Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2376

Grasps, the milk, seizes dragon. Whiz!! Xia Tian body unexpectedly appeared in front of the chest of opposite party instantaneously, speed incredibly fast, opposite party even including responding the opportunity did not have, the flash, Xia Tian as if vanished including the aura. Bang!! Xia Tian held the upper body of opposite party, afterward the shoulder has fallen, fell directly above the arena. Bang!! Arena very hard, pounded the body of opposite party directly above the ground. Bang!! Afterward a Xia Tian fist all hit to fly the full mouth tooth of opposite party directly: How I have a look at you also to teach me to cultivate the behavior now.” Expert of any rank, was hit directly hurts. Moreover also requires the reaction time. Even if has one second of reaction time to be also good. But Xia Tian will not give opposite party that second. If were sneak attacked successfully by him. Then he absolutely does not give to meet anybody opportunity. Uses the sword? Does not need!! Since six months later has gone out, competition that Xia Tian only then Venerable with the Swordsmanship evilly sword, that is because does not allow to use spiritual energy he to use the sword, otherwise he copes with present what Yuzhuang not to need to use the sword. Although in what Yuzhuang the head old monster is terrorist, what Yuzhuang will also be trained Swordsmanship Expert by him in the future. However present what Yuzhuang has not grown.

Should finish.” A Xia Tian foot kicked directly above the rib of opposite party. Kicked under of arena the opposite party. He is the person of 21 st achievement, therefore this time achievement also gave nine to bring a qualifying. On stand. Watches the person of competition is puzzled looks at Xia Tian. Because the competition of Xia Tian really made the person unable to find out the brains over the two days. Not only nobody sees him to use the sword, but also nobody looked that understands actually he how leaves the move. He leaves the move each time is bewildered won. General idea, has a low opinion of the enemy!!” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud. This is all God's favored one common problems, they think that own strength formidable, the ability is outstanding, therefore they usually this appearance can also the relaxed defeating opposite party. Person who but once they bump into Xia Tian this being good at sneak attack, then brings about own destruction simply. If he were careful a moment ago, Xia Tian is impossible to go well. Although in the half year his growth truly is very terrifying. However has not arrived to defeat six cauldron Rank 9 Expert absolutely to be so abnormal instantaneously. Does not have the difficulty.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, his original manuscript thinks the strength that own yesterday showed has been able to make the enemy be vigilant, a disciple was extremely is what a pity proud. After the martial arts contest ended, Xia Tian left directly compared with the practice grounds. Here martial arts contest is one day one, he does not have the interest to watch others' competition. Therefore he planned that meets mission to make money. Now he was once more stony broke, poor dingdong sound.

Makes money diligently.” This is the Xia Tian present goal, he must make money, then purchases more demon beast energy fluid to promote own strength. After demon beast energy fluid is he arrives at three, has seen the most mysterious thing. This thing promotes own body strength directly, including human body and meridians as well as internal organs. Therefore it will not have any side effect. No wonder three so many Expert, if the rich man, does not need to spend the time to go to cultivation own Realm, only needed to take the demon beast energy meat or the energy fluid is OK, only needed to promote own Martial Skill and merit method is OK.” Xia Tian finally wants to understand that now why Yu azure will say three with him and next three completely different reasons. Because three spells is not Realm. But is the talent and merit law. Whose talent is high, merit law, who is fierce. In next three, whose Realm is high, can by the crushing -type way victory, however in three, so long as has not differed the cauldron, whose merit law that is who was fierce.” Xia Tian secret saying. Knew with great difficulty good thing that this type promotes Realm. Xia Tian will miss how possibly. Therefore he started to arrive at the mission place. If in beforehand 300 spirit stone he gains to be happy, then now he already thorough lost the interest to this mission, because this mission was really too preliminary. Qian Taishao who gains. Therefore he needs to meet two Advanced mission. mission of D level are most is also in several thousand spirit stone, moreover unusual trouble. What C level will mission have?” Xia Tian examines these C level mission. These C level mission difficulties have come up, is obtains the material and seeks for mission of valuable beast. This mission easily does not do, moreover money are not many, most also in spirit stone on 100,000.

„To make this mission to need to spend a lot of time, moreover I must make dozens to be able to afford one bottle of demon beast energy fluids.” Xia Tian shook the head, this is not really cost-effective. Therefore he can only choose other methods. B level mission.” Xia Tian looked directly to B level mission. These mission difficulties have promoted all of a sudden. Anything hunts and kills the Rank 1 demon beast, hunts and kills the Rank 2 demon beast, seizes the Rank 4 treasure beast, seeks for the rare raw material for medicine wait / etc.!! However corresponding wealth all of a sudden were also many. Least hundreds of thousands spirit stone, in most even 1 million spirit stone, but the mission difficulty is also very abnormal. These mission difficulties promoted all of a sudden, even if were I does, will be difficult.” Xia Tian secret saying. He understands that he made these mission to be the limit, moreover needs to spend a lot of time, wanted to complete in a short time is absolutely impossible. The Rank 1 demon beast and Rank 2 demon beast is good to hunt and kill, so long as I bumped into have been able to find the way to kill, but the mission reward was not high, only then in hundreds of thousands spirit stone, moreover must all collects the flesh and blood and body of entire demon beast, this was very troublesome, because the general Rank 1 demon beast and Rank 2 demon beast was very big. The Chu ring cannot install. Although he has the small cauldron, but he does not want to expose existence of small cauldron absolutely. A level mission!!” The Xia Tian vision looks once more to A level mission. Strikes to kill the Rank 3 demon beast, the Rank 4 demon beast, seeks for the Rank 5 treasure beast, six levels of valuable beasts, seek for the super rare raw material for medicine. Anomaly, Rank 3 above demon beast strength quite therefore seven cauldron Expert . Moreover the strength of Rank 5 treasure beast pet is also very formidable.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, this A level mission he perhaps could not do temporarily. When he plans to leave first. Was right, actually S level does mission have what?” The Xia Tian vision looked suddenly to S level mission.