Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2369

Um?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle!! Whiz!! Sword three bodies met to fall above No. 80 arena. Xia Tian touches in the box of ballot directly, he discovered that in this box only remaining balls, when he puts out the ball, sees the above that big 80 inscriptions. Originally is cheats Ah!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. No wonder a moment ago the sword three will have self-confidently to oneself said that he in No. 80 arena superior, he already knows one will pull out to 80. Does not need to guess also knows that this definitely is eight gear-driven elders does. Also only then they can have such big energy. Thinks oneself clever!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward he fell above the 80 th arena directly. The director of competition is nine sword elders!! Hello, I am our Hong Jianmen nine sword elders, everybody can call me for Shen Elder, the rule of competition is very simple, cannot kill people, projects on the opposite party to admit defeat or drop the arena to calculate to win, the person of first 60 groups of achievements is first 60 of competition, first 60 and between the disciples to 40 can strive for the gate that oneself are at to a quota, therefore hopes everybody many efforts.” Shen Elder said loudly. All people all hear clearly!! Was right, ahead of time said one to everybody, the first three rewards that this year competes are rich, solely does not have greatly compared with spirit stone reward, moreover there is a special reward.” Shen Elder mysterious smiles. His such saying immediately let present all people to have the interest to that special reward!! Many people started to guess that special reward. Shen Elder noticed that the atmosphere got up, afterward he beckoned with the hand: Below I announced that the competition starts!!” No. 80 arena!! Boy, heard that you are very wild.” Sword three corners of the mouth slightly one evil, looks at a sword on Xia Tian clothes to symbolize that on his face has written all over disdaining. He is five sword disciples. Moreover is chief disciples in eight five sword disciples.

Strength formidable, the status is honored. His time must attack first 20. Um, was used.” Xia Tian nodded. Today I must make you know the wild price with my sword.” The sword three right hands wield, long sword appears in his hands. The competition has not requested the rank of weapon, what therefore in his hand is taking is the weapon of ultimate treasure rank, this type of weapon in next three were considered as on is most top weapons, however in three can only be the weapon of general scale, but three refinement techniques and next three are completely different. Therefore sword three hand the weapon might of ultimate treasure ranks also next three is more formidable. „, Must make me pay the price, is inexpensive with whom?” Xia Tian asked. Here, only then you and my two people, naturally are I!!” Sword 30 points of proud saying. „, You are inexpensive.” Appearance that Xia Tian being suddenly enlighted. The sword three then understand that Xia Tian unexpectedly plays the word game with him. Brat, you dare to scold me.” Sword three angry looks to Xia Tian. Do not misunderstand, when I scolded you, whom I asked to be inexpensive a moment ago, you said you to be inexpensive, this I did not have the means, actually I think that truly nobody can be more inexpensive than you.” Xia Tian silently three has raised up the thumb to the sword. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, the sword three rubbish, attacks directly!! ! The sword three right hands wield. The flying sword attacks!! Good... Inexpensive!!” Intentionally Xia Tian to draw the good character is very long. When the sword three hear this inexpensive character, he scolded his scene on the association to Xia Tian directly a moment ago again.

This time fight had five arenas to end. These five arenas have not fought, the opposite party admits defeat directly. Because they too understood that their match was formidable. And has one is the woman, this woman is goddess Qing Yun (Clear Sky) in entire Hong Jianmen all disciple minds. After her competition ended, she directly arrived under No. 80 arena!! Saw that the goddess arrives under No. 80 arena to observe, the person on surroundings observing stage all saw above the vision No. 80 arena, at this time all people were inquiring that actually the person on this arena is what kind of person, was quick they to have the answer. Nine sword disciples. Xia Tian!! If before , nobody has heard this name, then this name perhaps is known to everybody now, was known to everybody. Because recently this name was really too resounding. Moreover Xia Tian is also only one comes the participating person by a sword disciple. Snort!! Nine, is this play attractive?” Saying that eight gear-driven big elders disdain. Attractive, is really attractive, does not know that you spend such attractive play that many spirit stone have rehearsed.” Nine gear-driven big elders understand that all these definitely are the opposite party arrange. Sword three status you should not be strange, the past years was your nine goalkeepers he trains, what a pity now he is we eight disciples.” Eight gear-driven big elder smiling saying. For these years, nine also train many outstanding disciples, but these disciples all left nine finally. This matter regarding nine gear-driven elders, it can be said that shame. Sword three this people you like, you stay behind.” Nine gear-driven big elder face indifferent appearances. Disciple shame your nine of well today I must with your nine coming out.” Eight gear-driven big elder very impolite saying. That waits and sees!!”

Above this time arena. The sword three as if do not worry to take Xia Tian, the sword that he uses incurs is also the most basic sword incurs, he probably is intentionally is the same in the protracted time. After a half hour!! Competitions on other arenas all ended. Nine two females were all eliminated, because their matches are eight disciples . Moreover the opposite party knew about they two details, it can be said that their two restraints, their two also therefore are stubbornly defeated. Entire competition, only remaining Xia Tian and sword three here. At this time the vision of all people also all centralized above this arena. The sword three have also called a halt, his smiling looks at Xia Tian: Nine? What thing is that? I just started to arrive at Hong Jianmen time has joined one any nine, perhaps that is only a doing odd jobs courtyard, in Hong Jianmen only should have eight, as for ninth is just a joke.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but is smiling looks at the opposite party attire, B. I heard that your Xia Tian must represent your nine to challenge our eight, good, our eight have accepted a challenge, although my sword three are only peons in eight, but defeats a nine disciple to be easy.” Sword three sound are very loud, he must to hear his words, he must take this opportunity well hits one dozen of nine faces. Since today your nine must challenge our eight, is good, we take three moves as to limit!! In three moves regardless of the life and death, cannot admit defeat, you may dare to accept a challenge, if in three moves I am unable to defeat you, that you win!!” The sword three stretched out three fingers directly. But dares to accept a challenge?? The vision of all people all looked to Xia Tian. Watched on the stage the vision of Hong Jianmen 100,000 disciples and these big figure as well as the elders all centralized on the body of Xia Tian. peak focus!!!