Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2389

Um!!” Xia Tian clenched the teeth. A moment ago the pain of that flash, making his whole person almost directly die, the pain died. At this time he believes that his back blossomed, because these spurs have gripped on his bone, is good because of his bone is the ape king grace, although is also very painful, but will not be destroyed, otherwise after several dismantle, own bone must be cut off. Pain!! Xia Tian bleeds profusely from the head at this time, all turned into the blood red including his eye. Appearance very scary. From his appearance, everybody can look, he is bearing the big pain at this time. Ha!! The penalty elder has brandished the fire dragon whip once more, when he draws the fire dragon whip, brings a big slice of meat from the back of Xia Tian directly. The scene miserable item endures to see!!! Even at this time many men were unable to continue watching continually. The fire dragon flogging, they enter the first class that Hong Jianmen studies are this hot cage flogging, but they personally have not all seen, at this time they understand why finally at that time taught their elder to say five whips can want the human life, the words that such pulls out, hurt to love a person. Everybody is not clear, why such heavy penalty will have 20 these many. Because of that Forbidden Land? Actually this Forbidden Land is where, must know that betrays Sect and bullies Master Miezu also ten whips. But Xia Tian because intrudes Forbidden Land, was sentenced 20 whips. Shouted!! Xia Tian long expiration, shouts afterward loudly: Come.” Puff!!

The second fire dragon has whipped. The blood starts to the upper reaches of arena. The body of Xia Tian is shivering, this is shivering of ache. Nobody believes that he can also live, because this is not the range that humanity can withstand, this ache do not say a Xia Tian five cauldron Rank 9 boy, even if makes these elders shoulder, they definitely cannot shoulder. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian has laughed suddenly. Nobody knows why he smiles, was perhaps insane. If trades to be others, at this time already painful has cried, the pitiful yell sound will not break, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is still smiling. Qing Yun (Clear Sky) brow tight wrinkle!! Her first feeling fire dragon flogging unexpectedly is so inhumane. This penalty might as well has killed a person directly, this method could be said as was too miserable, nobody can shoulder five whips, but Xia Tian must shoulder 20 whips. Puff!! The third whip has pulled out. Xia Tian entire dorsal all meat almost all vanished. Xia Tian still does not utter a word. When penalty big elder pulls out the fourth whip, his brow suddenly wrinkle: feeling was...” He the feeling of that flash seemed pulled out a complete back a moment ago, but was not the bruised and lacerated back, because that type that type felt that he was really too familiar, but after the whip got down, same was bruised and lacerated, therefore his anything could not look. The fifth whip!! The vision of all people all centralized on the body of Xia Tian.

Because nobody can shoulder the fifth whip. This whip should be Suo Ming a whip. Reason that all people think that fifth whip Suo Ming, that is because the first four whips have broken the flesh and blood, the fifth whip must injure and internal organs, regardless of how formidable Expert, the internal organs is the flesh and blood does, the internal organs by brushing of very ruthless, that were almost are so impossible to live.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. But will Xia Tian die? Naturally cannot. A moment ago when he withstood the fourth whip, he will have injured to shift to one does several things at the same time. Puff!! Although Xia Tian is very painful, but he has not shouted. At this time on -the-spot these people have all been shocked, such very ruthless fire dragon whip unexpectedly cannot want the Xia Tian life, the Xia Tian physical quality was also too abnormal, moreover Xia Tian has not shouted to a present painful character from start. Must make him die here.” Eight gear-driven big elder innermost feelings were praying, he understands that this was his final opportunity, if this Xia Tian did not die, then, again also nobody can threaten Xia Tian, because his had a formidable and fearful backer vice- gate lord. If Xia Tian does not die, then nine will certainly rise, when the time comes their eight will become will exist, their days that Hong Jianmen will set the base will be when the time comes getting more and more sad. Thinks treatment that these years nine institutes receive, they feel the terrifying. Moreover they also remember that in the past they bullied nine, if nine are in power, will let off them? Boy, must insist Ah!!” Nine gear-driven elders, there are Xia Tian keep it up. Nine gear-driven big elder fingernails have gripped in their meat, but he does not know the ache completely, he now very anxious, if Xia Tian died, that was he Xia Tian harming, at that time he was also a head heat, wish is Xia Tian looks for a good weapon, finally the matter turned into this. After sixth had ended, when the penalty elder seventh whip pulls out, Xia Tian has traded a body of doing several things at the same time once more. Puff!! Well!!” The brow of penalty big elder immediately a wrinkle.

He some that feeling, has probably pulled once more out after perfect carries on the back to be the same. Tenth!! 13 th!! 16 th! At this time on -the-spot people have been shocked, they can look, Xia Tian now definitely is very miserable, but he was a few words did not say that toughing it out, this middle penalty big elder has been testing several times, to look at Xia Tian has died, finally Xia Tian gave back to his a few words each time is: Hey, didn't you have the strength? With the strength.” Hears these words each time time, these Hong Jianmen disciples from the heart admire him. Can achieve Xia Tian this, absolutely did not have the second person. 17 th, 18!! 19 times, the penalty big elder has discovered finally, fell that moment of whip on him, Xia Tian human body unexpectedly fully restored, such situation only then he saw, besides him, the second person had not seen that at this time he early has opened the mouth, inconceivable of whole face. 19 th!! 20 th!! When 20 th fires off, nine gear-driven big elders fell above the arena directly, he kept carries on the back the medicine powder and liquid dropped after Xia Tian, and fed under the Xia Tian clothing the compounded drug. But Xia Tian any movement, has not lain there is motionless. Died?” All people all puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Well!! Who was praising me to lead?” At this moment, lies gained ground in ground Xia Tian suddenly, smiling looks at the surroundings.