Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2405

Xia Tian had inquired. Since he comes out, again also nobody can attain over seven levels merit laws, most is six levels, many Expert take is also only the Rank 5 merit law. Just started Xia Tian also not yes what's the matter, promoted when until his X-Ray Vision eye he understood. All Advanced merit laws were all opened by all things instantaneous suction. This is the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye first ability. All things!! Absorbs the surrounding all things, so long as Spiritual Force is lower than own, can absorb instantaneously. Was a pity that these many merit laws, my temporary cannot take, can only put out these Rank 5 merit laws of scattering.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Although all things opened. But now he can control has a small part. But these rare books by the seal in all things deep place, he were wanted to put out these merit laws to open more all things. Present all things, be only one square meter, almost cannot have any thing, was good does not have what thing because of me now, happen to can place here the thing in small cauldron, used the use perhaps to increase Spiritual Force.” Xia Tian all took in the thing in small cauldron all things directly. Does not know after later all things big, can I construct the sea of fire of a shackles or murder in inside directly, if later bumps into the enemy, that directly detains him, or extinguishes directly kills.” Xia Tian thinks here time, the innermost feelings encourage to rush. The promotion of X-Ray Vision eye made his vision also more open. Moreover his world as if became more open. Eight levels of cities!! Beginning of the universe city!! Also has the title of city of Mercenary. „The city of Mercenary, I came.” bo!!

The body of Xia Tian walked from transmission directly. Just walked from inside, he saw all kinds of people, surroundings all people almost all were an equipment, back and forth, made anything had. This is the city of Mercenary.” The Xia Tian vision looked in the surroundings. Afterward his directly stand forth. Mercenary!! These people majority of wear the Mercenary badge, this looks like regarding them the honor seems to be ordinary, walks is also gains ground to throw out the chest, but Xia Tian discovered that here almost everywhere is F level Mercenary, he saw several thousand F level Mercenary, but E level Mercenary does not have. It seems like Mercenary is truly difficult to promote.” Xia Tian secret saying. Since arrived at the city of Mercenary, he naturally must go to the Mercenary trade union to have a look. Mercenary trade union. The entire beginning of the universe city everywhere is the Mercenary trade union. Every large or small almost every street has, moreover each Mercenary trade union is very irritable. However the genuine beginning of the universe city headquarters have one, that in the huge Mercenary trade union of beginning of the universe city center, occupies a land area of 100,000 square meters, the entire Mercenary trade union about 300 meters in height, is the beginning of the universe city most greatly highest construction. Other here ratio eight levels of cities are livelier. Because all people regard here are the Nine Provinces Mercenary agglomerations. Sacred agglomeration. At this time Xia Tian arrives is this Mercenary association. Splendid. The surroundings have are cleaning, the work that they who the servant keeps as if never will be standing still, is maintaining here environment.

The management of Mercenary trade union is strict. Regardless of anybody has the contradiction in the Mercenary trade union to cause trouble, will otherwise be made the severe sanction by the Mercenary trade union, the most serious direct eternal life is not even able to become Mercenary, moreover on direct Mercenary mission will chase down the list. When the time comes that person must under chasing down of all Mercenary faced with the entire day. Whish, is really big.” Xia Tian saw after here, finally understands why here was the Mercenary sacred place. Here all things should have. All Mercenary procedures all majority are the automations, moreover has the instruction guidepost, you want to make anything only to need to look that the guidepost was OK. Here one altogether has several thousand reception clerks. They are responsible for handling all matters. Naturally , periphery can go to these automated machines to make, after all reception clerk here is needs to line up. Goes to the machine lane.” Xia Tian according to the instruction, has registered own Mercenary directly, this registration has preserved in the Mercenary trade union, will never lose, even if some day your badge lost, can come to reissue similarly. The complete set procedure adds in altogether 20 spirit stone!! Xia Tian met quickly mission. At this time his clothes already had also replaced, after all wears Hong Jianmen clothes probably to have the feeling of mooching outside. Naturally, he is only a sword disciple, ability that therefore has not mooched. Although Hong Jianmen is truly famous, but that is regarding seven levels of cities. Here is eight levels of cities, moreover was known as that the beginning of the universe city of city of Mercenary, here is gathering the disciples of entire Nine Provinces all big entrance big influences. Here is the true Mercenary paradise.” Xia Tian light saying. All family influences and entrances all regarded here are their disciples the informed and experienced place.

First has a look to have any mission, I now am lowest grade F level Mercenary.” Xia Tian looks that on the screen demonstrated own experience strip is zero time also very helpless, he wants to turn into E level Mercenary to need 100 integrals from F level Mercenary. Also is in 1 million spirit stone mission. Xia Tian looked at a rank to split up a moment ago simply. He discovered C level Mercenary is not good to work as. First F level Mercenary promotes to E level Mercenary needs 1 million empirical values \; E level Mercenary promotes to D level Mercenary needs 10 million empirical values, but D level Mercenary promotes to C level Mercenary needs 100 million empirical values, that is 100 million. Here F level mission can obtain dozens experiences generally was good, if presents over a hundred experiences, then quick will be snatched to be spatial. Even here people are also trading mission. After he has met mission, gives you to complete, you have completed him to you money, you could not complete the deposit he not to return to you. „When it seems like makes preliminary mission the day of raising one's head, I had not had a look at Advanced mission.” Xia Tian was looks, F level mission obviously was not enough to go around, even mission of many other cities were met to empty. What in the system of Mercenary trade union demonstrates is entire Nine Provinces all mission. E level mission!! Needs E level Mercenary, or F level Mercenary Group can accept, if individual, is unable to accept this mission, can make mission first, then comes back to submit, but if middle mission were received, then did not have your matter.” Xia Tian sees E level mission time, above such explained. My Fuck!! Originally is the same with Hong Jianmen mission system, but Hong Jianmen cannot jump the ranks.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Hey, Brother, newly arrived!!”