Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2362

Volume!!” Xia Tian suddenly one unlucky premonitions: Senior Brother, will not have any matter!!” Was good, I have the matter, did not keep you, three days must compete, you recently in neighbor well took a stroll, then went to the entrance to develop the practice grounds set, I also will observe when the time comes, as far as possible by others first round eliminating.” Nine big elders said. Xia Tian brought three tokens to arrive in the yards of three elders directly, because these two participating people all were the apprentices of three elders. Three institutes 13 and three institute 14.” Xia Tian had found quickly these two gates. An institute, the disciples in two institutes and three institutes almost little came out to train Martial Skill, because of the big elder, two elders and three elders one month only will usually find day of Professor they, their majority of time were in the room close up dive to cultivate, the practicing practice grounds who or went to the backyard practiced, either was several people relates comparing notes. At this time these rooms have sound-insulated Formation, therefore, no matter presents any sound, outside cannot hear. Thump!! Xia Tian has sounded the door. Bang! Door directly by the People strength has shoved open, Xia Tian hurried goes to retreat, what at this time maps the Xia Tian view is a female man, female man just like, her hair and Xia Tian are equally short, his clothes wear is the same with the man, if not Xia Tian had searched with the X-Ray Vision eye, then he definitely thinks that this is a man. However the rank of this female man is not low, is five sword disciples, nine five sword disciples. Who are you?” The female man opens the mouth to ask. Volume, I come to deliver the participating token to you.” Xia Tian has put out the token. Snort!!” After the female man received the token, cold snort, afterward directly to returning to walk. Is good not to have the politeness.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, oneself good intention gave her to deliver the token, she did not thank herself, unexpectedly also this manner. Whom you were saying!!” The female man looks angrily at Xia Tian. Although a moment ago the sound of Xia Tian speech was not loud, but this distance can definitely hear. „Does here have others?” Xia Tian looked to side. You court death!!” The female man said that has fired into Xia Tian directly, she saw, on the Xia Tian clothes the mark is a sword disciple, usually do not say that is a sword disciple, even if six sword disciples dares to offend her, she can also come up to begin, but her temperament in entire nine is hottest.

Father does not like hitting the woman, do not compel me.” The body of Xia Tian dodged shunts directly. Um?” The female man has not expected Xia Tian to shunt her attack obviously, immediately stares slightly. She is six cauldron Rank 7 Expert, strength very formidable. Now unexpectedly by a sword disciple shunting. I said that I do not like hitting the woman, but annoyed to fly into a rage I, I illuminated hit, do not think that you will look like male me to let off you.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well, if the opposite party is not the woman, then he directly had counter-attacked a moment ago, after all he has the X-Ray Vision eye, counter-attacks six cauldron above Expert not to have any difficulty. This move hundred try the lark!! Therefore the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye it can be said that looks through seven cauldron following all changes. Dies!!” Female man most repugnant was others said that she looked like the man, at this time heard a Xia Tian such saying, his anger came up immediately. !! Movement Technique of Xia Tian under foot transfers gently. This is not immortal. Silver corona. It is not Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. But is new Movement Technique!! Although seems he not too big migration, but actually perfectly shunted the attack of opposite party. Bang! Bang! Bang!! The attack of female man all hit in the vacancy!! Hey, you have not to end, I enough exercised forbearance your.” Xia Tian depressed shouting, no matter what, own rank also in that oneself, but the little teacher's younger brother of opposite party, but the opposite party unexpectedly pursues to hit now everywhere. What is main, is the opposite party has the mistake obviously, here is actually unforgiving.

The females more hit more are angry, although she does not have spiritual energy, has not used own real skill, but was such played tricks on by a sword disciple, how she can not be angry. !! The female right hand wields, a long sword appears in her right hand. The long sword of most common Spirit Tool rank, this is Hong Jianmen custom, usually the same side will compare notes not to use the Advanced weapon generally absolutely, will not need to transfer spiritual energy like this comparing notes, only needed to compete the sword to incur has been OK, because transferred spiritual energy unable to control on the easy deceased person generally. My Fuck!! You are serious.” Xia Tian drew back backward has shunted the attack of opposite party. Now Xia Tian understands finally the woman cannot offend casually. At this time the female man has not paid attention to Xia Tian completely. !! Thorn that the long sword in right hand keeps to Xia Tian. Xia Tian is also dodging that keeps. I warned again your one time, stops to me, otherwise, you may not blame me not being impolite.” Xia Tian depressed saying. At this moment, 14 doors were shoved open suddenly. Similarly was a female walked from inside, when she walked, immediately gawked, afterward since her unexpectedly moved a chair to sit there directly watches the play. Hey, you have not urged her, making her stop, I am deliver the participating token.” Xia Tian shouts to that female. All right, does not worry, you hit first.” That female very optional saying. On her face is smiling face, smiles the special sweet person. My Fuck!! Is the odd people??” Xia Tian depressed saying, he is only delivered the token, saw a moment ago this female man manner will be arrogant he saying that has not thought that now unexpectedly such trouble, making him hit a woman, even if has won also dishonorable. !!

The flying sword in female man hand shoots at Xia Tian directly. !! A Xia Tian body backward somersault has shunted this sword directly. I warned you, my temperament was not good, you came me to hit back again.” Xia Tian angry shouting. However obviously, the opposite party has not cared about his words. !! At this moment, a female man sword punctured, sword blade incredibly fast. dāng!! This sword seemed had evaded not to be possible to evade, was at this moment, two fingers appeared, gripped the sword directly. Volume!!” The female who side sees a play stares immediately, she first time noticed that some people can grip her Senior Sister sword with two fingers. That female man was also shocked. Snort!! Must tidy up you.” Xia Tian cold snort, afterward his Movement Technique revolution. Eight levels of Movement Technique!! Heavenly Thunder Treading!! A Xia Tian body revolution grasped the waist of female directly, afterward is hanging the body of female, a palm of the hand clapped in the fart of female, in the stock!! Good play Ah!!” The female who side sees a play has sounded seat nearby bell directly!!