Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2364

„!! Although the earth deities snake is only the Advanced spirit beast, but its instinct is sly, is not good to grasp.” Saying that the person in mission place disdains. If mission so is really good to complete, then already some people met. Also did not use here. The F level and E level mission, that is many people rushes to do, if simple, that already false start. Waiting!!” Xia Tian has not spoken. mission showing is goes to the back side of the mountain pet big forest to seize the earth deities snake, the time is two day. Hong Jianmen back side of the mountain connection many places, including one is called the pet garden, all Hong Jianmen disciples can enter the capture pet, but a rank higher pet is more difficult to catch. Moreover in Hong Jianmen transaction area has special sells the pet contract, some are grown, some are the young sons. Grown pet advantage comes up to enter the war, but not the good place is unable to be interlinked with the user mind, tacit understanding is difficult to discipline, but the young son was different, the young son carries on the training since childhood, therefore with tacit understanding of master also very high, but the price of young son is very high. Moreover the young son wants to train also to need to spend many materials. Therefore generally is not the rich man does not dare to buy the young son. At this time Xia Tian must grasp is just a spirit beast, this thing normal does not have any use, the Rank 1 treasure beast price that because in the store sells is not high, only needs in 100 spirit stone. If such price in next three, that already were snatched insanely. Good, I am waiting.” The person in that mission place looks that the Xia Tian back was mumbling: „A sword disciple, installs any attire!!” Although Xia Tian heard his words, but has not gone to pay attention to him.!! After going out, Xia Tian runs directly to the pet big forest of back side of the mountain. Although before here the part of pets are Hong Jianmen, breeds, but the majority is here the earth raw soil raises, even if nine sword disciples does not dare to arrive at the innermost thoroughly, but innermost Xia Tian this time mission does not go, but seeks for the earth deities snake.

After arriving at the pet big forest. Small snake, gave you, went to catch an earth deities snake to go to me, the quicker the better.” Reason that Xia Tian has the confidence in three hours to complete mission, that is because has existence of small snake. If other pet, under that Xia Tian naturally cannot guarantee, but ophidia that is simple. But small snake the King in ophidia. He also absolutely takes orders in the Xia Tian King. So long as were Xia Tian ordered, then it is 100% will obey. Xia Tian wanted to rest. But ten minutes, the tail of small snake drags continuously the earth deities snake. Is so quick!!!” Xia Tian stares immediately, afterward he has installed this earth deities snake. !! After mission completes, Xia Tian ran back the mission place directly fast, that person in mission place saw Xia Tian time curling the lip of disdained: „This how also less than 40 minutes came back, must give up mission Ah!!” On his face has been full of the look of despising!! Bang!! The Xia Tian right hand flings, earth deities snake appears in that person of front directly. What?” That person of mission place has opened the mouth, inconceivable of whole face, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so quick, normal goes to the pet big forest to take 20 minutes, comes back also to take 20 minutes, this back and forth took 40 minutes, but Xia Tian unexpectedly caught the earth deities snake in 40 minutes directly, this was also too inconceivable. Troubles, helping me settle accounts mission, I am very busy.” Xia Tian said.

Volume!!” That person of mission place then responded. He helps Xia Tian settle accounts immediately. The Xia Tian integral also from 0 turned into 10, moreover that person of mission place hands over in 40 directly spirit stone, this reward is not high, but were many regarding Xia Tian. Hong Jianmen makes money easily, when day Liucheng that group of person days can gain in five spirit stone is very happy.” Xia Tian secretly thought. After taking in 40 spirit stone, Xia Tian ran directly the tavern. Was with great difficulty rich, how he possibly does not spend. Arrived at the tavern he to discover that here liquor was not cheap, cheapest also took in ten spirit stone. Ok, all spent.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, in spirit stone 40 all was directly used to buy the liquor. At this time in tavern also very lively, all people whoop there. Because recently was Hong Jianmen biggest lively scene. The big ratio of preliminary disciple!! Nine all five sword following elite disciples all have the opportunity to participate. This may absolutely be the big matter. Here person was discussing everywhere super talent that each gate participates. „, These talents that you said who has the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) Senior Sister talent to be high?” A seven disciple said. Your boy this is not bickers, Qing Yun (Clear Sky) Senior Sister that also with saying, she definitely is first, she is our entire Hong Jianmen goddess, the strength unusually was already refined, preliminary disciple big ratio nobody can win her radically.” Another several people said.

That is, if I can with Qing Yun (Clear Sky) Senior Sister to the previous words, that be make my one month not eat and drink also good.” That seven disciple said. Do not think the fine deeds.” These disciples said. If one month does not eat and drink can with Qing Yun (Clear Sky) Senior Sister speech face-to-face, perhaps then already had large quantities of people rather to starve to death does not eat. Xia Tian had not spoken, but silently is listening. He discovered that everybody discussion is to three talents, was also discussed as for several other talent several, but appeal of these people do not have one to three disciples to be high, this inside Xia Tian heard many talent names, his silently these talent names in mind. He discovered that seven, eight and nine disciple anybody had not discussed that even if were six disciples people are mentioned. However latter three does not have. After the Xia Tian money has squandered, again arrived at the mission place. That person in mission place saw Xia Tian time lowered the head directly, he a little embarrassed went facing Xia Tian. Therefore can only pretend anything not to see. He must meet mission, this time he looked for quite a while not to find to suit his mission in E level mission, therefore he looked at D level mission, looked for one also really to find one: Seeks for the raw material for medicine. You.!!” Xia Tian looked at this mission. Seeks, the spirit bead grass, this herbal medicine survival in the pet big forest, after finding , the chapter of mission place hands over mission, finally delivers to five sword disciple Qing Yun (Clear Sky) hands again.” Qing Yun (Clear Sky)??” Saw that this name time Xia Tian stares.