Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2378

Shen Elder lifts the hand slightly, the scene was peaceful immediately. Moreover, third will obtain in 10 million the spirit stone sur- three bottles of Rank 2 demon beast energy gene fluid three bottles \; Second will obtain in 20 million the spirit stone in addition Rank 2 demon beast energy fluid five bottles and Rank 3 demon beast energy fluid one bottle.” Shen Elder spoke of here time once more. Whish!! On the spectators'stand seethed with excitement again. Solely was not on the spectators'stand has seethed with excitement, on the martial arts contest stage also seethed with excitement. This reward was also too rich. They also think a moment ago, only then quota of scud sacred place, this enough has made them surprised, now unexpectedly also so many spirit stone and energy gene fluid reward, this was really too crisp. Must know that fourth and fifth with eighth ninth tenth is also same, in 5000 spirit stone. However the third reward turned about ten thousand times all of a sudden. This is the rousing matter. shit, is so crisp.” Xia Tian excited saying. At this time other participants also all one's blood bubbles up to the brim. At this moment, Shen Elder lifts hand once more once again, scene peaceful. Because they understand that Shen Elder then must announce the first reward, because he announced a moment ago two cauldrons are third and second, this time he must announce first. Third so was high with the second reward, that first can also be short? „The first reward is in 100 million spirit stone...” Humph!! All people were all shocked by this digit. In 100 million spirit stone. Xia Tian has also opened the mouth!! This digit, was really too terrifying. Second unexpectedly compared with first many in 20 million spirit stone.

This is spirit stone, is not low grade spirit stone. In addition...” This time Shen Elder just opened the mouth, scene once more peaceful, because they heard Shen Elder also to say anything probably. Sur- Rank 2 demon beast energy fluid 20 bottles, Rank 3 energy fluid five bottles.” Shen Elder said directly. This all people soon were insane. Thorough was insane. One bottle of Rank 2 demon beast energy fluids are in 4 million spirit stone, one bottle of Rank 3 energy fluids are in 20 million spirit stone, these energy **** in addition is in 180 million the spirit stone price, added on 100 million again the spirit stone bonus, Xia Tian this time gets rich. N , N , D, 11 th surely was my, who dares to snatch me to breakneck.” Xia Tian starts to be ready to fight. On his face has written all over excitedly. spirit stone sur- energy fluid, this is Xia Tian most loves. Xia Tian cultivation was more difficult than others, at this time had the energy fluid, he can make up for the issue in cultivation speed. At this time all participants have all put out their weapon, their goals are the champions!! Now I announced that the competition starts!!” Shen Elder shouts loudly. Afterward above 20 arenas, makes war. Bang! Bang!! No. 20 arena that Xia Tian is at fought instantaneously. The opposite party to Xia Tian any opportunity of consideration, has not gotten rid is the crazy bang randomly explodes, the flying sword in his hand is transforming, as if changed into endless Sword Light, above the entire arena is the sword wind. „The attack of good terrifying.” Xia Tian secret saying. Meanwhile his head presented five small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons. „? This boy should take the demon beast energy fluid, otherwise how possibly promotion rapidness of such.” Nine gear-driven big elders stare slightly.

At this time in these gear-driven big elders besides one, two, three, several other gear-driven big elders has not all come to watch the competition, because their disciples had all been eliminated. Own disciples were eliminated , to continue to stay here to watch also can only be the envy. Especially saw that nine are so sight this year, they are an envying envy of face hate. Therefore simply does not come. At this time the Xia Tian match is two five sword disciples, the strength is six cauldron Rank 9, his strength is terrorist. Moreover he before Xia Tian is more transparent than to the worldly person of war, he comes up to attack on the use sword air/Qi in all directions, does not give Xia Tian any to sneak attack his opportunity, although he also opened the changes of six cauldrons, but he is changes himself and distance between Xia Tian, but does not change the surrounding environment. This fellow, is not simple.” The under foot of Xia Tian dodges. 3234567, I am the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, monopolizes to boast B. After Xia Tian read the mnemonics, his right foot started fast stepping on the ground, the left leg seemed is standing is in-situ same, was his body actually. These seemed like must hit his Sword Light as if to be shunted by him were the same. „Haven't you used the sword?” Opposite party discontented saying , the sword in his hand has increased afterward instantaneously ten times, pounding maliciously has approached Xia Tian. !! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian arrived at the front of opposite party instantaneously. Meanwhile, the great sword pounds down directly. Originally this move of sword is the track. 1234567, the father hits along the minute, flies, machine!! The escaping speed adds one time. He ran away instantaneously in the corner. Bang!! A moment ago that ground pounded burned black, although the arena has not damaged, but was soon reached the limit obviously. Must know that here arena builds with the exotic material special technique, is hard. Attacks of normal six cauldron Rank 9 basic on indestructibly ground, thus it can be seen, the opposite party strength is absolutely good.

Snort, a new person, although the talent is good, understands the domain, but also can only till here, the ability of stone is to kill first ten not to have the issue, copes with he small five cauldron Rank 9, naturally is a cinch.” Two gear-driven big elder self-confident saying. Stone!! Has to enter the first ten abilities. 4234567. The father most likes grasping, onamot, onamot. Xia Tian killed the front of stone instantaneously. Sword wind!! At this moment, stone within the body erupted intense sword wind, the sword wind has cut both hands of Xia Tian instantaneously. !! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian has fallen back on behind, Good formidabe fellow.” Xia Tian smiling looks at the opposite party. You do not use the sword, was impossible to win me.” Stone vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. If not first several Xia Tian performs well, he even felt that Xia Tian this is insulting him. You determined that you can make me use the sword?” Xia Tian asked. Um, I want to take a look at domain strongly.” The stone nodded, he cares is not the noun, is the match, is the strength, he attended the competition to meet the different match, therefore he, when knew that own match is Xia Tian is excited. In order to force Xia Tian uses the sword. He the use that comes up is keeps consumes the spiritual energy sword to incur. Good, I respect you, I used the sword.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, a Spirit Tool long sword appears in his hands.