one these ninety percent sure, finally now looked like wants to be many, the leaf was cut directly, but was not the middle position, moreover was not one-third positions, cut completely. Comes again!!” Xia Tian said that cuts once more. ! Comes again!!” Comes again!!” Xia Tian every day in redundant same movement. But nine ten elders are also duplicating drinking tea, he as if drinks tea can solve all matters to be the same: Peerless talent that goes against heaven's will, needs to discipline, needs to carry on the actual operation, otherwise all are only the empty talk, the boy, I favors you.” At this time his words as if do not mean to the Xia Tian hear, because he was away from Xia Tian to be too far. Moreover Xia Tian now concentrated on is coping with oneself front leaf!! In eight!!

Waste, entirely is waste!!” A disciple of eight three sword scolded. Looks that front these ten people are all injured, his anger very big. Sword are few, otherwise we went saying that with Ding Senior Brother, this fellow possibly was a hard fork, perhaps we could not cope.” One similarly is person respectful saying of three sword disciples. Although they similarly are three sword disciples, but that sword little clearly has the dignity. „It is not good, this is Ding Senior Brother gives my mission, if my this minor matter cannot handle, how I have the honor to see Ding Senior Brother, this, you called the brothers several, we went together, I did not believe that our brothers several could not have taken his one just the basic new person.” The sword little obviously does not want to Ding Senior Brother to say one are not good, such will appear he will not have the ability very much, after that he will make why also Dean Senior Brother take care of him. But our these many person past words, wasn't that looks for trouble directly? Although nine people...” I make you go to you to go, womanishly fussy, has the matter I to stare!!” The sword little cursed angrily one. Good!!” That person said that walked directly. Snort!! This time I must break the both legs of that brat, tears down his arm, unexpectedly links my person also to dare to hit, really live is impatient.” Sword few vision ice-cold saying, at the same time, his head presented six small cauldrons and two small cauldrons, six cauldron Rank 2!! After the pit hole!! !! cultivation that Xia Tian also keeping!! How?” Nine ten elders asked. Master, I have been able to cut in the middle, what a pity is unable to cut in one-third positions.” Xia Tian shouts. Drinks tea to rest a meeting, for a while, seven days cannot from this achievement, you be good eagerly.” Nine ten elder satisfied nods of, his innermost feelings were roaring at this time: Your small abnormal, the father used for two months to cut open the middle position in the past, your unexpectedly has only used for seven days. Many thanks Master!!” Xia Tian sat directly. Xia Tian, you leave to me!!” Outside the pit hole transmits big Hah!!!