Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2408

Um?” A your bestowed by heaven face strange looks at Xia Tian. What's wrong? You agreed that good, directly entered my Mercenary Group.” On the face of Xia Tian has been full of smiling face. Your being sick!!” Your bestowed by heaven as if with looking at the idiot same vision of looks at Xia Tian. No.” Xia Tian has inspected own body: No, truly does not have, was right, you called Monarch bestowed by heaven was right, you were the first member who I received.” When I said that must join your Mercenary Group.” Your bestowed by heaven was more depressed. All right, does not use politely, I decided to receive you.” Xia Tian serious saying. Makes way to me, was careful that I have divided you exactly.” Your bestowed by heaven said direct stand forth. Hey, do not walk, you have not joined the Communist Youth League.” Xia Tian said. Snort!” Your bestowed by heaven stared Xia Tian one directly, afterward flushes away forward, his speed is fast, he believes that he quick can cast off Xia Tian this bored person, although the homicide person is decisive, but he is not person who slaughters innocents, otherwise he had already killed Xia Tian. Whiz!! His body fast goes to the medium-distance running of forest. Ran for probably one hour!! Shouted!! His long expiration. Threw off finally.” Therefore he planned that by rests in the tree. Hey, do not worry, you have not joined the Communist Youth League.” At this moment, near his ear has broadcast that familiar sound once more. My Fuck!!” Body of your bestowed by heaven jumped, jumped beyond three meters directly, at this time his puzzled looks at Xia Tian: How are you with?” Is you runs, I have followed, I also think that you have anything the urgent matter, has not disturbed you.” Xia Tian serious saying.

Your bestowed by heaven surprised looks at Xia Tian, oneself ran one hour of also a little heartbeat to accelerate fast, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was without turning a hair. I do not have the interest to join your Mercenary Group, moreover I have many terrible business, you also saw a moment ago, some people are chasing down me, if I will join your Mercenary Group to bring the disaster to you.” Your bestowed by heaven wanted to close right up against this method to get rid of Xia Tian. Your Mercenary badge?” Xia Tian asked. This.” Your bestowed by heaven has referred to own chest. bo!! Xia Tian Mercenary badge of Monarch bestowed by heaven will buckle directly on own Mercenary Group badge. Joins successfully!!! He only takes in one year to give in Mercenary trade union 1000 spirit stone to be good now. From now on, you mixed with me, later has me to cover you, I called Xia Tian, if who bullied you, I helped you punch him.” Xia Tian shook own fist to say. Volume!!” Your bestowed by heaven has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will make such action, the whole person stares. Has remembered, our Mercenary Group name is yama Mercenary Group.” Xia Tian vision firm saying: Sooner or later, I will make our Mercenary Group in this world most extraordinary Mercenary Group, spirit world first Mercenary Group.” Encourages generously, the fervor rushes. This time Xia Tian has plenty of fight in one. Monarch bestowed by heaven was also silly looks at Xia Tian. What kind, by my determination stimulating?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „It is not, I am thinking that you are neurosis Ah!!” Your bestowed by heaven very serious saying. Volume!!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head.

With me, I do not join your Mercenary Group, we two make their mission.” Your bestowed by heaven said. Good!! However you have any need you to call my name.” Xia Tian serious saying. Your bestowed by heaven has not returned, innermost feelings secretly thought: You, when you are Superman, I shouted that your name you can appear.” Xia Tian looks form that Monarch bestowed by heaven went far away, on the face has filled excitedly: Ha Ha, I incurred to the first person finally, I was away from the goal to be also nearer one step.” !! Body of Xia Tian fast flushes away to forest, this time plans many several demon beasts, on the one hand exercises own strength, on the other hand this can also promote own mission rank. Demon beast! Actually is the demon beast at where?” Xia Tian ran enough one day, bumps into several wild beasts, a shadow of demon beast has not bumped into, moreover here Lian people does not have. When Xia Tian is most bored, he had finally found a supply point. This supply point constructs in the endless demon woods, specially is Mercenary prepares. Here sells the compounded drug, sells the supplies, provides the residence, food wait / etc., but the price may be more expensive than on some outside, after arriving here, Xia Tian understands an own why demon beast has not bumped into. First, he place is the safety zone. Second, he does not have the experience. Now his place is the endless demon woods surrounding, here has not experienced is impossible to bump into the demon beast. Hey, Brother, are you a person?” A man goes forward to ask. Nonsense, I am not a person, I am a dog.” Xia Tian felt that this person's question does not have the long brain, asked that he is a person!! Volume!!” That person was choked by Xia Tian these words direct walked. This supply point several hundred thousand square meters place, most can accommodate tens of thousands people to take a walk here, these people uniform is Mercenary!!

When he just planned to leave, that person walked: Brother, in our teams has to seek the beast master.” Seeks the beast master?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the opposite party. Right, seeks the beast master, therefore we had the opportunity to find the demon beast compared with others.” The opposite party opens the mouth to say. In the surrounding region, the quantity of demon beast are not many, if no a skill, was impossible to find these demon beasts. „!!” Xia Tian nod of slightly. How is it? Joins our teams, our team principles are no matter obtains anything, all things all divide equally.” That person said. Good!!!” Xia Tian nodded, how he also wants to have a look to seek the beast master to seek for the demon beast, then plagiarize this skill, after that can seek beast, did not need others' help. I had one.” That person waved to the person of own team, seems is taking undeserved credit to be the same. Four people!!! Calculates him four people!” Xia Tian stares immediately, he thinks this team will have many people, finally calculates that he four people, he finally understands now why gave the opposite party to choke, the opposite party also came back to seek own reason, because their population were too few, moreover looked that their dressing up know, these three all were the new people, moreover probably was the through new person, has not had these family juniors of families. That two people are also excited going forward greet. Lying trough!!” At this moment, Xia Tian opens the mouth to shout suddenly. The opposite several people were shocked, does not understand why Xia Tian comes up to curse at people. „, Do not misunderstand, I a moment ago a little matter.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly, he received an information that did several things at the same time to pass on a moment ago, the good news that from next three spread.