Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2406

Um?” Xia Tian turns the head to look. Hello, I am flying yellow Mercenary Group, I thought that you had just registered Mercenary, what kind, is interested in joining our Mercenary Group, so long as you have joined our Mercenary Group, then later had any mission everybody to do together, moreover like this, if you had an accident can also report on our flying yellow Mercenary Group given name.” That person comes a native of Latvia. Flying yellow Mercenary Group!!” Xia Tian discussed. Right, but our flying yellow Mercenary Group E level Mercenary Group, after we promote to D level Mercenary Group, you will make F level mission to obtain 10% experience additions again.” That person started to give Xia Tian to instill into the future dream. Hears his words, Xia Tian also grew an experience, most at least he heard a news, that was D level Mercenary Group can have 10% experience additions. Does not need, thanks.” Xia Tian plans to examine the related Mercenary Group matter. „, Good, if after you, wants to join Mercenary Group, that do not forget to join our flying yellow Mercenary Group.” That person has not forgotten to add on such a mouth finally. Um!!!!” Xia Tian nodded. Afterward Xia Tian starts to walk toward the Mercenary Group direction. Mercenary Group!! The introduction of Mercenary Group is very comprehensive. When sees the introduction of Mercenary Group, Xia Tian understands why these people must recruit this type just become the Mercenary people. Mercenary Group is an association exists, so long as were the personnel in group has made mission, then Mercenary Group can obtain 1/10 experiences, but Mercenary Group promoted to be possible be more difficult than much the Mercenary promotion, the experience that the Mercenary Group promotion needed was Mercenary ten times. In other words promotes from F level Mercenary Group to E level Mercenary Group needs 10 million experiences.

Shouted!! Mercenary Group do not think, I temporarily think to make any mission.” Xia Tian starts to seek for mission on the mission fence. F level mission slightly crossed by him directly. That mission did could not obtain too many things. Was also doing as for some E level mission good definitely people. Shop owner mission!!!” At this moment, Xia Tian saw this so-called shop owner mission, this mission is mission that the shop owner by store sends out, purchases the demon beast meat, the blood and bone wait / etc., demon beast thing all gathers, various types of herbal medicines and materials wait / etc., these things receive!! The price that they gather is low. For example this demon beast meat, the purchase price of Rank 1 demon beast meat is in 10,000 spirit stone, but they only need to carry on the precise processing, then the price will soar to hundreds of thousands, even 1 million. Naturally, this manufacture procedure has also taken time. Makes a comparison with normal demon beast Fang, this Fang purchase price is in 50,000 spirit stone, but they hang, when the store sells is actually 100,000 low grade spirit stone. These mission are quite rare, some simple mission, for example hunt and kill the wild beast, wants wild beast material, such mission simply were many, but the price also fell in several hundred spirit stone. Labelling: Guarded that any cheating method, for example the thing of family sold to oneself family, such matter once were discovered immediately deducts all empirical values. However also in the same old way some people, for the empirical value spends the high price to purchase these things, then exchanges, but this person can only say that is matter that these wealthy family young masters covertly handle, their families do not support absolutely. Although Advanced Mercenary has the face very much.

But if were passed on saying that is spends to brush, that face may lose completely. Once turns into C level Mercenary, then all your materials completely will report the mercenary headquarters, the headquarters have the special person to carry on the analysis and questioning to your mission, if looks up to have the cheating suspicion, then temporarily will cancel your mission jurisdiction, even does not allow you to meet mission directly, explained clearly till you. This mission is good, although the price was black, when mission was dateless, you had many to deliver many, moreover each price was different.” Xia Tian carefully looked, this shop owner mission very many, because this is the matter of prize investment, but these shop owners as if are reach an agreement, the price is not high, most was also the half of current price on market. Hunts and kills the demon beast, not only can exercise own strength, and can promote the Mercenary rank, this is really the good deed.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. However at this time he has thought of a better idea. Establishes Mercenary Group. He must establish his Mercenary Group. When he arrives at the city of this Mercenary, he here all has exaggerated, he as if also wants into Advanced Mercenary, wants to establish Advanced Mercenary Group. „A Advanced Mercenary Group status, but unusual, even if in entire spirit world, that is also resounding existence.” Xia Tian had heard some related Mercenary matters, after it is said Mercenary reached the highest rank, can stand in five emperors that rank speaks. Even if were the five emperors must see you. This is a good opportunity, so long as I can become super Mercenary, I will have the qualifications to save the father and mother in the future.” Xia Tian thinks here time, his whole person excitedly went bad. Thinks that does. Xia Tian applied for Mercenary Group directly.

What? Takes in 10,000 spirit stone!!” When Xia Tian hears to establish Mercenary Group needs in 10,000 spirit stone that to love dearly. In day Liucheng, his one cent does not have the words, is the person who the cotton garment helps handing over money, in 10,000 that therefore he has from the mountain spirit stone does not have the tweed, is he only then in these 10,000 spirit stone, if he all spent, money that he drank did not have. Application did not apply, did not apply to make, hasn't seen the following that many people?” The person in mission place said. Application!!” Xia Tian in spirit stone 10,000 all has taught directly. This world, surmised person who dream are many, everyone hopes one turn into super Mercenary, establishes super Mercenary Group, like the people in these fables, therefore has many people to establish Mercenary Group every day, what a pity finally their Mercenary Group all dismissed. The Mercenary place will not manage you to dismiss. You need to make a payment in any case, moreover F level Mercenary Group, if three years have not made mission, will directly be cancelled. Facial expression is successful, is the Mercenary Group name that you register what?” The person in mission place asked. Mercenary Group name!!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Right.” That person of mission place nodded. Xia Tian understands that this name cannot casual take randomly, must take one aggressively. „The king of Mercenary!!!” Xia Tian excited saying.