Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2371
Anything!!” Scene all nine sword elders all have stood meanwhile, on their faces has written all over inconceivable, three people in the chairman's podium have opened the mouth. Silent!! Because besides these nine sword elders, nobody knows that actually what happened!! Um? What were you saying?” Asking of sword three doubts, he wants turn around to look at Xia Tian at the same time, because he does not understand that actually Xia Tian how arrives at his. Does not want!!” Eight gear-driven big elders shout hurriedly. But already late!! Puff!! The flash of sword three turning head, his entire body directly weak, the blood spouts from his body. Whiz!! Eight gear-driven big elders fell above the arena hurriedly, he started fast for sword three hematischeses, because the blood in sword three embodiment of Buddha was the place of bloodlines, the words that such spurted, the sword three must die without doubt. Humph! Humph! Humph!! Hundreds of thousands people have all opened the mouth!! They all saw this magnificent one!! Although they do not understand that actually Xia Tian how goes well, but they understand that Xia Tian has won, moreover is one move wins. Nine!! Xia Tian!! This name all people all remembered. By five cauldron Rank 3 Realm, a move defeats six cauldron Rank 8 swords three. This was too terrifying. Jumps the ranks to challenge them to hear, but leapt leapt cauldron Rank 5 directly, this broke the legend. This boy, this boy!!” Nine gear-driven big elder excited saying, he at this time excited a little spoke incoherently. Director nine sword Shen Elder corners of the mouth on nearby stage slightly one slanting: „The talent of this boy suffices high, moreover he should be the disciple of that person.”

Three people in chairman's podium have looked at each other one, nod of silently. Snort!!” Eight gear-driven big elders look angrily at Xia Tian one, asked directly: You with domain that who studies?” Domain!! Whish!! Hears this glossary time, watched the 100,000 people on stage to calm down, did not have beforehand notice, nobody painstakingly arranged, this was peaceful at the same time. Swordsmanship domain!! This was the Hong Jianmen highest honor. It is said leave the false Swordsmanship domain reaching the clouds sword Secret Art cultivation to can cultivation finally. Hong Jianmen also officially closes right up against this false Swordsmanship domain becomes the Nine Provinces first Jianmen. Domain!! That is only then the Hong Jianmen topest these disciples have. Now in nine unexpectedly presented a domain talent, moreover then five cauldron Rank 3 presented the domain, if that his strength growth to six cauldrons, seven cauldrons? The earlier the better that the domain awakens. Domain that more early awakens, in the future the might will be also bigger. Anyone, someone, with your Sir!!” Xia Tian very impolite saying. You!!” Eight gear-driven big elders look angrily to Xia Tian. What's wrong, wants to hit me, bully thes weak.” Xia Tian said directly. Eight gear-driven big elders stand up face anger looks at Xia Tian to shout: Do not think that really how I do not dare you...” Whoops!! The body of Xia Tian fell down directly. Eight gear-driven big elders bullied the person, has bully thed weak, my arm hurt, my leg hurt, my headache.” Xia Tian said that starts to sway back and forth on the ground directly, the edge shouted.

Volume!! This all people and was shocked. Shameless Ah! Xia Tian bumping porcelain skill too empty boasting, the words of big elder have not said that Xia Tian lay down on the ground. Ended, ended, I received the internal injury, worthily is eight gear-driven big elders, the strength was too strong, attack invisible.” Xia Tian said that has coughed directly fiercely. !! The blood coughs from his mouth!! This...” If a moment ago Xia Tian were an attire, then at this moment, all people all looked at eight gear-driven big elders with the strange vision, because Xia Tian has truly been injured, he a moment ago fortunately good, the result eight gear-driven big elders came to power, Xia Tian has been injured, such eight gear-driven big elders have not been able to get rid of the suspicion. Whiz!! Eight, your anything meaning, your unexpectedly dares to injure we nine disciples.” Nine gear-driven big elders look at the opposite party angrily. I do not have!!” Eight gear-driven big elders argued hurriedly. Nine gear-driven big elders have kicked Xia Tian with the foot gently. Whoops!! Whoops!! Loved me, loved me, I was dying, the day being jealous person with outstanding ability, eight could not allow our nine to have the talent to appear, this was must kill me directly, I felt that my present five main internal organs (entrails) hurts.” Xia Tian starts loud shouting. His scream is pitiful. I...” Hurts Ah! I definitely was dying, loved me.” Xia Tian has not waited for eight big elders to say the words, he once more painful shouted. Shen Elder, what to do you said this matter, if Xia Tian has an accident, I was at cost of the life also to with eight do one.” Nine gear-driven big elder angry-looking saying.

Whoops!! Whoops!! Xia Tian keeps on the ground was shouting. That cry very pitiful, probably is the sow by the boiling water burnt the sound. This...” A Shen Elder brow wrinkle, he looked at Xia Tian on stage, he understands that Xia Tian definitely is an attire, but here has these many eyes to visit him, moreover Xia Tian Master is also figure that is worth him considering, therefore he must help Xia Tian perform in this play: This, I think this boy, although injured, but could not want the life, making eight gear-driven elders compensate to select spirit stone.” What? Can this consider as finished?” Nine gear-driven big elders shout loudly. Ok, ok, but did not have 18 million spirit stone is definitely.” Xia Tian on the ground tumbling while was shouting. Blackmail!! Extorts!! What? 18 million, what when you spirit stone is Bai Jianlai is!!” Eight gear-driven big elder angry shouting, he was looks to understand, today definitely will be is blackmailed by Xia Tian, but he has not thought these many that Xia Tian can blackmail. Good, you do not agree, we ask the gate lord to figure out, they are contending in martial arts now, on your secretly arena is right, on the arena has injured we nine talent disciple matters is actually right.” Nine gear-driven big elders shout loudly. At this time these person of vision on stand are all staring at eight gear-driven big elders. Eight elders, I think this are otherwise this.” Shen Elder urged. 1 million, I only take 1 million.” Eight gear-driven big elders said. Whoops, I was dying.” !! Xia Tian said that in his mouth starts to spurt the blood!!