Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2407
When Xia Tian is most excited, person that person of mission place opens the mouth directly. „It is not good!!” Why isn't good?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The king of Mercenary is S level Mercenary Group, had appeared, trades!!” That, first under Heaven?” Trades!!” Perfection king?” Trades!!” ...... Xia Tian the head was big at this time, he keeps is changing the Mercenary Group name, is good has because of these windows, perhaps otherwise his behind these people already scolded him. Or you think that thinks told me again.” If that person of mission place does not look in 10,000 in spirit stone the face, perhaps already caught up with Xia Tian to walk. Yama Mercenary Group!!” Xia Tian said directly. Volume, my!!” That person of mission place starts to inquire directly, after ten seconds: Congratulates you, can register.” Good, that called yama Mercenary Group.” Nod of Xia Tian makes an effort. Congratulates you, registers successfully!!” That person of mission place also relaxed: This is the Mercenary Group practice handbook, you can look!!” Many thanks.” Xia Tian took the handbook to go out of the Mercenary trade union directly. He has decided to make shop owner mission. Therefore he must do to strike to kill the demon beast and seeks for the raw material for medicine mission. Demon beast most naturally was the Nine Provinces most famous endless demon woods, it is said most deep place went on Nine cauldrons Expert is impossible to live coming out.” Xia Tian dry has not been treating a moment ago in the mission place, he was listening to others' talk a moment ago, listening to them to say the related mission matter. The endless demon woods are they have mentioned the most place. It is said there was not far, walks about ten day also to arrive, the transmission words ten minutes arrived.

What a pity Xia Tian did not have money to sit transmission, therefore he can only walk. Happen to the road he can study the Mercenary Group handbook. Very convenient, wants to join my Mercenary Group only to need to report on my Mercenary Group name, then I saw returned to the Mercenary trade union to unify to pass.” Xia Tian patient reads the mercenary handbook. Looked has met him to discover. Well, how on this also records a simple method, that directly helps the opposite party join a society using the Mercenary Group badge, this for convenient recruits the Mercenary Group member in the open country, but this is not free, after the application passes, needs to return to the Mercenary trade union to pay in 1000 spirit stone, the person's in spirit stone on 1000, this price really black, moreover in one year does not go to the payment the words, on will cancel Mercenary Group directly.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head , is really black. Generally speaking, Mercenary Group is quite good existence, because it can make the person unites, but this rank promotion was really too difficult, needed 10 million experiences F level Mercenary Group to E level Mercenary Group, this was the lowest two ranks. Walked a meeting, he discovered that others form groups. Especially these Mercenary Group, walk is dozens people of over a hundred people of teams. But he is one. It seems like I must recruit some people, mission that like this they make can also rise the experience to my Mercenary Group, my words, do not know must do lord knows.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. However he cannot near absolutely way a native of Latvia. He either does not incur, must incur absolutely must recruit the elite. F level Mercenary Group are most can only recruit 100 people. Naturally, this population has been able to increase enrollment, the price that but increases enrollment is not cheap, in 100,000 spirit stone can increase enrollment 100 people. Black!! Xia Tian can only sigh with emotion the Mercenary trade union to be too black. Simply in circle money. Which hiring goes to?” Xia Tian thinks, has a look on the road, bumps into the strength well incurs. From now on, Xia Tian road of official opening of Mercenary. I must become the king of Mercenary, rescues the father and mother.” Saying that the Xia Tian innermost feelings rush.

According to his Master words, he understands that the opposite party is a colossus, even may not be inferior existence in five emperors. He wants to rescue mother, must first have to let the strength that the five emperors think highly. Normal, can who the five emperors think highly, that must first be powerful, next, must have with the five emperors same strong presence. To establish five emperors that formidable influence that is the impossible matter. Because the present spirit world is commanded by the five emperors. Wish makes the five emperors think highly, I most at least must establish own super Mercenary Group.” Xia Tian has heard in the Mercenary trade union, once super Mercenary Group Captain personally had drunk with Yu Wang. Can drink with Yu Wang. This is how the extraordinary matter. Xia Tian more is more excited. This had many people to draw Xia Tian to join a group all the way, turned over to reject by Xia Tian, some are draws Xia Tian to make mission together, some hope Xia Tian join their Mercenary Group. His foot regulation is quick, only used for five days to arrive at the endless demon woods entrance. shit, here big.” After Xia Tian jumping up number point, vision looks to the distant place, the result vast big forest, cannot see the boundary. Whiz!! Afterward he starts fast runs to inside!! The entrance person of endless demon woods are many, the peripheral zone also has many people to search, but are less toward inside person. Because edge generally is some wild beasts, they are more careful can relaxed coping, but walks after inside, was the demon beast appeared, the strength of demon beast was very terrifying. Well!!” The body of Xia Tian leaps, fell on a tree directly. At this time he discovered that a blade guest to fighting dozens wild beasts, is ten levels of wild beasts. This blade guest seems is practicing the blade to be the same, does not worry. Then, he is walking randomly with these wild beasts.

!! At this moment, Xia Tian discovered that ten both hands unexpectedly have arrived in a straight line, then a that person of blade chops. Puff!! The bodies of ten wild beasts were divided into two by him directly. Pretty blade skill.” Xia Tian saw when blade skill of this person immediately stares. Leave to me.” The brow of that blade guest wrinkles shouts loudly. !!!! At this moment, ten forms jumped from side. Your bestowed by heaven, you should better give up resisting, you understand that you were impossible to the family.” Is head saying of shadow coldly. Your idle talk were too many.” That blade guest vision one cold, afterward kills directly to that ten people. Puff! Puff! Puff! His blade is quick!! That ten person less than one minutes, all was cut to kill by him. When he wants turn around to leave. !! Xia Tian fell on his front directly: Hey, I picked you, you later mixed with me.”