Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2414

Caused trouble? Although everybody thinks that the Xia Tian strength is good. May be this, he is unable to contend with Xiang Yu di influence. How?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to business magpie. How you also asked that you had killed a moment ago Xiang Yu di person, moreover you talked back the boastful talk, not Emperor Xiang Yu against in eye.” Business magpie helpless saying. Ok, first let alone, left here first.” Only the moon/month said. Um!!” Several people left directly. After they leave, the surrounding these people all hide is very far, nobody dares to go forward. They understand, soon, Xiang Yu di person must come, here definitely will be when the time comes chaotic, the people who even some worries have an accident in abundance left. Shouted!! Only moon/month and the others ran for a half hour to stop. Normal advance was OK.” Only the moon/month said. Xia Tian, you can, the people of unexpectedly Emperor Lian Xiangyu dare to kill!!” Fat bear smiling saying. How? They want to catch my little brother, I naturally must kill.” Xia Tian very optional saying, this matter in his opinion seems a very optional matter. „The little brother who you said a moment ago is not that fellow that your joins a group.” The fat bear suddenly thought that Xia Tian had spoken such a few words a moment ago probably. They remember that pitiful fellow. After the badge Xia Tian robs, is joined his Mercenary Group that person forcefully. „It is not forcefully, he afterward also agreed.” Xia Tian answered. How did he say?” Fat Xiong asked. He said that I joined the Communist Youth League now, you can not with me.” Xia Tian spoke the original words.

Hears his words, the people collapsed thoroughly, they think that now Xia Tian definitely was the brain has the issue, others this dodges him obvious, his unexpectedly also regarded is the word of praise, moreover person who directly provocation Xiang Yu di was not the brain has the issue like this will definitely not exist. Good, we believed.” The business magpie said. Xia Tian, you later must select carefully, you offend, but overlord Xiang Yu di influence, although they are away from Xiang Yu di really is very far, Emperor Xiang Yu will not get rid for you, but you must know that Xiang Yu di influence is huge, their subordinates have innumerable Expert, these people will not give up.” Only the moon/month reminder said. „.” Xia Tian lazily saying. Saw his appearance, the people also can only helpless shaking the head. They also really very difficult , on the face of Xia Tian sees properly. Usually is such a very optional appearance. Wants us carefully, they should be very difficult to find our, after all the endless demon woods are very big, I most am worried after is you return to the beginning of the universe city, is discovered by them.” The moon/month obviously is to be worried about the Xia Tian safety. Discovery discovers.” Xia Tian that optional appearance. You, the moon/month are only thinking of you.” Business magpie discontented saying, she noticed that Xia Tian that appearance is mad, wishes one could to trample several feet. I know.” Xia Tian nodded. You must thank others, I, you must thank me, in this case also dares with your team, as for the way of thanks, you most at least also to with selecting the spirit stone meaning meaning.” The eye of business magpie turned into the shape of money. Money-mad!! She is one greatly money-mad. Good, I must thank you, this, to express thanks, I can make you join my Mercenary Group free, here can join, in that 1000 spirit stone I left.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere. Hears his words, several people all did not respond him. Considers as finished.” Do not walk, should not be embarrassed, all right, does not need to be polite with me.” Xia Tian also pursued. Has been all right, we are a team, should help mutually, did not need to thank.” The business magpie is also thorough has feared Xia Tian. Actually you do not use really politely.” Xia Tian also directly followed.

Polite good.” The business magpie did not respond Xia Tian. 50 kilometers distance regarding their several is not the matter, less than one hour with ease rushed. Rivers. Their front presented rivers. This rivers deeply do not see bottom, but is not wide, only then 56 meters wide about, regarding cultivation, this width was one greatly jumps can the relaxed past. Here was the death boundary, in the past this rivers, the death might appear at any time.” The business magpie said. We pass.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Wait / Etc.!!” Only the moon/month said. First lets only the moon/month have a look at the front any situation to pass again.” Fat Xiong answered. Only the both hands of moon/month about in the same place, the eye close, afterward the whole person stood there a few words did not say, after like this has stood for five minutes, racket that his both hands made an effort above ground. My Fuck!!” How? Only moon/month!” Fat Xiong asked. Many demon beasts.” Only the moon/month says with emotion. Some how many?” Fat bear happy asking. In ten kilometers, over a thousand heads.” Only the moon/month said. Over a thousand heads!! Hears this digit time, all people were all shocked. They searched for outside for a long time had such found dozens heads, but here ten kilometers range had over a thousand these many, this was also too scary. Ha Ha, was too interesting.” Xia Tian laughs was saying that he worried the demon beast insufficiently kills, did not worry that the demon beast quantity is small. Ha Ha, was too interesting.”

At this moment, the strange sound appears side the people together. All people all instantaneously turn head. Sees only one meter six old man to appear before them, old man's face is round, the hair is randomly chaotic, on face dirty, seems probably is a neurosis is the same. What person?” Do not misunderstand, do not misunderstand, I knew!!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Do not misunderstand, do not misunderstand, I knew!!” The old man continues to study the Xia Tian speech. This!!!” Several people this time have determined finally, Xia Tian is the brain has certainly the issue, his person possibly is also being the brain has the issue. This old man is spirit has the issue obviously. You how with?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he discovered that this old man always mysteriously appears and disappears. You how with?” The old man studies the Xia Tian appearance to say. Ok, our two play a game.” Xia Tian said. What plays?” The old man hears the game time started study Xia Tian not to speak. You, if can return to the beginning of the universe city to buy one bottle of liquor in seven days, then found my you to win, how is it?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the old man. Good!!” The old man said that did not have the shade directly. This speed!!” Several people all stare. Just started them also to think that the old man most common neurosis, at this time looked, this old man's status was not perhaps simple, that speed quickly to was a moment ago inconceivable.