Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2380

At this time periphery scolded. Obscene thief!! Shameless one!! Mean lower reaches!! Several thousand people of scolding all different. Nine gear-driven big elders are also thorough was speechless, he understands that this Xia Tian must be scolded miserably. Hears the surrounding these to scold the sound, Xia Tian is also very helpless. The sound that he said a moment ago is not loud, has not thought that was shouted by a that person, this all people all heard. Now he also has doubts the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) status. It seems like you also are really one newly arrived, she solely is not the goddesses in all person hearts, moreover he is our Hong Jianmen gate main daughter.” That guard saying in a low voice, if not the performance of Xia Tian is outstanding, he was not worthwhile says these, he thought that the Xia Tian strength was good, moral behavior, therefore reminded Xia Tian. Volume!!” On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy lines. He understands finally why these many people were scolding him. Qing Yun (Clear Sky) not only the long attractiveness, stature is good, the talent is high, but also gate main daughter. These many corona put together, no wonder she was the goddesses of Hong Jianmen all people. Hong Jianmen disciple adds altogether about 200,000. And the male disciple occupied 150,000, these male disciples have almost not admired Qing Yun (Clear Sky), although even only has seen Qing Yun (Clear Sky) in the place several kilometers away, however her beautiful lethality range was too big. Then troubled.” Xia Tian helpless saying. He has not thought that the solemn gate advocates daughter unexpectedly with the normal disciple same in cultivation. One just came Hong Jianmen unexpectedly to offend Hong Jianmen gate main daughter. This time Qing Yun (Clear Sky) stood there a few words did not say, but the obvious complexion was ugly. Suddenly!! Xia Tian turned into Hong Jianmen directly first big obscene, thief. Peaceful!!” Shen Elder shouts hurriedly.

He was looks, if oneself did not control, then feared the person on stand one to clash. This matter simply is nonsensical talk, not having the matter of evidence do not speak irresponsibly, this is in disciple's the insult to my gate, no one must say this matter again.” A Shen Elder such saying, scene also peaceful, many people also nodded. Now they think that this matter does not have the evidence. Therefore fabricated a rumor. But also has few people to think that this is real, but Shen Elder started talking, then they naturally cannot say anything again. The matter came to the end finally. After a half hour, all competitions all ended. Now here only remaining 20 people. The Xia Tian next match is Expert, this Expert is callous, usually is stands there, did not speak, did not talk with anybody, the bosom was holding a black sword. !! Just came to power, the enemy immediately attacks. Good quick sword!!” The body of Xia Tian draws back backward. !! Xia Tian just shunted the attack of opposite party, has not waited for him to use the sword, the opposite party once more attacks. Eight levels of Movement Technique, Heavenly Thunder Treading. 1234567, the father hits along the minute, flies, machine!! The escaping speed adds one time. Xia Tian goes to retreat. This time shunted finally. N , N , D, whom this Heavenly Thunder Treading really did not have, must recite such long incantation each time, if I responded that slow, the incantation has not waited to read me dead.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he recited an incantation to take two seconds, if these two seconds he could not shunt the opposite party to attack, he died. !! The long sword in Xia Tian hand punctures instantaneously. The Hong Family's Yin secret art first type.

Imaginary cloudy sword!! dīng dīng dāng dāng!! Black sword man body draws back backward, afterward the sword blade sweeps. Ding-dong dāng!! The Xia Tian sword incurs is broken immediately!! Expert!!” The first response of Xia Tian is the opposite party absolutely is Expert. Strength very formidable Expert. Because he gets rid decisively, does not have slight loathsome, moreover his sensibility to the sword is very deep, only then such person can feel the attack of Xia Tian immediately. Carries the sword!! The black sword man gives a loud shout, afterward he places the black sword single-handed behind. !!! Sword Light of black sword shot at Xia Tian immediately. Lying trough!! Such abnormal.” The body of Xia Tian starts fast retreat, the might of this black sword is big, because this matter arena presented the trace of destruction, even if before is that stone strongest attack cannot break the arena, but the attack of black sword man destroyed the arena. Bang!! At this time the person on stand all looked at the vision to Xia Tian here. Xia Tian does not know this black sword man, but they knew, because this black sword man is this year captures second popular figure. Black sword day sunflower!! Then troubled, has not thought that he such already had bumped into a day of sunflower.” Nine gear-driven big elder brow tight wrinkles. He understands that Xia Tian this time bumps into the powerful enemy. The black sword man is different from Qing Yun (Clear Sky). Qing Yun (Clear Sky) is gate main daughter, strength everybody does not have anything saying that but the black sword day sunflower was different, he joins the Hong Jianmen ten years, ten years ago, he is a five cauldron Rank 9 boy, ten years later, he became six cauldron Rank 9, moreover became in the preliminary disciple one of the most terrorist people. He is indifferent.

Arrogant!! Never becomes friends with anybody. Even a gear-driven big elder usually also takes him not to have the means. If not his talent formidable, a big elder lazy responds him. However others were also afterward used. Because he is this. If his only hobby, that drinks, he has a liquor bottle gourd, this liquor bottle gourd looks like a vessel of Chu is the same, can install many liquor, installs the liquor each time time, he must buy in value several hundred thousand the spirit stone liquor, that liquor bottle gourd can pack directly. Moreover he usually does not buy the compounded drug, does not buy the weaponry, does not buy the pet, does not buy the cultivation resources, anything does not buy, his spirit stone is only used to drink. No matter he has the domain, has anything, he will halt in this.” Gear-driven big elder self-confident saying. 2234567 The body of Xia Tian appears in what Yuzhuang the place of chest instantaneously, afterward a sword punctures!! dāng!! Black sword day sunflower starts very quickly, the sword in his hand wields, has cut off the Xia Tian long sword directly. The Xia Tian long sword is only the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, naturally cannot shoulder the opposite party these collided. Quite quick.” Xia Tian body fast retreat. Black sword day sunflower also stopped there. Although he has not spoken, but everybody understands that this is must make Xia Tian trade the sword, the Xia Tian beforehand day cold sword is most formidable, but he for the next three safety, kept the day cold sword next three. Who can taking advantage of my sword with?” Xia Tian shouts. Under stage complete silence, because they know that the great strength of black sword, was worried own sword wore out by Xia Tian. Boy, with my...”