Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2365

Five sword disciple Qing Yun (Clear Sky) Senior Sister!! This name Xia Tian little had not listened a moment ago. Because she is representing the preliminary disciple big ratio champion. All people think that her champion, this seems the recognition is the same. Her name places there nobody to dare to snatch first. Therefore at that time these people chatted who is can take second. This mission I met.” Xia Tian arrives at the mission place. Good!!” The person in mission place helped Xia Tian receive mission directly, Xia Tian has needed to pour into own spiritual energy to the mission stone on, afterward on that nearby screen presented the Xia Tian complete material immediately. Xia Tian!! Male!! Nine sword disciples. F level Mercenary, experience: 10. That person of mission place has not looked at Xia Tian one from start to the present: Because your rank is lower than mission two-level, therefore you cannot receive this mission, but you can do, in other words, if the middle some people have handed over this mission, you in vain were busy at work.” „!!” Xia Tian understands that was any meaning. Is his rank is too low, therefore he cannot meet mission, but if he brought the thing, others have not met, he can complete. He must meet this mission, this mission is D level mission, the experience has 50 points, spirit stone has 500. Has saying that this price is not high. Actually this raw material for medicine mission is so, because this type of raw material for medicine at least must buy in 2000 in Hong Jianmen shop spirit stone, therefore some Advanced disciples come here round of mission, but is not purchases. Spirit bead grass.” Xia Tian remembers that this type of herbal medicine, in next three is also very famous one herbal medicine. This herbal medicine main function prolongs the life, time that naturally, the woman took has the function of cosmetology. After arriving at the pet big forest, Xia Tian starts to seek for the spirit bead grass, this time he has not worried, because he understands that the spirit bead grass is anxiously, now the quick black day, wanted to find the spirit bead grass is impossible, therefore he needs to wait, waiting next day afternoon, afternoon time is the spirit bead grass most exuberant time. The spirit bead grass of this time will send out an exotic fragrance.

Reason that he choice must enter the pet big forest today for the general position that to seek for the spirit bead grass is going to present. Like this when tomorrow afternoon time he can smell the fragrance. Otherwise he will be waiting there tomorrow, which on heard that the fragrance goes. The fragrance of spirit bead grass are most can also scatter about five kilometers. Records according to the pharmacopoeia of pill immortal rare book , the spirit bead grass is the negative, surrounding the ground temperature in the night will be lower than other position ground temperatures.” Xia Tian discussing silently, these are in the pharmacopoeia in pill immortal rare book record. Is the negative!! Cold attribute. Was right, the snake biggest skill was the body surface and sensation can find the hot and cool place.” Xia Tian remembers the matter that in the middle school biology has recorded suddenly: Small snake, by you.” Hissing hissing!! The small snake fell on the ground directly, afterward it started the fast advance. But Xia Tian is also then seeks in surroundings. Cool place!! So long as the ground is cooler than other places, then here may be able the having mystical powers bead grass. Hum!! Xia Tian walked a meeting, had not found the spirit bead grass, instead saw a pellet ball, no, what should say is a small pet, very small pet, this small pet shakes nearby him, as if likes his aura being same very much. This kid long real adorable.” Xia Tian holds the pellet ball directly in the control. On this pellet ball furry, has a fist to be so big. Hum!! The pellet ball is tumbling in the hand of Xia Tian. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really lovable, if the belt goes back to give Bingbing them, they will certainly like.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. Hum!!

The pellet ball keeps flings about on the body of Xia Tian, no, is leave. Is willing with me, later I to ask you ball ball to be good?” Xia Tian smiling saying, at this moment, he induced the small snake to summon him. !! Afterward he ran directly to small snake there. After arriving here, Xia Tian discovered that here is really the cool place. Many thanks you, small snake.” The Xia Tian choice waited for here, because is not afternoon time, the spirit bead grass will not appear. Hissing hissing!! At this moment, the small snake whooshes to the pellet ball suddenly!! Small snake, you called anything, the pellet ball was lovable.” Xia Tian reproved. Roar!! The small snake transformed own number of people directly, afterward bellows to the pellet ball. Hum!! Pellet ball directly by small snake running away in fear. „Is small snake, you doing? Are you envy me to like it? I just am want to bring it to go back to give Bingbing them.” Xia Tian is was a little not obviously happy, small is so lovable, but actually by small snake directly expelling. Hissing hissing!! Small snake face the color of grievance. Sees his appearance, Xia Tian can only helpless shaking the head , the small snake has helped him too multiple, and has been since so long, looks like the fathers and sons with him, looks that the small snake suffering from injustice appearance he is also tenderhearted. Ok, next time will leave this.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Hissing hissing!! The small snake nodded immediately. Its laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness entirely depend on Xia Tian.

Then, Xia Tian here silently is waiting. Next afternoon. The fragrance greets the nostrils!! Found!!” Xia Tian excited saying, he took the spirit bead grass to return to the mission place afterward directly. mission had not been picked by other people!!” Xia Tian looks to that person of mission place. No!!” The person in mission place said. Gave you spirit bead grass, mission I completes.” On the face of Xia Tian has been full of smiling face. In 500 spirit stone succeeded in obtaining. Completed.” That person of mission place saw spirit bead grass time stares slightly, afterward he Xia Tian mission settling accounts, and has given Xia Tian 500 low grade spirit stone, in addition spirit bead grass to seal on, only then gives Qing Yun (Clear Sky) the spirit bead grass of this seal is the true completion connection. Although Qian He experienced has succeeded in obtaining, but Xia Tian must deliver the spirit bead grass. !! Xia Tian first time arrives at one, after arriving at one, he understands why one is best. A disciple is an one-home courtyard, the ground in courtyard all spreads with spirit stone, moreover here environment seems the wonderland, because this time already soon black day, therefore nobody notes him. 101 institutes!!” Xia Tian slowly is seeking. Quick, he found. Has knocked the half-day door, nobody opens, therefore Xia Tian directly pushed the door to enter, he planned that put down the thing walks. After entering to 101 institutes, Xia Tian has sighed with emotion, here environment their there was stronger than 100 times. Has the underwater sound!!” Xia Tian hears the rear area of courtyard to have the sound of water, therefore he walked directly, when he arrives at the backyard, the whole person there, his nostril started cannot help but to flow out the blood.