Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2382

Good sword!!” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright. Own present most lacks is the good sword. After arriving three, Xia Tian discovered here strongest is not the weaponry, is not rank Realm, but is the merit law and talent, in other words here likely is not next three, the weaponry can go against heaven's will, Realm can suppress all. Here the weaponry is only auxiliary. The merit law is a father!! But so, the weapon is stronger, the strength that can display is also stronger. Looked like a moment ago, Xia Tian used azure front sword time, own sword incurred the might in a big way one time, moreover attacked ordinary also becomes exceptionally sharp. Therefore he truly is to lack a good sword now. Right, is a good sword, but you with that sword time, if will be defeated could die, moreover you have attained, later definitely will also be punished, will you dare?” Nine big elders asked. Penalty meeting deceased person not?” Xia Tian asked. Possibly will die!!” Nine big elders said. That since birth hope, that was i.e. simple, I agreed.” Xia Tian said directly. In the riches and honor danger asked. Do not blame me not to remind you, but penalty fire dragon flogging!!” Nine big elders said. Under how many?” Xia Tian asked. 20!!” Nine big elders responded. Attracts!!

Xia Tian has held breath cold air. Couldn't avoid?” Xia Tian asked again. Could not avoid, because there was Forbidden Land, you want to go to that unable to shunt are punished.” Nine big elders answered. That also spelled.” Xia Tian hears is Forbidden Land, that had the interest. Good, walks while said!!” Nine big elder directly stand forths: This time I want you to go, is steals the sword.” Steals the sword?” Xia Tian stares immediately. Right, steals sword, then has the master the sword, his master a person selected our entire Hong Jianmen in the past alone, Hong Jianmen set out three mahatma swords, sur- two front door hosts, uniform he.” Nine big elders spoke of here time, on the face all was the look of admiration, although that person was an enemy, but he also admired. This is stems from respect to Expert. Is so fierce!!” Xia Tian has opened the mouth. Naturally was fierce, his sword is I have seen the strangest sword, in the past he attacked the mountain time, our present nine big elder also most outstanding nine disciples, our nine people collaborate not to shoulder his sword.” Nine big elders as if recalled past years's that war to be the same. This was also too abnormal.” Xia Tian has not thought that Hong Jianmen unexpectedly is closing this kind of old monster. How is not abnormal can make you steal, I want also only then you most suited actually steal that sword.” Nine big elders said. Why is I?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Because your Sword Intent sensibility is 999, this is I have seen the most terrorist Sword Intent sensibility, in the past the gate advocated them also to receive that the sword, but failed finally, he also attempted to let the talent disciples is receives that the sword, the death that what a pity finally died, the wound wound, our nine also came up to experiment in the past, almost died.” Nine big elders said. Actually is that what sword?” Xia Tian more listens to be blurrier. I do not talk clearly, but you saw knew, I only know that is called the Yin-Yang child and mother sword the sword.” Nine big elders shook the head.

Xia Tian more listens more excited, unknowingly, two people have arrived at back side of the mountain Forbidden Land. Here has Formation, but is not too strong Formation, but to prevent the demon beast rushes to Formation that here sets up by mistake.” Nine big elders said. „The entrance did not fear that other disciple does go in?” Xia Tian asked. Who dares? All people know, so long as enters here to suffer 20 fire dragon whips, that is the fire dragon whip, is my I do not dare.” Nine big elders said that he has very big fear to the fire dragon whip, thus it can be seen the fire dragon whip is actually abnormal. Attracts!! Xia Tian has held breath once more cold air. He understands that perhaps he this time steals the sword not to have in the surface to be so easy. Boy, before going, considers again, a god, a ghost, you walks has won the words, you had three most terrorist swords, but if you walked to lose, you might die very much.” Nine big elders reminded, although was he tells Xia Tian to come to here to steal the sword. But he also has hesitant. After all Xia Tian is the best talent that nine present for these years, moreover his teacher's younger brother's disciple, if any mistake, his teacher's younger brother will not let off his. Senior Brother, what is called the member?” Xia Tian asked. Volume!!” Nine big elders stare slightly, does not understand that actually Xia Tian is any meaning. That goes against heaven's will line, if all running free with the current, what meaning that cultivation also does have?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward entered in Formation directly. Here is Hong Jianmen Forbidden Land. After Xia Tian walks into Formation inside, he saw a giant seal. The four directions of seal have eight giant chains.

These eight chains probably are in blockade day Lingshan the chain of that old monster are the same, but that chain of this chain old monster is not abnormal. However was also very magnificent. Blind person!!” This by the person of seal is a boy!! His both eyes are empty, his blindly is because does not have the blindness of eye, but is not the eye has the blindness of issue. Senior, I lack a sword now, I heard that your sword here, you could not use in any case temporarily, lent me to be what kind of? I must.” Xia Tian to that by blind person bowing of seal slightly, he truly is being borrows the sword, but he obtained a better weapon, he this sword. Wants itself to take!!” Blind person saying of slowly. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. He thinks such Expert will not manage his, he stemming from a few words that the respect and politeness spoke. Xia Tian walks toward inside directly, he saw a giant stone. Sword in inside, but be not thinking pulls out with the brute force, even if you are Nine cauldrons Expert, cannot pull out with the brute force absolutely.” The blind people reminded. Xia Tian first time sees such strange person, obviously he by seal here, but his unexpectedly not any cursing and complaint, even also Professor take the sword, is he magnanimous? Likes giving others own thing? He determined that Xia Tian could not take away to say. „, I try.” Xia Tian arrived at that sword hilt, he discovered that this sword hilt looks like a main item is the same.