Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2401

Master, my eye how?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. He discovered that the present eye is uncomfortable. Your pupil turned into blue color!!” The vice- gate main walks up directly. Xia Tian has rubbed own eye once more. Now turns into the black.” The vice- gate lord said. „!!” Xia Tian as if understood, at this time he finally yes what's the matter. His X-Ray Vision eye evolved. But completely has not evolved now successfully, after he was unable to control itself to evolve the X-Ray Vision eye. „Is your eye all right?” Asking that the vice- gate lord worries about. Master, I am all right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Since he knows own present is at the condition of X-Ray Vision eye promotion, he did not worry that this promotion will only bring the advantage to him, definitely will not have any fault. Xia Tian in scud sacred place thinks really one were blind. Initially he felt that the iron sheet entered that moment of his eye, directly his eye cutting open, had recovered consciousness until afterward him, in the instance of recovering consciousness, he attained wondered nine levels of demon merit, what although the semblance writes was Rank 1 cultivation technique, but his X-Ray Vision shortly very clearly, was nine levels of demon merit. Therefore he before the flash, had this nine levels of demon merit. Is all right well.” Vice- gate principal point nod. Master, I practiced the sword.” Xia Tian said. Practices anything to practice, when you I want you to practice the sword.” The vice- gate lord stared Xia Tian one.

Not?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally, this did not give you.” The vice- gate main throws to the Xia Tian two rare books directly. This...” When Xia Tian looks at the rare book, immediately stares: Master...” Taking, you are also arriving should descend the mountain to travel, I cannot teach you in your side, but the basic skills I have given you, behind, you look at these two rare book cultivation.” The vice- gate lord said. At this time two rare book Hong Family's Yin secret art and Heavenly Thunder Treading in Xia Tian hand. Two eight levels of merit laws. Master, I with developing printing plate on line.” Xia Tian said. Develops the printing plate, if can help person cultivation, then the eight levels of merit laws of this in the world the rotten avenue, in any case my this whole life on your such apprentice, this thing I cultivation to the limit, had already not given you, I must take into the coffin.” Vice- gate main very impolite saying. Master, you leave die all day die, has the apprentice , ensure your longevity long live, long live.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Millennium tortoise, ten thousand years of turtle, I have worked as the tortoise, you also want to make me work as the turtle.” The vice- gate main direct foot kicked in the Xia Tian fart, in the stock: Go away, will pack the thing tomorrow, then goes to rear services headquarters there lead(er) several clothes to descend the mountain.” Yes, Master!!” Xia Tian said. Does not become C level Mercenary, your boy do not come back.” The vice- gate main shouts directly. Relax Master.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Brat.” The vice- gate lord shows a faint smile. After Xia Tian goes back, lay on the bed directly. Suddenly must walk, he a little has not adapted , after arriving at Hong Jianmen, he really feels proficient existence.

After arriving at three, he understands that anything is called the genuine entrance. Three and next three biggest differences are next three besides uneven Imperial City, any other places cannot to the person the security sense, even if any so-called big city and big entrance, so long as the benefit arrived, they will betray you, however three is different, here custom are very strong. Yeah, was the time should have a look, if can obtain parents' news to be better.” Xia Tian lies on the bed starts to rest. This participating candidate will descend the mountain informed and experienced, the time that but they descend the mountain is different, when Xia Tian they go to scud sacred place, some participating disciples descended the mountain. They is accepting a big elder to train as for Qing Yun (Clear Sky) and day sunflower at this time secretly. They obtain the people of eight levels of merit laws, a big elder cultivation is only seven levels of merit laws, but his sensibility are many, therefore he is carrying on the secret to them at this time special teaches, when they can preliminary after grasping eight levels of merit laws, makes them descend the mountain again. Although eight levels of merit laws are very good, but a big elder not greedy. Sometimes, uncertain merit law rank takes a higher position to suit itself. This time he seven levels of carriages of scud sacred place having most suits his, his cultivation this seven levels of carriages are joined to his seven levels of sword knacks again, the strength can increase instantaneously. Shouted!!” Xia Tian brought several sets of Hong Jianmen clothes, then borrowed in 10,000 spirit stone, afterward descends the mountain directly. His time must exit informed and experienced. Naturally, is not the experience of aimless, but has the goal. That is C level Mercenary. Becoming C level Mercenary is not easy, first turns into E level Mercenary to need 1 million experiences from F level Mercenary, is needs him to gain in 1 million spirit stone, can become E level Mercenary. Then is the E level rises the D level, the D level rises the C level, Rank 1 is more difficult than Rank 1. Father, mother, actually you are at where.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the distant place, he never has seen his mother from infancy to maturity, one time has not seen, he had fantasized mother's appearance innumerable, what a pity throughout that fuzzy.

His time enters three, on the one hand is to inquire the Yun Miao news, on the other hand to seek for father and mother's whereabouts. So long as makes me know that the father and mother's whereabouts, I certainly can save them, because I have [gold/metal] Dao, [gold/metal] Dao in hand, world I, next three three, or are on three, does not have any place to be able to block me.” Xia Tian incomparably self-confident saying. Even if he cannot make the match, he can also dig a hole to save others. Nobody will garrison under the place. The night falls, Xia Tian arranged simple Formation to start to rest, three night try not to hurry along, because no one knows that here will present anything. For these days the eye more and more was recently uncomfortable.” Xia Tian has rubbed own eye. At this moment, on the eye has transmitted a feeling of stabbing pain. Good pain.” Xia Tian suppresses the pain that on the eyes is transmitting. He understands that tonight his eye may very much on the true evolution success. Pain died I.” The body of Xia Tian started to tumble in the ground. After a half hour. Body of Xia Tian weak on the ground. Has succeeded, the father succeeded finally.” Xia Tian crazy big shouting, experienced these days pain, his X-Ray Vision eye promoted finally successfully.