Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2410

Found?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle!! He had not looked that really understands how only the moon/month achieves. Follows me.” Only the moon/month directly has their several people to flush away forward. Several people also all followed. The business magpie is also puzzled looks only the moon/month, afterward also followed, actually she does not want with, but does not have the means that all things that she stole recently on Xia Tian, Xia Tian with us form a team to the note that she kept, after finishing, thing also you. These things she has stolen for several months. Therefore she can only only be able to be forced to follow. Whiz!! Several people of speeds are fast. After running for probably 20 minutes, only the moon/month stopped. Fat bear, looked your, it in the left front 300 meters places, was an underage chameleon demon beast.” Only the moon/month said. Ha Ha, wants to sneak attack us?” The fat bear shows a faint smile, afterward he jumped on the tree directly. Arming, arming!! A coverall appears on his body directly. Top Grade treasure coverall!!” Xia Tian stares immediately, he in next three, although also has the coverall, but his coverall is only the coverall of Pin Baoqi rank, even if this, the might of coverall was big, what now fat bear unexpectedly wear is one set of Top Grade treasure coverall. The meatball is billowing!! The fat bear gives a loud shout, afterward his body directly from top to bottom pounds. Bang!!!! All people all clear sees that to be pounded chameleon but actually. Actually Xia Tian when arrived here to see the chameleon.

He has X-Ray Vision eye man. But he is really very curious, actually only the moon/month is how from that far place discovery this demon beast. „A unexpectedly really Rank 1 demon beast!!” The business magpie stares immediately, on face is inconceivable. She just started not to believe that really only the moon/month can find the demon beast, but she entirely has believed now, because this absolutely is not the luck, but is the real skill. Fat bear, has processed the thing, is divided into five!!” Only the moon/month said. Wait / Etc.!!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. How?” Only the moon/month asked. I thought that does not need to come up minute, walks to look again, if demon beast many times goes the minute to be meaningful again.” Xia Tian proposed. Um, good, so long as do not think that we profited on the line.” Only moon/month person works is natural, moreover to person very calm and steady feeling. !! The dismantling technique of fat bear is also the unusual anomaly. Has only used for 20 seconds, he directly that the Freshman demon beast will directly dismantle. This was also too quick.” Business magpie surprised looks at fat bear. At this time she discovered that the person in this team is not probably simple, only the combat capability of seeking demon beast ability and fat bear of moon/month, as well as the dismantling ability of fat bear, Xia Tian, Xia Tian can certainly the person who her thing steals away, the strength is not absolutely low, the person who at this time until now has not begun has one, that is Yuan pill. However he stands there, the whole person is actually the unusual dignity. Fat bear, but is specialized.” Only the moon/month said. Um!!” Xia Tian more and more thought now this team is not simple. „The moon/month, has only handled, looks again.” Fat Xiong said. Um, do I look to look, have demon beast many places.” Only the moon/month nodded.

Only the both hands of moon/month about in the same place, the eye close, afterward the whole person stood there a few words did not say, after like this has stood 20 points of type, racket that his both hands made an effort above ground, afterward he showed a faint smile: Found.” Had found ten demon beasts, is quite majority of scattered, but the position has three Rank 2 demon beasts, our goals are that three Rank 2 demon beasts.” Fat Xiong answered. The Rank 2 demon beast, had about six cauldron strengths. Moreover must look specifically is any demon beast. Whiz!! The people hurry to directly forward. Their speeds are not slow. Here person were getting more and more.” Xia Tian said. Um, we entered the surrounding region hottest place, because here has the demon beast to appear frequently, therefore the ordinary here person is many, but behind you will discover, the person of walking alone are getting fewer and fewer, because inside demon beast strength will stiffen, the quantity will change many, without a Mercenary Group population, that will be delivers the vegetable.” The business magpie answered. „!! Isn't the demon beast many good? Isn't our is looking for the demon beast?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You think was too simple, can only try one's luck in the endless demon woods entrance like our F level Mercenary, cannot enter to the true endless demon woods, there is the paradise of demon beast, so long as you go, you will discover bumps into solely was not a two demon is beastly, there everywhere was the demon beast in groups, and wanted your speed to be slow, then the bloody air/Qi will bring in more demon beasts.” A business magpie face despises looks at Xia Tian. „!!” Xia Tian nodded. Brother, that three Rank 2 demon beasts, are you good?” Only moon/month exploratory asking. „, Whom did you call brothers? You asked that who is good?” Saying that the business magpie is not feeling well very: „Am I good, where am at?” „After ten minutes, you can see.” Only the moon/month said. Good!!” The business magpie nodded. Whiz!! Afterward her body acceleration!! Other four people have not accelerated, whatever she runs goes.

Quick. Several people saw that business magpie and front three Rank 2 demon beasts hit in the same place. Bang!! Violence!! The fight way unusual violence of business magpie, is stroking of fist foot, the person stepped onto came the business magpie to end the fight in the presence of everyone. Fat bear, gave you.” The business magpie patted has clapped to say directly. Good.” The fat bear decomposed that several demon beasts directly fast, the thing all temporarily places only moon/month there, waits to suffice to assign time he assigns again, several people do not have any opinion. At this time in team five people had three people to show own strength. Only remained 15 th of 10 th lunar month pill and Xia Tian. Brothers, front ten kilometers have one team of people with ten Rank 2 demon beast fights, they have been inferior now, we help, happen to each other can also adapt, if possible, we later directly enter the true endless demon woods.” The meaning of moon/month is to only have a look at everybody strength, if, if possible that directly goes to the endless demon woods the deep place. I do not have the opinion.” The business magpie is one greatly money-mad, she saw when this team the skills of other people do not miss, as if saw the endless wealth is the same. I do not have the opinion.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, we first support that group of people, after is humanity, cannot look that they were killed by the demon beast.” Only the moon/month said. Um!” The people nodded together. Perhaps is not simple.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought.