Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2368
The head, calculates a head!! Such remarks, the scene exploded immediately boils. Xia Tian simply was too extremely arrogant, he nine sword disciple unexpectedly must challenge entire eight. Was right, I am one in today's nine three participant, if you eight disciples bump into me, I will not show mercy, moreover today I have hit you eight people, welcome you to look for the gathering place at all times, but the offensive talk said in front, who comes, I will not show due respect for the feelings.” Xia Tian said a foot that makes an effort tramples. That eight belt Captain old entire noses were all trampled not to have, the blood flies horizontally. Frightens!! Xia Tian understands that he wants not to be bullied, that must make others fear him. At this time he has hit eight belt Captain old and eight four sword disciples, if his not ruthless point starting, that is impossible the role that plays frightens. Now he hits them is so miserable. Then the later some people also want to look for his troublesome words, that thinks these two fates of people. Brat, you name!!” Four sword disciple angry shouting. Nine, Xia Tian!!!” Xia Tian said that went out of tavern directly. Scene has heard slating applause immediately. Nine!! Nine already quiet many years, this time some people heard nine glossaries finally once more, if this glossary did not appear, Hong Jianmen disciple will even forget also to have nine existences. Nine Xia Tian this names immediately became the topics. Simultaneously entire eight are furious!! The first order under eight gear-driven elders is this participating disciple no matter, so long as bumps into Xia Tian, that hits to be remnant he. Provocation!!

Although this time is eight gates finds fault first. But finally was hit is they eight four sword disciples and three sword elders, such matter they are unable to endure. If not compared with immediately starts greatly, eight gear-driven elders will directly even have the person to go to nine to look for the gathering place. Although Xia Tian said that is challenge entire eight. But in fact, six sword above disciples are impossible to get rid, because Xia Tian is a sword disciple, belongs to the ranks of preliminary disciple, but six sword above disciples belong to the ranks of Advanced disciple, if they get rid to Xia Tian directly, then violates the sect rule. Hong Jianmen did not oppose among disciples in fights!! But does not allow the Advanced disciple to get rid to the preliminary disciple absolutely. Lingyun sword Secret Art that because the Advanced disciple senses is another Realm. Gear-driven elders cannot get rid to the disciple casually. Only if Xia Tian is visits to provoke, stands provokes before the doors of eight gear-driven elders, that gear-driven elder killed his also nobody to dare to say anything. „Did you hear? Nine this time presented a sword disciple.” „A sword disciple has anything to be quite surprised.” This was you orphaned falls ill-informed, this sword disciple fist overthrew eight four sword disciples directly, and stepped on eight three sword elders in the under foot, this was the what kind magnificent feat, moreover I heard that he has also issued the challenge to eight people, said that any head, calculated a head, this was the enormous insult.” In this time Hong Jianmen, a discussion topic most person is not the disciple, is not two disciples, is not three disciples, but is nine Xia Tian. Time bit by bit passed, watched the place of competition already already the full house, because many people two days came to here to occupy the seat ahead of time, although first three exclusive do not dare to sit, but 45 rows may be the good places, very marketable. Xia Tian arrives at the competition range time, he noticed that nine disciples almost all came, including nine these elders, although altogether adds also more than 100 people, but this was also most greatly supports to them. Is taking the token, the Xia Tian direct admission!! When he enters the stadium, he felt intense anger!!

Volume!!” Xia Tian saw the female man. This time female man both eyes get angry!! You are very early.” Xia Tian awkward notifies two females, after is nine. „After and other competitions ended, I well will certainly repair your.” The female man stared Xia Tian one wickedly. Another female ran up to the Xia Tian front: Heard that you were very recently hot, is passing on you everywhere, now our nine may benefit from association with your, became famous.” He he!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. You may probably be careful, eight will not let off easily your.” That female said. Um, I do not fear them.” Xia Tian very optional saying. He does not like stirring up trouble, so long as has stirred up trouble, he has not feared. keep it up!!” On the face of female is full of the smiling face. This time competition range is irritable. The surroundings watched the population of competition to surpass 100,000, even many Advanced disciples also all came to observe. One to nine gear-driven elders all arrived in full. Wait / Etc.!! Master?” Xia Tian discovered that besides own Master, other gear-driven elders all arrived in full. But in competition range, at this time person also independent standing of each gate there. Altogether 160 people. Nine 3, eight are 5, seven are 7, six are 10, five 15, four 20, three 25, two 30, 50.

The whole staff arrive in full!!! Senior Sister, who in the chairman's podium are that three people?” Xia Tian approaches nearby that nine five sword disciples who likes smiling to ask. At this time three people in chairman's podium sit well there, [gold/metal] Yi, probably is the imperial robe that the ancient emperor wore is the same. They are our Hong Jianmen three big chancellor people, from the left, first is to manage the Mercenary mission chancellor person \; Second is to govern the chancellor person of business \; Third is to manage the chancellor person of school reserve resource, their three have governed our Hong Jianmen all, naturally, the genuine Boss is our gate hosts.” The females answered. „, Our gate hosts?” Xia Tian asked again. Gate main will not appear at this time generally, but competition first three times he will definitely appear.” The females said. Many thanks Senior Sister.” Xia Tian nodded. At this time eight gear-driven elder there, the side of big elder came a person, his quietly spoke a few words in the big elder ear, afterward on the face of big elder had the smiling face. After a half hour!! Started to draw lots!! At this time here altogether 80 arenas, pull out to many numbers in many numbers arenas. The female man pulled out No. 20 arena. The female who likes smiling pulled out No. 40 arena. When Xia Tian must pull out, an eight disciple arrived at the Xia Tian side, was saying in a low voice: I am the chief swords of eight preliminary disciples three, I in No. 80 arena superior you.”