Almighty Student - Volume 24 - Chapter 2400
Monster different!! Both eyes of Xia Tian turned into the monster different appearance. The black pupil turned into the blue color, is the sky blue, is different on Earth outside excellent blue, at this time the eye of Xia Tian seems blue crystal is the same. Ha Ha Ha Ha, eight levels of merit laws.” Hong Jianmen gate main excited laughing said. People the attention on the scene was all captured to pass by eight levels of merit laws, and nobody notes the eye of Xia Tian. Only then sovereign of empress sect saw, when he sees Xia Tian that monster different eye, his whole body trembles, he has never seen such eye. His eye.” Empress sect sovereign shouts loudly. Hears his words, all people all looked to the eye of Xia Tian. The black pupil, anything does not have, has not been injured. Volume!!” Sovereign of empress sect has rubbed own eye, truly is the black pupil: „Did I misread a moment ago?” Congratulations! Congratulations!!” The people on the scene all go forward to congratulate. You are all right!!” Hong Jianmen gate lord asked to say. All right!!” Xia Tian said. You rested first in the past a meeting.” The Hong Jianmen gate main need with these person of human relations, after all this time Hong Jianmen presents three eight levels of merit laws and two seven levels of merit laws here, this is very extraordinary. Um!!” Xia Tian to returning to walk. When he arrives in front of the day sunflower, his hand built on the shoulder of day of sunflower: Let alone the words, are holding me.” The day sunflower has not spoken, held person few places of Xia Tian directly. This Rank 1 cultivation technique and eight levels of merit laws you help me give the gate lord.” Xia Tian lies down there directly, fainted.

After a while, Hong Jianmen gate main walked from the distant place. Gate lord, this is Xia Tian makes me give you.” The day sunflower took Xia Tian that two merit methods. Um?” Hong Jianmen gate lord has taken up that two merit laws. When he opens eight levels of merit laws immediately stares. Because on eight levels of merit law has two characters: False. Afterward he opens that Rank 1 cultivation technique, when he opens Rank 1 cultivation technique, the complexion changes immediately, afterward he asked hurriedly: Xia Tian?” I placed him to behind.” The day sunflower said. Hong Jianmen gate main ran up to hurriedly behind. He fell asleep probably.” The day sunflower said. Hong Jianmen gate main goes forward to inspect hurriedly: He has not fallen asleep, fainted, do not disclose, you inform their several, now we return to the entrance.” Yes!!” The day sunflower said directly. Looks to faint past Xia Tian, gate main helpless shaking the head of Hong Jianmen, Xia Tian a moment ago obtained truly is only Rank 1 cultivation technique, as for that eight levels of merit laws, is Xia Tian fabricates, for does not lose Hong Jianmen face, lets Hong Jianmen in the outside long face. Can achieve this point in that urgent situation at that time, this has been equal has resulted. Does not understand how really you achieve.” Hong Jianmen gate lord looked at Rank 1 cultivation technique in hand, regards, if treasure. The gate lord who Rank 1 cultivation technique unexpectedly lets Hong Jianmen treats as the treasure!! If this makes the bystander see, definitely very puzzled. Before I hesitated must give you, now looks like, you should be the child of destiny the adoptive father said that this team has you to join, helped Hong Jianmen obtain these many merit laws, I believe that you can definitely lead Hong Jianmen to move toward in the future magnificently.” Hong Jianmen gate commanding general merit arrived at the Xia Tian bosom, above this merit law writes name Hong Yang Jue.

Half a month later!! In Hong Jianmen. Hasn't awaked?” The vice- gate lord asked. Teacher's younger brother, do not worry, waits to look again that the gate main does not allow others to go.” Nine big elders said. Snort, my disciple, when was one's turn him to say considering as finished.” Vice- gate main angry saying. Teacher's younger brother, the gate main is also good for Xia Tian.” Nine big elders console to say. Hears is good for Xia Tian, the vice- gate main again has not said anything. Also half a month. !! Xia Tian from door. Lying trough, your brat, awoke finally.” The vice- gate lord makes an effort grasped Xia Tian. Master, making you worry.” Xia Tian awkward saying , he as soon as comes out to see vice- gate main in entrance anxious back and forth walks, moreover can look from his manner, he waited to be very long here. Is all right well, is all right well, if you had an accident, the father may deliver the black hair person on the real white hair person.” Vice- gate main serious saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian has smiled. Your boy rested soon for one month, walked, practiced the sword with me, I must have a look at your boy to be loaf recently.” The vice- gate main drew Xia Tian to go to his paradise directly. Teacher's younger brother, he is just now good, you...” The words of nine big elders have not shouted that their forms disappeared: Yeah!!” Hong Jianmen back side of the mountain.

Adoptive father, this thing can you use?” Hong Jianmen gate lord asked. Can!!” The blind people kept a serious look saying, although he could not see, but the merit law can think the knowledge to induce. That is good, that is good.” Hong Jianmen gate main has delivered the one breath finally. This boy, took my child and mother Yin-Yang sword, now also comes back one set of nine levels of demon merit, this is making the transaction with me, after this, I affirmed that embarrassed opened mouth wanted the child and mother Yin-Yang sword with him.” The blind people spoke on here time face to have the smiling face. Was right, Adoptive father, if I have not guessed that wrong, he is the child of destiny you said that because this time has him to go, we obtained two eight levels of merit laws, two seven levels of merit laws and this nine levels of demon merit.” On the Hong Jianmen gate main face is the excited look, obviously this regarding him, is the matter that is worth rejoicing. In the past I met uncanny prediction, he told me, if this hundred years we have not bumped into the child of destiny, then our Hong Jianmen will perish, but if bumped into the child of destiny, then our Hong Jianmen will move toward magnificently, looks like from the present situation, our Hong Jianmen started to transport.” Blind person saying of slowly. Adoptive father, I have taught Hong Yang Jue to him, and Professor his all swords have incurred.” Hong Jianmen gate lord said. Hong Yang sword adds on the Hong cloudy sword is nine levels of sword knacks, child and mother Yin-Yang sword, if his really success, then he will become entire spirit world resounding big figure, but if will be defeated, he will end up to turn out me so to be out.” The blind people said. Adoptive father, what to do should I then?” Hong Jianmen gate lord asked. Allows nature to take its course, do not help him again, was the time makes him exit to be informed and experienced informed and experienced.” The old blind person said. This time paradise. Brat, do you always touch your eye to do?” The vice- gate lord asked. Anything, the eye is a little uncomfortable.” Xia Tian makes an effort has rubbed own eye. Humph!! At this moment, on vice- gate main face presented the surprised facial expression: You... Your eye!!!”