Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2390

Has not died!! Sees Xia Tian is all right, many people relaxed, including Hong Jianmen gate lord. Brat, I know that you definitely are all right.” Nine big elder excited saying. Was laborious you, my doing several things at the same time brothers.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. If no that several doing several things at the same time, he must go bad now. He used six to do several things at the same time to injure a moment ago smoothly, but also remaining he has not used, for the final repair, naturally, he was unable to repair here, here so many person, if saw that his wound was all good, that definitely surprised chin will fall the ground. But did several things at the same time this time to endure hardships, even if had the panacea, perhaps but this time wound did not have 1-2 months is impossible to change for the better. Walks, I lead you to go home!!” Nine big elders hold Xia Tian, to prevent the Xia Tian ache, he is putting down hugging intentionally . Moreover the speed does not dare to be too fast, feared that jolts Xia Tian. Xia Tian it can be said that experienced the birth and death pain. Although he will injure shifts to did several things at the same time, but whip each time may pull out on him, pulls out that instantaneous pain on him may be he withstands. Time that especially the whip draws, that can be said as the painful penetrating heart. Perhaps he is that person who the adoptive father elects.” Saying that Hong Jianmen gate lord thought aloud, he left the competition range finally. The enormous and powerful big ratio such ended. No one has thought that Xia Tian this dark horse won the final championship, this time won the championship can be said as grew the big face to nine, this nine thorough felt proud and elated, later nine disciples can also the relaxing board speak, who was saying that their anything was not, they can counterattack. Their nine not only have the gate marriage go- from Professor, but also has the champion of Xia Tian this preliminary disciple.

If the Advanced disciple, they have three. The vice- gate lord hears Xia Tian is all right, the excited tears must fall: Brat, you if next time dares to flaunt the hero again, I kill you, you do not think for me that I how old, found a disciple of being have a liking for with great difficulty, if you have an accident, you raise my this, when Master those who deliver you this small right?” Ha Ha Ha Ha, Master, you leave are so anxious, isn't my this is all right?” Coming out that Xia Tian also smiles. Ok, since you are all right, I have also felt relieved, lies down well heals from a wound here, the incorrect words, scud sacred place I made one to lift you to go, making you heal from a wound on the road.” The vice- gate lord said. Master, when?” Xia Tian asked. According to custom, five days later should want.” The vice- gate lord said. Five days, were enough, Master you gave me five days of therapy time to be good, these five days to disturb me.” Xia Tian said that actually he can be been complete by oneself wound instantaneously, but he cannot the direct exposure, words that otherwise this matter passes on, after that he must be regarded is guinea pig is used to test. Five days? Such heavy wound, do you take five days?” Vice- gate main puzzled asking. Um, believes me, does not have the skill words, I early died.” Xia Tian said. Good, well rest.” The vice- gate advocating peace big elder they walked. Xia Tian after they walk also directly has given doing several things at the same time the body cut, his wound all was instantaneously good: Recently well had not rested, happen to this time can rest well.” After the vice- gate lord leaves nine, has not returned to own paradise, but moved toward the back side of the mountain directly. The place of back side of the mountain Forbidden Land. The vice- gate main walked directly.

How did your boy have free time to come to see me?” Although the old blind person is blind, but he has recognized instantaneously the vice- gate lord. Shouted!!” Vice- gate main long expiration, has not spoken. What couple days ago came my this to take sword is your apprentice.” The old blind person asked. Um!!” Vice- gate principal point nod. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the boy is good, inborn has the out of the ordinary aura, he solely is not the domain is formidable, moreover I felt a formidable destiny from his within the body, the huge degree of this destiny was I am unprecedented, perhaps he was I and other child of that destiny, can lead Hong Jianmen to the magnificent person.” Old blind person excited saying. You fortunately!!” The vice- gate main as if has not heard his words to be the same. Cannot die, the resentment also suppressed much.” The old blind person said. I walked.” After the vice- gate advocates, on face did not have on any expression, such directly walked. Walks, walks!!” Old blind person not any disgruntledness. The vice- gate lord said that went out of Forbidden Land directly, afterward returns toward own residence, after he leaves, behind a hill walks one person. This person is not others, is Hong Jianmen gate lord. He looks at the direction that a vice- gate lord went far away, afterward entered in Forbidden Land. Today is any day, your two brothers unexpectedly both came.” On the face of old blind person has been full of the smiling face. Adoptive father, what hasn't second child said?” Hong Jianmen gate lord asked.

„The old style, anything did not say that had a look to walk to here.” The old blind person responded. Adoptive father, you still remember that takes the youth of sword.” Hong Jianmen gate lord asked. Remembers that I also asked the second child a moment ago, the boy is the disciple of second child.” The old blind person said. He has won Qing Yun (Clear Sky).” Hong Jianmen gate lord said. Practiced the cloudy Secret Art to win Yang Jue?” The old blind person stares. Although the method is meaner, but among many flashing temperatures.” Hong Jianmen gate lord said. „!! Good, the Yin-Yang child and mother sword is the sword of fairyhood, it will be will advocate automatically, since the Yin-Yang child and mother sword has chosen him, then showed that his within the body will have the fairyhood, but I from his body had not felt that any fairyhood, can control the Yin-Yang child and mother sword in these circumstances freely, this showed that he had suppressed within the body fairyhood means.” The old blind person said. Adoptive father, can that make him suppress the fairyhood means to tell you? You were all right.” Hong Jianmen gate main said hurriedly. Useless, I am by resentful fascinated, neutralize my resentment, my demon is not ineradicable, but wants neutralize my resentment, that is impossible, her present status is so high, begins to refer to casually, our Hong Jianmen does not exist.” Old blind person helpless shaking the head of. Was right, Adoptive father, is he child of destiny you have waited for?” Hong Jianmen gate main asked hurriedly. Yes!!”