Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2396

Idealist!!” Xia Tian discussing silently. „The road of cultivation, idealist perfection.” A big elder said. Really is one generation of Expert.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian discovered that the idealist place visited, the gate main also slightly bows, idealist also the person 11 with surroundings cups one hand in the other across the chest to respond, not that big rack. Xia Tian discovered that in Tianchi sword Monarch's eyes all envies. Tianchi sword Monarch is just the list candidate, although ranks very high, but as before is the list candidate, is not genuine place list Expert. He and genuine place list Expert also has very big disparity. The status and status completely are also different. After idealist and the others came, many people go to greet with the influence that he is, is eight levels of cities executes the person in immortal city with the people who he comes. He also executes representative figure of immortal city. If mentioned that executes the immortal city, then all people will remember his idealist name, because he was really too famous, even the average people were because his name knows that executed the immortal city. He is the pride of Nine Provinces. Also executes the pride of immortal city. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him again, but continues by to sleep in the tree. Hissing hissing!! Evening's time, Xia Tian felt suddenly own side has the person. Lying trough!!” Xia Tian gains ground saw a round big facial cast. At this time this big facial cast is away from his company, only then less than five centimeters distance. Lying trough!!” The opposite party is studying the Xia Tian appearance.

You who?” Xia Tian asked. You who?” Opposite party is studying the Xia Tian appearance once more. „Do you study me to speak?” Xia Tian took a look at this fellow carefully, this fellow half a head white hair, chaotic, on the face was also dirty, looked is a little energetic not normal that type, probably one meter about six, chubby. „Do you study me to speak?” Opposite party is studying the Xia Tian appearance. I am the pig.” But Xia Tian. Um!!” The opposite party nodded. Lying trough!!” Xia Tian thorough was helpless, he thinks the opposite party must learn the speech from him, finally the opposite party came up directly to nod. Lying trough!!” The opposite party is still studying the Xia Tian speech there. Good, I make you study me to speak.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, I make you study me to speak.” The opposite party is studying Xia Tian. Blackening black salt chemical fertilizer ash will volatilize sends the dark gray taboo to return to fly for the black salt flower show \; The cineration dark gray chemical fertilizer can volatilize sends black salt to return to change into the ash for the taboo fly.” Xia Tian said that does hand signal that you invited. Volume!!” This opposite party has not spoken. Ignorant!! Thorough ignorant B. Plays at the same time.” Xia Tian said that closes the eye rest. You said again!!” Saying that the opposite party bits off. Did not say that you lost in any case, should not be tired of me.” Xia Tian said that starts to sleep directly. „It is not good, is not good, you must accompany me to play.” That old man said that must start to sit acts like a spoiled brat.

Stops, this, our two play an amusing game, looked that who moves first, who spoke first, who lost.” Xia Tian said that the old man just wants to say anything, Xia Tian directly shouts: Starts!!” Was effective. The old man sits there directly is motionless, did not speak, like this looks at Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian shouted quickly, therefore his movement stopped directly, he did not sit on the ground, but partly sat in the air. This posture has the difficulty. Next morning, Xia Tian has opened the eye. Volume!!” When he sees the opposite sits that motionless old man, immediately stares, this old fogy unexpectedly maintained this posture sat one here: I lost, you have won, with me, I also do not have the proper business.” „!!” The old man jumped excitedly. shit, this old fogy exercised martial arts to overstate, maintained that posture time, unexpectedly can also one jump.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he can definitely be maintains that posture time, definitely are unable to stand. Walked.” Hong Jianmen gate lord looked at Xia Tian here to shout. „!!” Xia Tian turns head, discovered that the old man has disappeared. Afterward they walk toward the entrance of scud sacred place directly. At this time here person very many. „The person who going is the need in turn, three gates most can go in 30 people.” The Hong Jianmen gate main reminder said. At this time the front person started to walk to inside. Probably about five minutes, the first batch the person all came out. Xia Tian sees their head all light seal, some are five, some are six. Here, obtains Advanced merit law is an honor, will be thought highly of by others, others also to the development awarded marks that you will add, this will have the advantage regarding the development of school very much, therefore no matter generally any person will obtain over seven levels merit laws, that must show off well.” Hong Jianmen gate lord said.

Truly, over seven levels merit laws, that was the Advanced merit law, were many a such merit law, that future overall strength will be increased, naturally can obtain others' favoring. Um!! The gate lord, what is their head light seal?” Xia Tian asked. That is represents merit law the rank, this can hide, but cannot change, the merit law that you obtain is several levels, above will demonstrate several ray of light seal.” Hong Jianmen gate lord said. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. People wave after wave entered in scud sacred place. Finally when the tenth native of Poland comes out, presented seven levels of merit laws. Sees presents seven levels of merit laws the time, all people all are go forward to congratulate, obviously obtains seven levels of merit laws is also an honor. Afterward the 15 th wave, 16 waves, 17 waves of times, all presented seven levels of merit laws. This made the scene live it up immediately, they have not thought that this time such quickly presented these many seven levels of merit laws, this may absolutely be the important matter. This unexpectedly presented these many seven levels of merit laws, do not present eight levels of merit laws.” Saying that a big elder thought aloud, he also with these many times, presented the frequency to be so high like this seven levels of merit laws is really uncommon. Yes, this time not so was perhaps simple.” Saying that Hong Jianmen gate lord thought aloud. At this moment!! Eight levels of merit laws appeared. The vision of all people all centralized on the body of that person. Empress sect. The person who this time obtains eight levels of merit laws is the person of empress sect. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Sovereign of empress sect started to laugh, afterward he used the cloudy evil vision to look to Xia Tian they, subsequently made one to wipe the movement of neck: Sooner or later I will give your Hong Jianmen...”