Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2419
Xia Tian, do not make, run, opposite party Expert are many.” Only moon/month hurried reminder said. I am very fierce.” Xia Tian has wielded own fist. !! The business magpie illuminated the Xia Tian back of the head to pat directly: Quickly walks, you think that pit dies everybody, wants to hit to kill the Rank 5 demon beast thunder clouds beast to hit again, I thought that you were go out forget to take a drug.” Um, truly has not eaten.” Xia Tian serious saying. Runs!! The people run directly forward. I said I am very fierce.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Sir Captain, we believed you very fiercely good.” Business magpie thorough was helpless. Although the Xia Tian strength is good, but they do not think that Xia Tian strength really strong, Xia Tian Realm was too low, only then five cauldron Rank 9 strengths, his Realm is too low, this has limited his strength, although said that he possibly has many cards in a hand, can kill about six cauldron Rank 5 Expert unexpectedly. But these formidable six cauldron Expert, their ability sensibility to six cauldrons unusual is strong, that Xia Tian definitely was not a match. Moreover many people have card in a hand, is not only then a Xia Tian person has. What is main, the opposite party this time comes Expert solely not to have six cauldrons. After ten minutes. Young Master, they discovered.” Under a famous artisan the necklace of ground took. Snort, had discovered is also what kind of? I wanted him dead here, the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of thunder clouds beast I must decide.” Yuan fragrance cold snort, on his face presented very strong murderous aura. Young Master, so long as actually has killed the big young master, not having the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of thunder clouds beast, the opposite party also to agree with the engagement.” Under the famous artisan said. Bang!! That person of body fought with the fists to fly by the Yuan fragrance directly. Has remembered, I said want anything, you trade anything to me with the life, but does not offer advice to me.” The Yuan fragrance steps on that servant in the under foot. Young Master, the subordinate knew mistakenly.” That person said hurriedly. Um, pursues to me, they run not far, moreover their goals are the Rank 5 demon beast thunder clouds beasts, so long as we found the thunder clouds beast, that naturally can find them, the thunder clouds beast is very rare species.” The Yuan fragrance has lifted the foot, afterward ordered directly.

Whiz!! They pursued directly. Xia Tian and the others located. We should be safe temporarily.” Only the moon/month gasped for breath. Temporarily? Weren't we have cast off them? Moreover they should not trace method.” Business magpie puzzled asking. She thinks that the people should be separated from chasing down of opposite party at this time is right, after all the necklace was discarded by Yuan pill. Tracing method truly did not have, but their goals are also the thunder clouds beasts, will therefore bump into finally.” Only moon/month helpless shaking the head. Um?” A business magpie brow wrinkle. Thunder clouds beast, although is only the Rank 5 demon beast, but it is very rare species, usually could not find its existence, this time some people sold the news saying that the thunder clouds beast has appeared in a region, therefore we will come, this news Yuan fragrance they also heard, therefore we definitely also will bump into finally.” Only the moon/month answered. The thunder clouds beast is the rare demon beast. Its quantity are few, because it was already captured and killed completely. The Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of thunder clouds beast has the effect of resistance day tribulation, therefore these super member to avoid oneself cultivation presents the day tribulation, thereupon put out hunted and killed the thunder clouds beast, helped itself resist the day tribulation with the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of thunder clouds beast. Therefore the thunder clouds beast now is very precious. Even if the entire beginning of the universe city does not have the trail of thunder clouds beast. Bumps into hits.” Xia Tian very optional saying. The people have disregarded him, in their opinion, Xia Tian definitely has the paranoea, presumptuously thinks is in itself Expert. All day no matter who must hit. The five emperors and ten big SS level Mercenary he must hit. In this world does not have the person who he does not dare to hit. We a bit faster found the thunder clouds beast, found compared with them first is OK.” The business magpie said. Um!!” Only the moon/month nodded: Before we did not understand that the ability of demon beast, after at last experience, we had understood probably the ability of demon beast, can look for the thunder clouds to be beastly.”

Reason that only the moon/month they recently were seeking for the demon beast fight, on the one hand to save fight experience, on the other hand also for can promote own Mercenary rank. After all this mainland only recognizes the Mercenary rank. Advanced Mercenary goes all over the entire spirit world not to have the issue. But if you are only any family, the young master of any influence, that will fear nobody to know you, because the family and influence are many went, in the spirit world stage just will be as transient as fleeting clouds. Entire spirit world, only recognizes the Mercenary rank. Only if you are five emperors!! Otherwise nobody will know you. That looks.” Xia Tian light saying. I hear the thunder clouds beast, although is only the Rank 5 demon beast, but the strength is not perhaps simple, the method is the strong fearfulness, therefore everybody when the time comes is careful.” Only the moon/month reminder said. Has me, you fear anything, I said that I am very fierce.” Languid saying of Xia Tian by tree. You did not speak nobody you, when the mute sold.” The business magpie was really speechless to Xia Tian. In Xia Tian mouth every day on such several words. Mixes with me!! I am very fierce. Must join my Mercenary Group. They listened to listen to be tired. „!!” Only the moon/month directly takes the lead in flushing away forward. This person all the way are many, but they have avoided the crowd. Everybody, inside demon beast quantity will be carefully many, do not prolong contact as far as possible.” Only the moon/month reminder said. Um!!” The people nodded. The people stop to the darkness, daytime in they cut to kill dozens preliminary demon beasts.

Tonight, makes the recuperation here, front will present the Rank 3 demon beast and Rank 4 demon beast, everybody carefully.” Only the moon/month reminder said. The Rank 3 demon beast, had six cauldron Rank 5 strengths. The Rank 4 demon beast has six cauldron Rank 9 strengths. Next morning, people direct. Xia Tian, two o'clock directions have the Rank 3 demon *** gave you \; The business magpie, 11 o'clock directions have the Rank 3 demon beast, careful, the fat bear, the front two kilometers have the Rank 4 demon beast.” Only after the moon/month use greatly searches for soul technique, said directly. Had him after this team inside, they quite therefore have a radar of migration. Several people of fast flushing away forward. After three minutes, people set!!! Four days!! In four days, the coordination between people was getting better and better, moreover Xia Tian general knew several people of strengths. Business magpie, six cauldron Rank 9. Fat bear, six cauldron Rank 9. Only moon/month, six cauldron Rank 9. Yuan pill, secret, but will not be lower than six cauldron Rank 9. Brothers, the big fellow appeared.” Only the both hands of moon/month pat above ground, at this time his complexion is a little ugly. What big fellow?” Asking of Xia Tian face anticipation. Is the Rank 5 demon beast, we entered to its territory, now we had been surrounded with other demon beasts by it, has not thought really that our unexpectedly by the demon beast planning, entered to his encirclement ring.” Only the moon/month deeps frown. Captures the ringleader first, I kill going that takes the lead.” Xia Tian said that must directly clash.