Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2361
Six months anything does not calculate regarding three cultivation. In the half year, Xia Tian has never left the pit hole. A half year, your boy should also become an official, goes to big elder there, said that you take a quota, he will definitely give.” Nine ten elders said. Master, don't you go with me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to nine ten elders, said regarding his, as if only then sits here motionless is best. Why I go to go, after you will compete ended, should have some terrible business, when you processed to come back to look for me again, I should continuously here.” Saying that nine ten long old men do not lift. Yes!! Master!!” Xia Tian was bowing to nine ten elders. His from the heart respects own Master. Because nine ten elders wish one could to give Xia Tian their all skills simply. Looks at Xia Tian to vanish in the present form, saying that nine ten elders thought aloud: This boy is really strange, has been able to defeat six cauldron Rank 1 people obviously now conveniently, but his Realm unexpectedly a half year was unable to break through Rank 1.” Five cauldron Rank 3!! In the half year Xia Tian is five cauldron Rank 3!! However his battle efficiency had the tremendous changes. Before coped with six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, he needs to sneak attack, super big sneak attack. However is now different. He only needs to wield afterward, that can easily defeat six cauldron Rank 1 Expert. However, the talent also too monstruous talent of this boy, he used six months to achieve the matter that my ten years have completed.” Nine ten elders spoke of here time shaking the head that kept, he thinks before one are the super talent, is now he is clear, in front of Xia Tian, oneself was a fool. Does not have the means compared with Xia Tian!!

He believes that this time Xia Tian can blossom in radiant splendor absolutely. After Xia Tian leaves the cave, went to opposite nine directly, nine that old styles, add 163 disciples, the elder add also on 20 people. This person scolded also the real cicada. In other gate disciple several thousands, over ten thousand everywhere, but nine elders add the disciple altogether 183 people. Xia Tian went to residence of big elder directly. Thump!! Comes in!!” The voice of big elder passed from inside. See big elder.” Xia Tian bows to say. Does not use such politely, later you called me big Senior Brother on the line.” The big elder shows a faint smile, usually he was existence of keeping aloof, on the face has been full of the dignity, but now facing Xia Tian time, he did not have that dignity. Because Xia Tian is his teacher's younger brother's disciple. Moreover he also heard a terrifying matter. The suggestion test of Xia Tian is: 999. This digit can be said as unusual terrifying, when he hears this digit has not spoken, several other elders have not spoken, such remained silent, but afterward he actually quietly called an elder of that leading, and granted to a that sword long Boss ratio wealth. This is not quite good.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Anything is not good, you are teacher's younger brother's apprentice, that is our Junior Brother, later the non- humble opinion we anyone, you only needed to call Senior Brother, naturally the elders of other gates you have not needed to respond.” The big elder said. Many thanks Senior Brother!!” Xia Tian does not have to think one promoted all of a sudden including rank, this also too exaggerated.

After others arrive at Hong Jianmen, needs to flatter the above elder, wishes one could the direct kneeling ground to call the grandfather. But Xia Tian Junior Brother of elders comes up to work as these to keep aloof. This status, simply was too honored. Was right, you come for the matter of that quota!! We nine quotas are least, only then three, I kept one to you.” Nine big elders said. Many thanks Senior Brother.” Xia Tian respectful saying: Senior Brother, several other do have several quotas?” We are three, eight are five, seven are seven, six are ten, five 15, four 20, three 25, two 30, 50.” Nine big elders said. How to have such big disparity Ah!!!” Xia Tian surprised saying. This was according to the past competition result calculates that if our time also nobody crashed in first 70, our quotas will also be reduced one, the next preliminary disciple compared with our remaining two quotas, what a pity Junior Brother your cultivation time was too greatly short, otherwise can certainly help us draw one game.” Nine big elder helpless shaking the head of. In recent years, does not have nine disciples to enter first 50. Therefore nine quotas are also fewer and fewer. Entered first 70 to preserve a quota right, how many did that enter to increase the quota?” Xia Tian asked. First 60 add a quota, afterward every time promotes a additional quota, enters first five to promote one to increase a quota every time, naturally a limit of gate is 50 people, looks like such, they are 50 quotas, how regardless of they win, that finally is 50 quotas!!” Nine big elders said. Um!!” Xia Tian nod of silently. Since he is nine disciples, that naturally must be nine honors fights. This time number adds altogether is 160 people, in other words wants the first round, in that reward 100 spirit stone, very second round has obtained in 200 spirit stone, very third round has been in 500 spirit stone, the fourth round, has been in 2000 spirit stone, has listened the fifth round, in 5000 spirit stone, before five rewards, that general on is not spirit stone can compared with.” Nine ten elders slowly answered. „!” Xia Tian hears spirit stone time, eye is shining, he is now poor, that is really poor.

Goes out enters the money of city not to have continually, thus it can be seen, actually this is miserable. Now hears the entrance to reward spirit stone, he naturally was much more excited. Actually this reward is not high, moreover many Expert are not short of money , many wealthy family juniors are not short of money, reason that they attend the competition to go to the noun, but does not go to money. But Xia Tian here, noun anything is unimportant. He only cares about money. His goal thinks only of making money, to gains thick!! Was right, the big elder, who are our nine another two participating disciples?” Xia Tian asked. Their two, keep secret temporarily!!!” Nine big elders show a faint smile. Is so mystical.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Happen to is about to have competed, this is the participating token, you give them two to deliver.” Nine ten elders participating token will throw to Xia Tian, altogether three. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. Was right, reminded your, careful.” Nine big lengths on shameless have shown the mysterious smiling face.