Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2388

The form falls above the arena together. On the clothes of this form only then a sword, seems looks like an ordinary sword elder is the same. Saw that some people must prevent the penalty, these disciples on stage to think he was insane. Sword elder unexpectedly dares to prevent the penalty. But following made them shock. See vice- gate lord.” All gear-driven big elders bow together. Shock!! Vice- gate lord!! This seems looks like male unexpectedly of ordinary sword elder is the vice- gate lord. The vice- gate advocated unexpectedly to come out to rescue Xia Tian personally. At this time eight gear-drivens were greatly long on shamelessly have written all over reluctantly, at this moment he understands that he was absolutely impossible to cope with Xia Tian again. His courage is big, how impossible to do against with the vice- gate lord for the benefit again. Vice- gate lord!!” Penalty elder respectful bowing of. Xia Tian is my apprentice, I looked that who dares to move him.” The vice- gate main said loudly. Humph!! At this time these people on the scene all surprised could not say incoming call, they finally understand now the Xia Tian strength so was why strong, originally his unexpectedly was the vice- gate main disciple. Hong Jianmen a few words of gate master station on stage had not said that such static sees own younger brother. Vice- gate lord, since the ancient times, does not have custom not Cheng Fangyuan.” Reason that penalty elder face the color of pressing, he becomes the penalty elder, that is because he is impartially selfless, no matter who has offended Hong Jianmen custom, he must punish, otherwise how obedience.

Small three, do you want to overturn the heavens? Do you still remember that who initially was brings back to Hong Jianmen you, early had been killed without my you, now speaks the custom to me.” The vice- gate lord scolds to say. The penalty elder by his such saying, immediately was not spoken, but awkward look: But...” But what , can some people punish him? Is you, is you, is...” The vice- gate main vision took a fast look around on the penalty elders and surrounding these elders, finally looked to the above gate lord: You?” Four items double right!! In their vision as if flashes through many stories. „The second child, he went to Forbidden Land, this is the custom.” Hong Jianmen gate main said slowly. Went to Forbidden Land to be also what kind of? He is takes the sword, you initially regarded there are Forbidden Land, to not prevent the school disciple will astray will die there, or will be feared that will disturb that person, he already took the sword now, and has not disturbed that person, will that what crime have? He takes the Yin-Yang child and mother sword to carry forward Hong Jianmen, if this also has the mistake, then, who also dares to try hard for Hong Jianmen?” Vice- gate main very impolite saying. At this time all people have not all spoken, scene very peaceful. The gate advocates peace the vice- gate lord to quarrel. Such scene is uncommon. These two big big figure unexpectedly quarrelled for a Xia Tian such young disciple at this time. Must know, Hong Jianmen most does not lack is the talent. In a senior disciple, has the domain may be many. Moreover now they mix in Nine Provinces also enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water. Do not distort the fact, I said is not the matter of sword, the sword can turn over to him, but he such did broke the rule of entrance, if did not punish him, later was Forbidden Land can casually? The custom who also observes?” Hong Jianmen gate main said loudly. I, no matter, I in this, no one can move him in any case today.” The vice- gate lord said. Master!!” At this moment, Xia Tian shouts one suddenly.

Um?” A vice- gate main brow wrinkle. Master, I have made a mistake, I stole the sword at that time time, I know one are wrong, but I have stolen, to is right, wrong is wrong, my Xia Tian is a man, a man of being indomitable spirit, the road of my leading a pious life if this acting if no, I in the future will go to face continually? Do I later go to boast with my descendants with what?” Xia Tian looked that said to the vice- gate lord. „Was your boy insane? You know that what meaning 20 fire dragon whips do have?” The vice- gate lord reproved. The fire dragon whip brandishes very waste strength, is used to make the weapon is impossible, although his powerful force, but wants the major and medium person is almost impossible, even if Nine cauldrons Expert uses it, is impossible to hit to a boy of five cauldron, therefore this thing can only be used to make the penalty, but cannot make the weapon. As the penalty, it is also the Hong Jianmen strongest penalty. I know, Master, since my basic since first day, I study is the penalty, the fire dragon flogging.” Xia Tian nodded. You also dare to shoulder, you will die.” The vice- gate lord said. Master, if I such simply will die, then after me, how to go facing outside crisis? You can guarantee my one time, can you guarantee me for a lifetime? I am a man, the man work must dare to do and have the courage to accept responsibility.” Xia Tian vision firm saying. Hears these words time, many people silently have raised up the thumb. Gate main also slightly has selected under one. „Did you determine?” When the vice- gate lord sees Xia Tian that firm expression, he also knows one said that anything was definitely useless. Um!!” Xia Tian nodded. Stinking ninth category, I am unable to continue watching, a while he , if living, you lead him to go home.” The vice- gate lord said that direct turn around left, he is unable to look that his disciple was whipped 20 fire dragon whips. Yes, Teacher's younger brother.” Nine big elders nodded. Silent!! All people, nobody spoke. Although said before , many people look down upon Xia Tian, thinks that he won is opportunistic, moreover is mean, shameless, lower reaches.

However at this moment, everybody thinks that he is a pure man. Qing Yun (Clear Sky) is also a face strange looks at Xia Tian, she understands, so long as is her Second Uncle manner is firm, that affirmed finally nobody dares to begin, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can so have the acting, this point sufficiently made him think highly. Come!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Um!!! I will not be lenient.” The penalty elder said. He is penalty elder, what he represents is the entire Hong Jianmen penalty, if he practiced favoritism, then, how he also the disciple who went to under the control to commit a crime. Therefore he must under the stingy!! Makes an effort, I hid muscle.” Xia Tian said. Bang!! The fire dragon whip had been brandished by the penalty elder directly, long stands, enough 45 meters, probably is a long line is the same, this whip he brandished for five seconds to brandish, actually thus it can be seen the fire dragon whip was terrifying how. Puff!! A fire dragon whip pulled out directly above the back of Xia Tian. The scene miserable item endures to see, many women have covered their eye, they were unable to continue watching, this first whip gets down, the head of Xia Tian directly pounded above the ground. The end of fire dragon whip pounded shallow holes the arena.