Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2363

Xia Tian the set of movement is coherent!! !! Also is a clear sound. The female man has not responded to the present what's the matter. At this time three institute 20 gates all opened, these people all are the whole face inconceivable looks here. !! The third palm of the hand sound transmits, the female man responded finally. Shame!! I have killed you!!” At this time the flash, her within the body erupted an incomparable terrifying strength, at the same time, her head presented six small cauldrons and seven small cauldrons. Bang!! N , N , D, did not play with you.” Xia Tian said that turns the head to run. At this time in the courtyard all people silently have all raised up the thumb. Good!! Too good. The female man in this courtyard that is rude and unreasonable that became famous, existence that no matter, that dares to come up to hit. They have not seen the person who has dared to offend the female man, Xia Tian is first, in their mind at this time already to Xia Tian silently has selected 32 to praise!! Ah!! Disappearing that the female man sees Xia Tian run, can only in same place angry roaring. Who is, his outcome is who?” The female man shouts loudly.

Senior Sister, whose he is I do not know, but he definitely participates in this preliminary disciple big ratio, otherwise possibly is not he gives us two to deliver the token.” Another participates in female sweet saying with a smile of competition. On her face constantly is not full of the smiling face. Good, looked that I when the time comes well do not tidy up his.” The female man said that moved toward own room directly, gets to the room entrance time, her vision looked to the surroundings: Smiles anything to smile!!” Hears her words, the people could not bear. Snort!! You are also waiting to me.” The female man said to the female who that love smiles. Because a moment ago was the set bell that he sounded. Junior Sister, will have this type to continue to call us next time lively.” On these Senior Brother faces is the happy expression. This time Xia Tian already ran three institutes!! In present nine is discussing the matter of related competition everywhere, hears their words Xia Tian to know that this year these two three girl students prepare to enter first 40, this can increase several quotas to nine, moreover it is said that they two strengths are very both strong. All is elites in nine!! Tavern!!” Xia Tian heard this glossary suddenly!! Although he arrived at Hong Jianmen already over six months time, but he did not know about Hong Jianmen that actually on Hong Jianmen also had various trades, but was Hong Jianmen internal trade, equipped the armor, was the compounded drug rare book, had to sell, naturally, the price was not cheap. Remaining, tavern, teahouse, dining room and so on also all has, even also has to sell the pet, there is meets mission wait / etc. a place. These Xia Tian all do not know. Does not have money, what to do this may.” Xia Tian wants to go to the tavern to drink a liquor to sit, wants to take a stroll, what a pity he does not have money. Now Xia Tian realized finally did not have the pain of money. mission place!!” Xia Tian hears this glossary time, at present immediately one bright. Has the mission place, then had mission to meet on representative.

mission definitely was money. Good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Before he thinks that Hong Jianmen had nine gate and middle that main hall, now one wants not to be truly right, this Lingyunshan very big, did not compare that seven levels of city to be small, how such big place possibly had hundreds of thousands people. Said leaves, leaves!! Xia Tian inquired existences of mission place these places, hurry to there afterward directly. There is actually not far, climbs mountains in him there left, has walked following there is different. Walked for a half hour, Xia Tian had finally found the mission place. mission place here person may be many. Some meet mission, some complete mission, but also some form a team to make mission here, some sell and so on some mission stage props here, but also some people there and other simple mission. Xia Tian arrives at a window of mission place. I must make mission!!” Xia Tian said. „A sword disciple, any mission!!” That person in mission place looks at Xia Tian is a sword disciple, immediately did not like responding. mission that I must be able to make money!!” Xia Tian said. Each mission can make money, least F level mission can also gain in five spirit stone, in higher hundreds of millions spirit stone can also gain!!” That person of mission place seems to bicker to be the same. He usually saw the person of all forms, therefore also obviously was unusual was impatient. Volume, where is mission at? I look.” Xia Tian said. Goes to nearby mission stage to look that then remembers the mission serial number come again.” The person in mission place said. „!!” Xia Tian nodded, afterward moved toward nearby mission stage directly.

This mission stage looks like the plate control bench on Earth is the same, above has many options, F level mission, E level mission, D level mission, C level mission, B level mission, A level mission and S level mission, above also has SS level mission as well as SSS level mission, when these two mission blocks, must result in inputs own Mercenary rank to enter. The Mercenary rank is a special rank, they on several swords with clothes, promoting several swords to inspect after the school, but the Mercenary rank is on Hong Jianmen special existence, although also belongs to Hong Jianmen, but this Mercenary rank as if in the disciple for the informed and experienced gate establishes. Xia Tian selected F level mission. On this is some seeks for lost object mission. Well, has to give thing, this simplicity.” Xia Tian just about to goes to that mission, this mission vanished, he turns the head to look that discovered this mission had been met. This type of mission stage has over a thousand in this room, many people stare in the nearby were looking, so long as presents mission that is easy to complete, they will go to complete directly. Ok, which these lost objects go to look, the reward is low, the experience is also low, mission only rises an experience, wants to promote own Mercenary rank also to need 100 experiences, in other words here makes 100 F level mission to promote own Mercenary rank.” Xia Tian curled the lip. This Mercenary rank promoted too to be also difficult. Afterward Xia Tian looked to E level mission, just saw E level mission, Xia Tian on fast rushed to the mission place. „No. 11199987 mission, I met.” Xia Tian said directly. Good!!” The person in mission place helped Xia Tian receive mission directly, Xia Tian has needed to pour into own spiritual energy to the mission stone on, afterward on that nearby screen presented the Xia Tian complete material immediately. Xia Tian!! Male!! Nine sword disciples. My Fuck!! Such advanced.” Xia Tian says with emotion. mission time two days, if the time, mission has cancelled, deducts ten empirical values directly!!” mission place saying of that person of coldly. Two days? Gave me three hours to suffice.”