Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2416
dāng! When his dagger must jab into the Captain back of the body immediately, his dagger by two fingers gripping. Finger of Consonance!!! What?” On the face of that person has written all over inconceivable: How is this possible?” His first time heard that the finger can grip the dagger. I most hate person who is your this type in the back holds the knife.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at that person, when he sees this person, he has remembered in day of Lingshan, in the past also kept off the brothers after behind, him is passed a blade by their brother in behind finally. Bang!! A Xia Tian fist hit directly on his face. Puff!! The face and ground of that person have made a contact of zero distance. When Xia Tian wants to come a fist to kill him again. Wait / Etc..” That Mercenary Group Captain has turned around: Brother, although I do not know that who you are, I have saved me thank you, but asked you not to kill him, after all he and I have fought side-by-side.” You look at the office.” Xia Tian stands up, fights with the fists the Rank 2 demon beast that flew to fire into here to come. !! In his right hand presented a handle long sword. Yin-Yang child and mother sword. Domain!! The Hong Family's Yin secret art first type: Imaginary cloudy sword. !! Xia Tian straight receive sword. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A then Rank 2 demon beast directly falls to the ground. Anything.” Surroundings these people were all shocked. Does not have the difficulty.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Copes with this Rank 2 demon beast, he is Insta-kill. Xia Tian and others are different, even if were Qing Yun (Clear Sky) came, wants coped with these demon beasts also to spend on for two minutes, but if Xia Tian got rid, was Insta-kill. Xia Tian walks. Runs into the powerful enemy to jump the ranks the challenge. Meets the strength to be weak, is direct Insta-kill. If not the corpses of these Rank 2 demon beasts sells well, he is disinclined to kill these Rank 2 demon beasts. Very strong.” That Mercenary Group Captain surprised looks at Xia Tian. Brings your Captain to walk.” Xia Tian looked at one your several to pledge to fight to the death the person of resistance to say a moment ago. „!!” That several people already by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, at this time hears Xia Tian to speak, that naturally is regards the imperial decree to be the same. Brother, can keep a name? Although my Guo Da not anything too big skill, but I owe you a life, sooner or later will give back to you.” Captain very earnest saying of that Mercenary Group. I called Xia Tian, your assigned me not to want, oneself were remaining well, later long mind.” Reason that Xia Tian saves Guo Da , because he looks like with himself very much. Heavy loyalty!! Guo Da has not said anything again, but called two people: Lifts him to the safe place.” Captain, but also manages this person to do?” Some person of puzzled asking. No matter what, initially he followed me, is the person fears death, I am no exception, but I think that my death can receive in exchange for more brother's lives, therefore I will choose dead a moment ago, I do not blame him, puts him to walk.” Guo Da said. The people all nodded, afterward also carries off the person who that sneak attacked Guo Da. Guo Da looked at Xia Tian back innermost feelings secretly thought: This assigns me certainly to give back your.”

After the person leaves in the presence of everyone. Receives!!! Xia Tian directly used the small cauldron to receive the corpses of these 40 wild beasts. Was a pity that all my things were too small, otherwise took in all things to be crisp these things.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, all things link an demon beast unable to install. This time he obtained the corpses of 40 Rank 2 demon beasts, then he can with ease become E level Mercenary. It seems like into D level Mercenary is also very easy, C level Mercenary seems should not be difficult.” Xia Tian is confident at this time. Calculates that the time was also up, therefore he decides the return trip. After returning to the assembly point, Xia Tian saw that Yuan pill came back, other people have not come back. Yuan pill, you comes back early, harvests really how is it?” Xia Tian asked. Also good.” Yuan pill spoke is succinct. Was right, do you want to hunt and kill the Rank 5 demon beast thunder clouds beast? The strength of Rank 5 demon beast should compare with seven cauldron Rank 1 Rank 2 Expert, you confident?” A Xia Tian face curious looks at Yuan pill. Has!!” Yuan pill that callous appearance. Ok, chatted with you do not have the meaning, however, you must join my Mercenary Group.” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks at Yuan pill. Does not have the interest.” Yuan pill has turned the head directly, paid no attention to Xia Tian. Probably about two hours, several other people also one after another came back. What kind , the harvest is good.” Only the moon/month looks that the people smile. Um.” The people nodded. Was good, tonight same place rest, we are not familiar with the endless demon woods, does not march on the night road as far as possible, otherwise is very easy to present the danger.” Only the moon/month directly said. Therefore the moon/month directly has only arranged small Formation. Simple Rank 1 Formation, prevents the snakeworm mouse ant sneak attack.

Night. Hey, Xia Tian, after you offended the influence of feather emperor, isn't afraid?” The fat bear sat the Xia Tian side to ask. Has anything to be good to fear that he cannot kill me personally.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Volume!! You said is very seemingly reasonable.” The fat bear hears the reply of Xia Tian to stare immediately, afterward continues saying: But feather emperor has the formidable subordinate.” „Has, is not my subordinate, I manage that many to do.” Xia Tian said. No, what I said is he can send these formidable subordinates to kill you.” Fat Xiong said. Spirit world is so big, which on him asks me to go.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The fat bear thoroughly was made simply by the Xia Tian words speechless. The reply of Xia Tian always makes him feel that is very reasonable, but there are to think where has probably not to be right. In the evening is so bored, everybody chats the dream together.” The business magpie jumped down from the tree directly. Dream?” Xia Tian hears this glossary time shook the head. I said first that my dream is to become the entire spirit world richest person.” Business magpie incomparably excited saying, she looks afterward to the fat bear: Fat bear, to your.” Fat bear awkward flexure scratching the head: My dream can protect Yuan pill for a lifetime, does not make anybody injure to his slightest.” Hears this saying time, Xia Tian and business magpie stares, afterward their nods of silently, they seemingly understood, the fat bear should be the Yuan pill's retainer. Only moon/month, your.” The business magpie said. My dream is to surpass my brother.” Only the moon/month smiles. Your elder brother? Who your elder brother is.” The business magpie puzzled looks only the moon/month.