Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2381

Many thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Is a seat of honor big elder. Was he took own sword. Sharp!! Xia Tian sees the time first feeling of this handle sword is sharp. The silver color, the sword blade center portrays dragon shape tattoos all over the body, the place of sword hilt is succinct. !! After receiving this sword, Xia Tian discovered that this was very light the sword, had about three jin (0.5 kg). Others' weapon little dozens jin (0.5 kg), the heavy several thousand jin (0.5 kg), are sword unexpectedly of nine seat of honor big elders so are generally light. Boy, you must do right by my azure front sword, lost me certainly well to repair your.” Nine gear-driven big elders shout. Whish!! After hearing the words of nine gear-driven big elders, all people burst with joy. This sword unexpectedly is the azure front sword in legend. Must know that nine gear-driven big elders have the title of cool breeze sword Saint, this sword is her sword of becoming famous. Relax!!” Xia Tian nodded. After black sword day sunflower sees in the Xia Tian hand meets the sword, once more attacks to Xia Tian. ! Quick! The sword in his hand very quick. The Hong Family's Yin secret art first type. Imaginary cloudy sword. dīng!! Sword Light dodges, the attack of Xia Tian raids instantaneously from the four directions.

Quite quick!!” Xia Tian has not thought that azure front sword unexpectedly is so quick, moreover own skill all sped up, this move , the black sword day sunflower jumps instantaneously, at the same time point of his sword point in midair. Reaches the clouds from out of the blue!! An invisible strength starts to proliferate from his sword point directly. Very strong sword wave!!” The Xia Tian body goes to retreat. Humph! Humph! Humph! The person on stand is all surprised. Because this move is the Fifth Layer sword of Lingyun sword Secret Art incurs, this move of many person metropolis, such attractiveness that but can utilize, then few individuals can achieve, attack of Xia Tian was too a moment ago quick, many people cannot respond, only has the black sword day sunflower, his reversal of stress too was quick. Good fierce fellow, can reaching the clouds to practice this Realm from out of the blue, this is not the common disciple.” Saying that nine gear-driven big elders appreciate. „The stinking ninth category, the good play just started.” Gear-driven big elder smiling saying. „? Does he have what secret to be inadequate?” Nine gear-driven big elder puzzled asking. You will know quickly.” Gear-driven big elder mystical saying. Bang!! Xia Tian sword blade, will reach the clouds the sword wave from out of the blue to break directly. This move is distance nearer might is bigger, the distance is farther, the might is smaller. Shouted!! Xia Tian long expiration of: Good.” „To use the domain?” Black sword day sunflower looked that asked to Xia Tian. Since this has been he goes on stage first time to start talking. Originally you will speak, I also think that you is a mute.” Xia Tian thinks really the opposite party is a mute, because he stood there is any words did not say, including letting him also stopped with the sword there does not speak. The whole person is peaceful. „It is not only then you have domain!!” Black sword day sunflower saying slowly. bo!!

Afterward his black sword flings, a sword changes three swords, three swords appear in his directly. Black sword domain!! Domain, is the domain. The person does not know that should be how surprised, because Xia Tian and fight between day sunflower made them extremely in surprised, person who day sunflower unexpectedly also has the domain, although everybody knows that the day sunflower was formidable, thinks that he most had the opportunity to obtain the second person, but nobody knows that the day sunflower had the domain. Originally is the domain!!” Nine gear-driven big elders understand finally a gear-driven big elder so was why surprised. Right, is the domain!! The black sword is in our one once more blooming brilliance domain Expert, although he now is only five sword disciples, but in the future he definitely will become extraordinary Swordsman.” Gear-driven big elder very self-confident saying, because the day sunflower has the domain, therefore he disposition of to ignore day sunflower being supercilious. Domain Ah!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Right, I have domain, how now do you want to win me?” The day sunflower asked. Is very simple.” The azure front sword in Xia Tian right hand throws to the sky: You have the domain truly right, but the domain also has the division of strong and weak, the sword incurs also has height, now I must make you experience my true strength, I in the half year in strongest growth.” The Hong Family's Yin secret art second type. Domain. The cloudy sword strangles to death!! bo!! A strength of domain covered the day sunflower in directly. Two domain overlay in one. Kills!! A Xia Tian right hand finger. azure front sword direct one point two, two points four, four points eight. Eight sword blades have shot at a day of sunflower from eight different angles. Finished.” The Xia Tian words just said that azure front sword returned to his hand. Deeping frown of black sword day sunflower, his puzzled looks to Xia Tian: Why?” World Martial Arts, only quickly broken, I am quicker than you, you naturally lost.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Puff!!

Meanwhile, the body of black sword day sunflower fell down, the place of his joint started to bleed fast, the body of whole person weak there, is unable to move. This is...” Gear-driven big elder complexion immediately changes, afterward he fell above the arena, fast fed the black sword day sunflower to take the therapy compounded drug, and used spiritual energy black sword day sunflower that was cut off joins the hand muscle and foot muscle that. A moment ago the attack of Xia Tian all cut off his hand muscle and foot muscle. Gear-driven big elder a few words had not said that does not have any complaint, has hugged the black sword day sunflower directly. Win! Xia Tian wins directly. First ten!! This Xia Tian obtained first ten! Today he only needs to hit again, entered first five to be OK. Admits defeat!!” His match of third competition just came to power to say these two characters. Xia Tian third winning by default, he has also given back to nine big elders the sword. He is a disciple, definitely was their big elders told, did not let him and I begins, therefore I won, it seems like they know that was not my match.” Xia Tian secret saying. Third had ended. Xia Tian obtained fifth directly. Xia Tian is also directly must leave, when he leaves, he felt that murderous aura once more. Even if not need to turn head, he also knows that who this person was. Hong Jianmen gate main daughter Qing Yun (Clear Sky). Tomorrow must to she.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, first he wins, anyone, is unable to prevent him. When Xia Tian goes out compared with the practice grounds, the form fell on the Xia Tian side together. „Does Senior Brother, have the matter?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to nine big elders. Wants a good sword?” Nine big lengths on shameless have shown the mysterious smiling face.