Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2398
Shouted!! Xia Tian long expiration. At this time all person vision all centralized on man, in that obtains eight levels of merit laws. Eight levels of merit laws, black sword day sunflower!!” Xia Tian light saying. Right!! The person who obtains this eight levels of merit laws is black the sword day sunflower. At this time Hong Jianmen gate advocates peace the joy that a big length on shameless all had was unable to conceal. Eight levels of merit laws!! Hong Jianmen person obtained eight levels of merit laws finally. This time empress sect sovereign complexion becomes pale, he was still ridiculing a moment ago Hong Jianmen person destiny to the end, finally others now go in they, obtains seven levels of merit laws, obtains eight levels of merit laws. This simply is naked face-smacking. Sovereign, the situation is not right.” An empress sect sovereign behind person said in a low voice. How?” Sovereign asking of empress sect. According to empress's calculation, the present Hong Jianmen destiny should be is going down hill, their destiny will be getting more and more low, in 100 years the trend will perish, but now looks like, the destiny absolutely is not the indication that the trend perishes, certainly what happened, or their entrance went to the person of big destiny, all had the destiny of entire entrance, how otherwise possibly to go in two people to obtain seven levels of merit laws and eight levels of merit laws.” That person of sound is small. Yes, to have the person of big destiny to go to their entrance.” Empress sect sovereign face the color of doubts. We only needed to have a look to know again, if presented over seven levels merit laws again, that can determine, if presented eight levels of merit laws again, then the matter went bad.” That person said. Why?” Sovereign asking of empress sect.

„The person who himself because can lead entrance overall destiny is the big destiny, if can help two people obtain eight levels of merit laws, then the destiny of this person was too fearful, such person must destroy completely, otherwise he might lead Hong Jianmen to move toward very much magnificently, even can contend with the empress in the future.” That person said. Anything!!!” The sovereign complexion of empress sect thorough changed. „, Must look up, moreover must investigate thoroughly, actually recently Hong Jianmen had any important matter, had any person to join Hong Jianmen suddenly.” That person said. Good, my this arranges the person to look up.” Sovereign of empress sect said. Young fellow!!” A gate lord makes an effort has patted a shoulder of next day sunflower. The day sunflower cannot express, but he is also a little happy, therefore awkward flexure scratching the head. Day sunflower, although you obtained eight levels of merit laws, but you must remember, although eight levels of merit laws are good, but cultivation gets up to be difficult, how does not have Master Professor your this eight levels of merit laws should cultivation, therefore this needed you to try to find out, although inside had very detailed graphic solution, but this cannot let your bon voyage, the road of your future cultivation compared with others difficulty, if you are unable cultivation to succeed, then you were even inferior that a cultivation Rank 5 merit law the strength was strong, naturally, if your cultivation has succeeded, that you in the future. Too will be more than others formidable.” Hong Jianmen gate main very serious looks that the day sunflower said. Um!” Nod of the day sunflower makes an effort. Good, later cultivation time has anything unclear, can directly ask that your Master, he must 24 hours give you to explain, if he is unable to explain, you can look for me, I momentarily will also explain for you.” Hong Jianmen gate main patient saying. His was belongs to a day of sunflower privilege. Because the day sunflower obtained eight levels of merit laws. So long as he tries hard cultivation, then he can become with Hong Jianmen gate in the future advocates existence of rank. Relax, the gate lord, I devotedly will certainly teach.” A big elder said. Good! Good! Good!!” The Hong Jianmen gate main face said three good, thus it can be seen, he at this time excited. Tianchi sword Monarch also arrives at the side of day sunflower, has patted the shoulder of day sunflower, obviously is face the color of appreciation. Qing Yun (Clear Sky), the next wave is you with Tianchi, you must also try hard.” A big elder gives them keep it up, although on his mouth said diligently, but in fact, he also understands that this is not can achieve diligently, otherwise idealist not only will obtain seven levels of merit laws.

Um!!” Qing Yun (Clear Sky) and Tianchi sword Monarch also nodded. Was good, goes.” The gate main said directly. At this time Hong Jianmen here only remaining Xia Tian, he arranging went to behind by the Nine cauldrons gate, but Xia Tian does not care, early goes in late goes is same, because inside merit law is continuously. Afterward they all entered in scud sacred place. At this time the surrounding person also started to anticipate, actually because they wanted to have a look at Hong Jianmen to obtain the good merit law again. This time they obtained seven levels of merit laws and Rank 1 eight levels of merit laws, this itself obtains an advantage most entrance, if they can obtain seven levels of merit laws once more, then in hundred years, Hong Jianmen will expand surely once more. Favored.” Empress sect sovereign also deeps frown, at this time he is more anxious than anybody, because this relates to very big matter. If this time two have one to obtain seven levels of merit laws, then can show that Hong Jianmen went to a big destiny person absolutely. If nobody obtains the merit law, they must look up similarly, after all attains the second-rate seven levels of merit laws and eight levels of merit laws is not simple. At this time all people all are look at the exit / to speak that a face anticipates on the spot. bo!! Came out. Is Tianchi sword Monarch, sees that moment that he comes out, a big elder and gate main all are an excitement of face. Seven levels of merit laws!! Another seven levels of merit laws appeared. Hateful, unexpectedly another seven levels of merit laws, this time must investigate thoroughly.” Sovereign angry saying of empress sect.

Sovereign, this time has been able to confirm thoroughly.” That person said. bo!! When everybody is excited. Scene thorough was peaceful. Eight levels of merit laws. Once again presented eight levels of merit laws, moreover Hong Jianmen. Qing Yun (Clear Sky) obtained eight levels of merit laws. This time Hong Jianmen gate main has almost not jumped, he now excited does not know that should say anything, he understands that Hong Jianmen this time must rise surely. Nobody may keep off. Xia Tian, next was your.” The Hong Jianmen gate main face anticipates looks to Xia Tian. Um!!” Xia Tian walks toward front directly. At this time here person has not responded from surprised, therefore also nobody notes Xia Tian. Until Xia Tian enters to that moment of scud sacred place, the people discovered the fifth person who Hong Jianmen went. If Xia Tian can also obtain the Advanced merit law, then Hong Jianmen went against heaven's will. Scud sacred place, I came!!!”