Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2391

Whistling!! Xia Tian has rested directly for four days, fifth day time, he got up. Master!!” Xia Tian arrived at his Master paradise. Um?” The vice- gate main stares immediately, when he saw the Xia Tian whole person was all good, immediately gawked: „The wound of your boy how good is so quick?” Master, before my body, has had the great change, how otherwise I dare to try that 20 fire dragon whips.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Dumb kid, you do not use by that 20 whips actually.” Vice- gate main helpless shaking the head. „A person works a person to work as, I do not hope for me, Master was dropped the words to redicule about by others.” Xia Tian serious saying. He is one understood person who feels grateful. In his eyes, the benevolence is bigger than all. Person who his just entered Hong Jianmen, not only not by vice- gate main suspicion, but also the vice- gate main taught to him devotedly that never has any hiding contraband, regards him is this whole life only successor, this trust made him be grateful sufficiently. Brat!!” The vice- gate main has patted in the back of the head of Xia Tian: Was right, tomorrow you must embark, prepared for at heart?” What preparation?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

Sees world outstanding heroes the preparation at heart.” The vice- gate lord said. „Isn't quota very precious?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Dumb kid, does Nine Provinces have many you to know greatly? How many does here talent have you to know? The entire three list ten people, our Nine Provinces occupied two.” Vice- gate main very proud saying. Volume!!” Before Xia Tian, had been discovered that three were very big, but he does not have to think unexpectedly that one see is also only the tip of the iceberg. Scud sacred place is the heaven bestows our Nine Provinces buried treasure, here only belongs to Nine Provinces, big entrance in every Nine Provinces, the respected family, Daijouike, in some big influences as well as famous cultivation hands have the quota, the figure of this quota adds enough 10,000, our Hong Jianmen five quotas were in the past I and gate main spell with the life.” The vice- gate lord answered. „!!” Xia Tian can imagine this quota to have hard-won how: Master, in scud sacred place many merit laws, 100 years go over ten thousand people, actually in that must have many merit laws Ah! that suffices to snatch!” Ha Ha Ha Ha, your brat, but also snatches, you think the fine deeds.” The vice- gate lord laughs was saying. „It is not snatches?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Nonsense, naturally is not snatches, I first told you to select the experience, scud sacred place was a huge space, this space was independent, was divided into three scales, below seven cauldron Rank 1, below below after eight cauldron Rank 1 and eight cauldron Rank 5 these three entrances went , was actually a place, but cannot wander about aimlessly absolutely, if eight cauldron Expert entered that entrance below seven cauldron Rank 1, instantaneously will be extinguished by the space kills.” Vice- gate main reminder said. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. „After entering to that space inside, you will discover that the merit law of everywhere is all flying, some concrete many, I do not know that but hundreds of millions should have, does not have to be manned controllable they, but they are flying, the merit law rank is higher, the speed of flying is faster, after you go, must hold the merit law in sky.” The vice- gate main was explaining patiently.

That whose strength, who can snatch the Advanced merit method.” Xia Tian said. Also a little affects, but is not right, inside merit law is lowest grade is the Rank 5 merit law, if eight cauldron above Expert snatch, he will definitely start to be quicker, normal, they will not snatch the Rank 5 merit law absolutely, inferiorly also will be six levels of merit laws, but the people of your this rank will snatch generally will be the Rank 5 merit law, will want to snatch Advanced merit law from inside, on the one hand must test the eyesight, on the other hand must test your destiny, a destiny stronger person, on more can snatch from to the Advanced merit law, other. I did not talk clearly.” The vice- gate lord said. „!!” Xia Tian nodded, at this time he has remembered the corrupt wolf. If the corrupt wolf, he perhaps will snatch nine levels of merit laws here. Was right, in , only then an opportunity of getting rid, therefore starts to step ruthlessly, moreover cannot snatch others, cannot sneak attack others, otherwise you same will be extinguished by the space kill.” The vice- gate main reminded again. Understood.” Xia Tian nodded. Actually the ordinary person is unable to snatch Advanced merit law from inside, almost most people snatch is Rank 5 and six levels of merit laws, person who can snatch seven levels of merit laws, that is very excited, but the person who snatches eight levels of merit laws was rarer, the general 200-300 years can leave one to snatch eight levels of merit laws.” The vice- gate lord said. That nine levels of merit laws?” Asking of Xia Tian face anticipation. Do not think that many, although in definitely will have nine levels of merit laws, what a pity had not heard that who snatches to have been, perhaps some people snatch to have been, but his agree does not make others know that absolutely, after all nine levels of merit laws were really too rare, will cause coveting of many person.” The vice- gate lord answered. „.” Xia Tian understood, although there rare book are many, but jumps over Advanced is more difficult to snatch. Was right, the stipulation of entrance, no matter you obtained any merit law from inside, must a rubbing transcription keep in the entrance.” Vice- gate main reminder said.

Yes, this is normal.” Xia Tian understands that this also considers for the school development, moreover their quotas itself are the school give, what the school wants is only the transcription, this does showed extreme tolerance. Um, this time you exited do not lose our Hong Jianmen face, outside these people were honored and popular big figure, if has lost face before them, then our Hong Jianmen status will damage.” Vice- gate main reminder said. Relax, Master, who dares with our Hong Jianmen act high and mighty, I to punch him.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, five people that your boy to my taste, this going separately are your first three, the sur- big elder and our Hong Jianmen that place list candidate arranges the fifth Tianchi sword Mr.” The vice- gate lord laughs was saying. Tianchi sword Monarch!!” Xia Tian read this name. This person is not simple, his existence gives our Hong Jianmen long face, although he only entered the list of list candidate, but he is really in the candidate ranks fifth existence, must know in entire that the list candidate refers to three, but solely is not Nine Provinces, can stand in line fifth in a such big circle, the strength and talent are not blow, even if were our Nine Provinces these big figure sees him also to polite.” The vice- gate lord said. List candidate, does not have interest, I must enter enter the list.” Xia Tian very optional saying.