Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2377

S level mission!! Becoming spirit world C level Mercenary, enters the list candidate first hundred quotas wait / etc.!! Following these name Xia Tian have almost not heard. Spirit world Mercenary!! List candidate first hundred!! These two name Xia Tian are interested. First, spirit world Mercenary!! Hong Jianmen Mercenary mission is imitates spirit world Mercenary to establish, naturally, this is only to counterfeit. Is Hong Jianmen to exercise own disciple, but to counterfeit. Spirit world Mercenary and place list is three most has existence of authority. Although Hong Jianmen is the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, but is outside this big entrance has likely, you said that you are the person in any school, perhaps meets nobody to know you, but if you have put out the badge of Mercenary trade union, said one are C level Mercenary, then all people will look at your one eyes high. In Hong Jianmen, F level Mercenary promotes to E level Mercenary needs 100 experiences. However in the Mercenary trade union! F level Mercenary promotes to E level Mercenary needs 1 million empirical values. Moreover issued that the reward of mission is many, the empirical value is many. For example the mission reward is in 10,000 spirit stone, then the mission experience is 10,000 points. In other words, you want to turn into E level Mercenary from F level Mercenary, that must gain in 1 million spirit stone. 1 million. This is very difficult, because the F level mission general reward is not high, few several low grade spirit stone, highest generally also only then 10,000-20,000, moreover that difficulty soon has even surpassed E level mission.

Therefore in three, you, if C level Mercenary, then you can walk sideways completely, which arrives can some people ask you to eat meal on own initiative. This is the treatment!!! As for place list!! Xia Tian has been familiar, because before him, is the person of person list. Three place lists altogether have ten quotas. However actually the place list list of candidates, this list is not hundred dawns has the statistics, but has the good authority similarly. Because this above has recorded the respected family, the elite juniors in big school. Generally can enter to inside person, that absolutely is the person of hopeful impact list. Therefore three these talented people are all rushing to this place list list of candidates impact. This list ten days will renew one time, the renewal will be snatched to sell each time, some people want to take a look at the above name to have the change, especially also wants to have a look at itself to drop out this list in the above person, the talent that these do not have is to also hope to have a look at itself to enter to this list. Therefore this list sales volume can be said as fast. Can enter the list, that is the object who all people worship, can enter the list of list candidate is the honor. Therefore S level mission main is the reputation. Good terrifying S level mission.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, oneself want to complete S level mission is definitely impossible, is unable to complete as for many mission that these gain in a short time, therefore he is doomed to go back today to rest, after he competes ended, he will certainly find the way to make money. This can quicker promotion own Realm. Nine cauldrons seems not the dream. After going back, Xia Tian returned to own residence directly, he had not discovered that his person in tracking him, when that person sees he turned back nine, direct turn around leaves. Next morning.

Xia Tian arrived directly compared with the practice grounds. He admires these audiences , the strengths of these people are higher than him, for these days they here stayed, does not walk. After arriving develops the practice grounds, his vision in the surroundings looked, today is the first 40 competitions. In other words, Xia Tian wins today, but can also take a quota, tomorrow first 20 win one is a quota, day after tomorrow 30, a quota, first five, are one, first 31, first two have one. So long as I enter first two, I can also be nine strive to six quotas, in addition of yesterday, was seven quotas, in addition original three, then the next nine competition can have ten people.” On the face of Xia Tian has shown smiling face, he acknowledges as teacher in nine. Nine are his family. He also hopes that leaves a force component for own family. Therefore this time must help nine obtain more quotas. Whiz!! Shen Elder falls on there. Welcome fellow elite disciples' arrival, can enter first 40, this has represented your talent, now I announced that first three of this competition very terrifying rewards.” Shen Elder said loudly. Hears here time, all people were peaceful. They were waiting for Shen Elder announced actually rewards is anything. This reward is three quotas of scud sacred place.” Shen Elder voice reached in the ears of all people, at this time the majority of people burst with joy on the spot all of a sudden. Scud sacred place!! This name really made the person shock. Perhaps many people do not know where scud sacred place is, actually then I tell everybody now scud sacred place where, thinks that everybody knows our Hong Jianmen merit law has, especially in Buddhist scriptures building merit law, existences of highest seven levels of merit laws, but seven levels of merit laws are not three peak.” Shen Elder spoke of here time slightly. Scene thorough peaceful.

Nobody dares to speak. Scud sacred place, there is three sacred place, is spirit world sacred place, is the heaven bestows the spirit world Kui treasure, in that is all kinds of merit laws and carriages that the sky dances in the air, the lowest grade merit law is also the Rank 5 merit method, even, eight levels, in nine levels of merit law have, that must think your talent and destiny, sacred place will induce your there 100 years to open one time, the quota is each time limited, our Hong Jianmen is the Nine Provinces first Jianmen, therefore we altogether have five quotas, this gate main decision, originally. Apportions one, two, three quotas take, the open competition, who can obtain first three, who can the winner three quotas.” Shen Elder shouts loudly. Three quotas!! Three can obtain strong great merit law the quota. Hears here time, Xia Tian at present immediately one bright. Although his present movement and firm is eight levels of merit laws, is his Master strongest skill, who will worry that own merit law are many? The cultivation merit method are too many will possibly make the person divert attention. However Xia Tian feared that diverts attention? He only needed to give one to do several things at the same time cultivation the merit law to be good. Waits for itself to need this merit law the time, can use it directly. Because five quotas have rank limit, seven cauldron below three people, eight cauldron below people, eight cauldron above people. Therefore in the past these three quotas directly divided equally to one, two, three. However this time, gate commanding general these three quotas take, making everybody compete together. First three, I must decide.” Xia Tian vision firm looks to front.