Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2374

Xia Tian passing through the gate saw the price on label. In 15 million spirit stone. In 20 million spirit stone!! The price is expensive. This shop can be said as anything has, moreover many Xia Tian had not heard the thing also all has here. Magnificent. However this price!!! Originally I so am poor.” The Xia Tian original manuscript thinks after one have gotten so far as in 10 million spirit stone, was the rich man, after finally he saw here thing the price, he thorough was speechless. Terror Ah!! Xia Tian discovered that here person are also many, but the majority is seven sword above disciples. Gene Yun Shourou!! When the Xia Tian vision places on gene Yun Shourou, his at present immediately one bright. Gene demon beast meat: The collection from demon beast meat, manufactures after the research allocated proportion, after taking, can promote to cultivate is. Demon beast!!! Is three regarding the name of wild beast. However here rank differentiation may with the next three differences. Here will have the demon beast of six cauldron Rank 1 following strengths to be called the preliminary demon beast, the quantity of this demon beast are not many, because of this demon beast in the growth period, will grow up the later strength also to grow generally is six cauldron Rank 1. But had six cauldron Rank 1 strength above demon beasts to be called the Rank 1 demon to be beastly. Has six cauldron Rank 5 strengths is called the Rank 2 demon beast. Rank 2 demon beast gene meat.” The Xia Tian vision has placed gene meat above, he now most worried was the speed of strength promotion was too slow, this affected his strength display, if he can promote Realm to six cauldron Rank 1, then added on his domain again, he was really seven cauldrons below does not have the rival. Xia Tian walks up directly: This Rank 2 gene meat how much money?” 2 million.” The sales clerks responded.

Lying trough!!” Xia Tian says with emotion. This Rank 2 demon beast gene fluid?” Xia Tian asked again. The gene meat is different from the purification means of gene fluid, therefore the price is definitely different. Two lying troughs!!” The sales clerks responded. Volume!!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. Whom this sales clerk really did not have, unexpectedly also sexually harassed itself. Buys?” The sales clerks asked. Here has in 9.99 million spirit stone, takes two Rank 2 demon beast gene fluids and a Rank 2 gene meat to me?” Xia Tian inquired. Ok!!” Sales clerk very generous saying. Xia Tian will store the ring to throw directly. The sales clerks also all threw the gene fluid and gene meat to Xia Tian. Poor!! Xia Tian this time was also poor. Looks here everywhere is various treasures, Xia Tian that is genuinely excited, he strongest treasure all remained now next three, to protect the next three securities, is his here besides [gold/metal] pill and silver corona, that anything did not have. I will certainly come back.” Xia Tian said that moved toward own residence directly. Just the volume achieved the gene meat and gene fluid, he must use well. After returning to residence, Xia Tian took the gene meat immediately. Bang!! A formidable strength flowed to his body and four limbs directly, this strength has moistened his entire body, the internal organs also directly were nourished, this time nourishing is from inside to outside. Afterward his Realm breaks through instantaneously. Five cauldron Rank 4, five cauldron Rank 5!!

Stopped. Quite comfortable.” On the Xia Tian face has shown the facial expression of enjoyment. His unexpectedly has promoted the strengths of two steps. Must know that his strength must divide equally to oneself and seven does several things at the same time, in other words his cultivation quite must therefore supply eight bodies, but together gene meat unexpectedly promotes five cauldron Rank 5 his strength now, has promoted two step these many. Meanwhile. Next three. Seven the strengths of doing several things at the same time also all promoted five cauldron Rank 5!! In 2 million spirit stone does not have the white bloom.” Xia Tian excited saying. He returned to five cauldron Rank 5 Realm finally once more. Previous time he suppressed his Realm, after doing several things at the same time , the strength turns into five cauldron Rank 3, if he did not suppress the strength at that time, then after he does several things at the same time, might fall to five cauldron Rank 1 very much goes. Before he most was worried is the Realm issue. Because his cultivation speed will be slow eight times. Now after feeling the gene demon beast meat the advantage, he thorough was not worried that he later only needs to make money, many making money were OK. Three solely are not I do not have the day tribulation, six cauldron above people all do not have the day tribulation, because here from next three is different, next three, because is not willing to tolerate these high-grade existences, will therefore lower the day tribulation, but three can definitely accommodate the person of next six cauldron, therefore three will not present the day tribulation generally.” Xia Tian already discovered this issue. Without the day tribulation, that showed that he wanted to obtain strength of difficulty thunder and lightning. Ok, no matter this, takes the gene fluid first, depuration of gene fluid is higher than the gene meat, moreover price was also expensive one time, believes that the effect definitely will be also good.” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks the gene fluid in own hand. At this time he feels finally three was developed. In next three, Realm, only then can promote by cultivation. However after arriving three. He discovered that Realm can definitely make up with the resources. As for the strength, that must depend on cultivation and Advanced merit law.

In next three, whose Realm are high, who is fierce, however is whose talent that three looks is high, then the later strength definitely is fiercest. It looks like Xia Tian is the same. He had the domain under this Realm, then ten years later. The strength differed not many people flung the long distance to go by him with him at that time. This is the issue of strength. Thump!! Xia Tian drank one bottle of energy gene fluids directly. Humph!! This strength enters the Xia Tian dantian instantaneously, afterward fast firing into outside body. It looks like spreads to all around in a circular way is the same. Very strong strength.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy. Five cauldron Rank 8!! His strength unexpectedly promoted five cauldron Rank 8 instantaneously, can say that this promotion made his strength grow once more greatly. This time. He and his all does several things at the same time to turn into five cauldron Rank 8 the time. Good abnormal energy gene fluid, will no wonder sell in 4 million spirit stone.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. His unexpectedly broke through five cauldron Rank 8 directly, this was really too crisp. One bottle.” The Xia Tian vision looked to the body of last bottle of energy gene fluids. Thump!! Looked your.” Xia Tian under energy gene fluid clothing, this strength has swept across his body directly afterward again.