Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2403

Attracts!! When Kun elder brother and Little Wen saw on that Hong Jianmen disciple five swords symbolize, all has held breath cold air. Young master, is he, although he is also Hong Jianmen disciple, but he is only a sword disciple, his unexpectedly also dares to bully us the person who runs about to help.” That elder said hurriedly. Shut up!!” That young master said in a low voice. Hears not to have, our young masters make you shut up.” That elder shouts. I make you shut up.” The young master who that runs about to help stared that elder one eyes. Volume!!” The elder who that runs about to help stares immediately, not yes. „Can I walk?” Xia Tian looked that runs about to help the young master who ask to that. You invited, you invited.” On young master face that runs about to help has piled up with the smiling face. „, I walked.” Xia Tian nodded, Humph!! The person who at this time periphery these watch the fun has all been shocked, Kun elder brother and Little Wen were also thorough ignorant encircle. The surrounding these people also waited to look at the good play a moment ago. The Hong Jianmen five sword disciples tidy up a sword disciple. But present situation unexpectedly had the reversal, five sword disciple unexpectedly are so polite with a sword disciple, this was also too inconceivable. This...” Elder who that runs about to help already thorough could not speak. Sees off the teacher's younger brother!!” Young master respectful bowing of runs about to help.

Teacher's younger brother!! When person hears this name, chins must fall to the ground, sword disciple unexpectedly is the teacher's younger brothers of five sword disciples. What?” The elder who runs about to help stared in a big way the eye. At this time after his, carries on the back is the cold sweat, he understands why finally the young master made him shut up, understands why finally Xia Tian smiled a moment ago. Transmitted orders, the person who later runs about to help no one can offend that several people to me, if they if needed, give me to help fully, yes?” The young master who runs about to help shouts loudly, at this time Xia Tian they have not gone out far, naturally also heard his frontline propaganda. The surrounding these people silently have all remembered Kun elder brother and Little Wen appearance and name. Because they understand that these two people were doomed to make a rapid career advance. Had a Xia Tian such big backer, their future also becomes thorough was magnificent. Kun elder brother and Little Wen little brothers are also the excitements of whole face. Nod that the elder who that runs about to help keeps. He understands that he walked one before Gate of Death a moment ago. Narrow squeak.” The young master who runs about to help has scratched the cold sweat on forehead, he is seven disciples, although also participated, but he is first round is eliminated, is different from Xia Tian, he saw the complete set performance of Xia Tian, can say that the great strength of Xia Tian has surpassed his cognition, he believes that he links one move unable to receive. What is main is Xia Tian is his teacher's younger brother. Is the vice- gate main disciple. He saw Xia Tian to result in respectfully. The Xia Tian status is their gear-driven elders rank.

Later the eye let loose to me.” The young master who runs about to help angrily rebukes saying that he understands, Xia Tian was heard a moment ago he was Hong Jianmen disciple, therefore has given him a face, otherwise by the Xia Tian strength, oneself came the beforehand these people unable to stand, moreover nobody dares to retaliate him absolutely. Yes!!” These people who runs about to help said. Suddenly the surrounding person all started to pass on. After Kun elder brother and small tattoo, has a big backer, is Hong Jianmen super existence, five sword disciples saw him also to shout the teacher's younger brother. Xia Tian, when did you become the teacher's younger brothers of five sword disciples? Moreover your strength probably became stronger, this over six months time.” Little Wen looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, he understands, although Hong Jianmen is very famous, will go to Hong Jianmen strength definitely to strengthen, but was also insufficient abnormally becomes this. What is main five sword disciples shouted teacher's younger brother Xia Tian a moment ago. Luck, luck!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. Normal disciple a half year surely did not have Xia Tian such luck, including talent strongest what Yuzhuang, initially he directly was robbed, but is he absolutely cannot achieve now Xia Tian the Realm. But Xia Tian the preliminary disciple first person. Strength incomparable formidable. Was right, what matter your this time descends the mountain to have? Some words, you said that our two brothers guaranteed completes to you.” Saying of Kun elder brother very heroic spirit. I am come out informed and experienced, happen to plans eight levels of urban beginning of the universe cities, therefore passed by here.” Xia Tian said. Beginning of the universe city!!” They stare immediately. How?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Beginning of the universe city, that was known as that Nine Provinces the city of Mercenary, there is Mercenary, in the competitive power brutal, entire city all trades maintains by Mercenary everywhere, the Mercenary quantity of it is said there every day back and forth walking reaches as high as several billions people.” Kun elder brother answered. „!!” Xia Tian does not have to think unexpectedly that one choose is the city of Mercenary.

I heard that in beginning of the universe city, these people only believes in Mercenary, rank higher Mercenary will earn others' respect on exceed, is not easy-to-use there as for other status, only if eight levels of city's these aristocrats, they speak or have certain component, but is they cannot offend Advanced Mercenary.” Little Wen said. Um, I am want, when Mercenary!” Xia Tian nodded. Mercenary is not good to work as, I heard that majority of Mercenary mixed for a lifetime also F level Mercenary, they want mixes the positive result to come is almost impossible in the city of Mercenary, there opportunity are more, but the similar competitive power is also most intense, if presents preliminary mission, then definitely will obtain snatches insanely.” Kun elder brother said. Yes, goes to other city to make Mercenary mission not to be difficult, however at the beginning of the universe city, in the event of simple mission, that immediately is snatched up.” Little Wen said. Was right, I also heard after there, should better probably choose Mercenary Group to join.” Kun elder brother said hurriedly. Mercenary Group? What is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is the team comprised of Mercenary, after having Mercenary Group, can start to make Mercenary mission, because many Mercenary mission are not person two people can complete, therefore needed this association to carry on Mercenary mission together, like this not only can promote own Mercenary integral, but also gave back to Mercenary Group to increase the integral.” Kun elder brother answered. „!!” Xia Tian as if understood. „, In Mercenary also some people spend...” !! At this moment a wine class has abandoned from side directly, the speed of wine class is fast. Puff!! On the face of Xia Tian had a scratch. His unexpectedly cannot shunt.