Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2415

Expert!!” In all person hearts decided a Expert hat to this old man instantaneously. Expert anything Expert, if not silly, should be Expert, was what a pity silly, I have inspected his body and brain, he should is the condition of overstation.” Xia Tian helpless saying, the road of cultivation belongs to go against heaven's will the line, regardless of strength formidable, does not evade the day to punish. Overstated is a condition. He now is good, most at least everywhere has not killed and burnt. Front is the true endless demon woods, the brothers.” Only moon/month excited shouting. Supply point place. At this time here built up over ten thousand to wear the person of same clothes. Dares to kill our people, really lives is impatient.” Is person of vision ice-cold saying of head. Sir, had questioned, that person called Xia Tian, it is said was the Boss of Monarch bestowed by heaven, he talked back the boastful talk, said that Xiang Yu di was not anything.” Under a famous artisan report said. !! A clear palm of the hand sound. These words should not say from your mouth.” Is that person of wicked saying of head. Yes, small knowledge mistakenly.” Dares not to pay attention to feather emperor unexpectedly, I must make him meet a cruel death surely, frustrate the bone to raise the ash.” Is that person of head said. Sir, after here person interrogation, heard that they wanted death boundary there probably.” Good, since knew, then looks to me, the opposite party strength is not weak, and has clarified must oppose with us, then directly contracts the team, six cauldron Rank 9 people lead, each team of 100 people, saw that the enemy sends the signal directly, strikes to kill the opposite party to me.” Is that person of vision mean saying of head. Yes!!”

Xia Tian, I, no matter you are any background, any status, offends the feather imperial capital to die.” Was that person of head has gotten hold of own fist. Feather emperor!! One of spirit world five emperors, in spirit world one of the most formidable five people. His strength incomparable formidable. This time Xia Tian and the others arrived at the true endless demon woods. Xia Tian has not been worried about the feather emperor from beginning to end. It looks like he had not been worried Emperor Shintou Izanagi is the same. Because they keep aloof, therefore they are impossible to kill Xia Tian personally, as for subordinate who they send, then Xia Tian believes that so long as try hard, these people can defeat absolutely. In next three, feather emperor, Yu Wang, Ying Zheng di, the influence of Emperor Yan pill has given him the token. However to put it bluntly, this token is ornaments. Is not most valuable in the next three things. Moreover the influence of feather emperor is so big, under the hand branch, without several million also several hundred thousand, oneself were taking the token possibly is only in branch, therefore took not to be useful, instead will expose own status, if made the opposite party know Xia Tian was at next three, then they sent out large quantities of Expert attacks next three to trouble. However, Xia Tian has underestimated in oneself hand that token. Because, that is the 1st next three tokens. Brothers several, we take this position as the foothold, kills to the surroundings, before the darkness, here gathers, can kill many are own, when has practiced acquiring a skill, happen to can also make us be familiar with the forms of defensive action of here demon beast.” Only the moon/month looks that several people said that the strength of person of this team he has understood. Everyone copes with several Rank 2 demon beasts people should not be the issue alone, therefore he is not worried to have any danger.

Um!!” Several people nodded. This is the signal symbol, if meets the demon beast in groups do not show off power, sends out the signal symbol directly, we will rush immediately, and has become lost, can send out, like this we will not disperse.” Only the moon/month put out several signal clothing to give the people the share. Powder!! Five people flush away in five directions. spirit stone, experience.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the front demon beast. He has calculated, on a Rank 1 demon beast all materials add to return to the mission place to receive in exchange for in 40,000 spirit stone, is 40,000 empirical values, so long as that he kills 25 Rank 1 demon beasts, then his can become E level mercenary, but Rank 2 demon beast material adds to trade in 70,000 spirit stone, is 70,000 empirical values. So long as his 14 Rank 2 demon beasts, that can also promote E level Mercenary. Just started also to think that this Mercenary rank difficult, now looks like very simple.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Before he felt really Mercenary mission was too difficult. When this 1 million empirical values must rise to go. Now looked that probably is not difficult. Actually what Xia Tian does not know, this is only for him simple. First, others want to kill a Rank 1 demon beast not to have are so simple, especially Rank 2 demon beast, that was difficult, generally is one team of people kills, finally the last point does not have the remaining anything, especially these people in surrounding, mixes for several months possibly to link a Rank 1 demon beast not to bump into finally. Naturally, there is a strength formidable person to come. However their Chu equipment does not have big of Xia Tian, the common Chu ring installed a body of large-scale demon beast unable to install. Let alone installed dozens head hundred.

Well, here person are many.” Xia Tian discovered that here person not only many, but also seems compared with the surrounding also many, even here he also saw E level Mercenary and D level Mercenary. In outside, he is E level Mercenary has not seen, say nothing was D level Mercenary. It seems like, true Expert here, is, wants to promote the E level Mercenary outside that place ratio to ascend to heaven simply also difficultly, even if were kills for dozens years perhaps cannot become E level Mercenary, this no wonder others, monster can only blame their courage being too small, if in they, entered courageously hunt and kill the demon beast, that also meets the opportunity.” Xia Tian understands that at this time anything is called in the true riches and honor danger to ask. Does not dare to spell with the life, that can only be the young underling for a lifetime. However dares with the person who the life puts together, finally has the opportunity becomes E level Mercenary. Naturally, the probability of death also became bigger. Here demon beast rank was too low, must kill must kill the Rank 2 demon beast.” Body of Xia Tian fast is shuttling back and forth forward. The heaven does not lose the person with high aspirations. After Xia Tian ran for two hours, he discovered finally large quantities of demons were beastly, altogether added to have 40 Rank 2 demon beasts, at this time these demon beasts were attacking Mercenary Group, hundred people of Mercenary Group, this Mercenary Group already thorough rout. You run away first, the cadre stays behind with me, can run away several is several.” Is that Mercenary Group Captain of head shouts loudly. Yes!!” That several cadres all are the appearances that must pledge to fight to the death to guard, when they fight with that 40 Rank 2 demon beasts intensely, a cadre inserted the waist of that Mercenary Group Captain the knife suddenly: I do not want dead, I do not want to accompany you dead, your Chu equipment turned over to me, I will make good use of your treasure.” Dies!!! Afterward that person of second blade direct thorn to that Mercenary Group Captain back of the body.