Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2392

List!!” The vice- gate lord has held breath cold air. Afterward has knocked on the head of Xia Tian directly. Master, you knock me to do.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Aims too high, well takes the present road, the list was away from you extremely to be remote.” Vice- gate main lesson said. „!!! Knew, Master.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. Was good, your boy takes a stroll, my rare idle several days.” The vice- gate lord said that caught up with Xia Tian to walk directly. I walked, Master, however, you, if runs a teahouse definitely to make money.” Xia Tian said that ran directly the vice- gate main paradise. He has not gone to stroll, but returned to own room, this plan tries to have a look to break through. Yeah, I had inquired, the Rank 2 energy fluid did not have too to affect regarding six cauldrons greatly, although also had, but was small, I won the championship of competition, the reward was in 100 million spirit stone, the sur- Rank 2 demon beast energy fluid 20 bottles, the Rank 3 energy fluid five bottles, I must now the energy fluid all clothing, if after I broke through to six cauldrons, coordinated on my X-Ray Vision eyes again, that was simply invincible.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings are very excited. He the highest hope breaks through six cauldron Rank 1 now. Because after breaking through six cauldron Rank 1, his entire physical fitness strength has been promoted, will do several things at the same time also to turn into six cauldron Rank 1 strengths, when the time comes, they were capable of protecting well next three. Shouted!! Xia Tian long expiration. 20 bottles of Rank 2 demon beast energy fluids!! Depended on you.” Xia Tian vision firm looks at these 20 bottles of Rank 2 demon beast energy fluids, afterward under direct clothing. Bang!! Strengths one after another have walked randomly his whole body. Quite comfortable!!” Xia Tian excited saying. Strength impacts one after another!! After ten minutes!!

The impact stopped!! Has not broken through. unexpectedly has not broken through.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, although he knows along with his strength enhancement, the function of Rank 2 demon beast energy fluid also getting smaller, but have not arrived at six cauldron Rank 1, according to the truth should affect not slightly is right, but his unexpectedly drinks 20 bottles not to break through now. He remembers that he previous time drank the next two bottles again to add the high quality meat to break through five cauldron Rank 9 from five cauldron Rank 3, has promoted Rank 6 fully. But now his unexpectedly drinks the next 20 bottles unable to break through. That strength entered to his body in obviously was right. Ok, five bottles of Rank 3 energy fluids, that all drank in any case.” Xia Tian looks the Rank 3 energy fluid in own hand. But these five bottles Rank 3 energy fluid. Even if were six cauldron Expert takes the effect to be also obvious. Now Xia Tian is only five cauldron Rank 9 strengths, will take this type of Rank 3 energy fluid the effect to be big. Shouted, this time can certainly break through.” Xia Tian opened one bottle of Rank 3 demon beast energy fluids directly, afterward drinks, he does not dare to drink the next five bottles directly, was worried that the strength was too big, will create the side effect to his body, therefore he only drank one bottle. Bang!! The strength of Rank 3 demon beast energy fluid is big. Instantaneous, Xia Tian felt that own four limbs all obtained moistening, the bone also obtained certain moistening. Afterward the strength concentrated to approach dantian completely. Puff!! This strength was absorbed by the dantian instantaneously completely. Has not broken through. What situation? Why hasn't broken through?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to own dantian: „Is small insect, the ghost who you do.”

Small insect not any response. „It is not right, small insect has not moved, does why such formidable strength also being insufficient make me break through six cauldron Rank 1?” Xia Tian was getting more and more muddled, afterward his vision looked to the remaining four bottles of Rank 3 energy fluids. Attracts!! Xia Tian deeply inspired. Spelled!!” Afterward he directly four bottles of Rank 3 energy fluid complete clothing under. Bang!! The formidable strength makes the body of Xia Tian not adapt, although this strength is moistening his body, but now is not temperate, but becomes the Berserk strength. This certain line.” Xia Tian felt that own strength achieved the breakthrough the edge. Puff!! All strengths returned to dantian once more. Has not broken through. What's the matter? Soon broke through a moment ago obviously, how now to vanish again?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he ran afterward directly to Hong Jianmen these shops, he spirit stone in his 100 million has all bought the Rank 3 demon beast energy fluid, one bottle 20 million, happen to can buy five bottles. After Xia Tian takes carry back, drinks directly completely five bottles. Finally is the same. The Xia Tian dantian as if turned into a huge bottomless pit. Regardless of she takes how much energy fluids, the strength will enter this bottomless pit. I do not believe that even if you is a bottomless pit, I must full floaded operation you sooner or later.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist, he was confident, is thinks one can certainly break through to six cauldron Rank 1, but these energy fluids cannot help him break through finally. He and his all does several things at the same time, the strength is five cauldron Rank 9. Next morning.

Xia Tian arrived at the pool!! Black sword day sunflower sees the time slight bow of Xia Tian, this whole life has not admired anyone, has been impolite with whom, Xia Tian is first. Snort!!” Qing Yun (Clear Sky) stared Xia Tian one. At this time their front is standing two people, Xia Tian knew that is a gear-driven big elder, on another wears the clothes of nine sword disciples, obviously he is in vice- gate main Tianchi sword Mr. The list candidate is situated the fifth person. Xia Tian saw that his back that moment knows he certainly is Expert. According to the custom of scud sacred place, he should be seven cauldron Rank 9 following Expert. The opposite party as if felt the Xia Tian vision, afterward he turned head instantaneously, when his both eyes saw Xia Tian, Xia Tian as if felt that stares is not a person who were looking, but was a sword. Volume!!” Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward awkward smiling. But Tianchi sword Monarch has not paid attention to him, but has turned the head directly. Waited for probably about a half hour. The gate advocated. Um, since the person were in attendance, we, on the road mutually take care , try not to have the conflict to the place with the person, if some people dare to bully you, told me.” Hong Jianmen gate main said directly that he is a lord, naturally cannot main tell Xia Tian to refuse to accept like the vice- gate to hit. He will take the entire situation into account. One line of people direct. Hong Jianmen gate lord looked at a Xia Tian back to show a faint smile.