Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2420

Intermediate total. Being possessed by a demon beast scheme. Only the moon/month at this time really thought one are defeated very much. His original manuscript thinks one have in a big way searches for the soul technique, so long as a day with previous time searches for the soul technique greatly, then can avoid the demon beast with ease the large unit. But he has not thought that Rank 5 demon beast unexpectedly gives under him to wrap. Xia Tian do not impulse.” Only the moon/month hurriedly holds on Xia Tian. How? Weren't we surrounded? Has killed lead was not good.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Does not need, was my plan had the mistake, I have underestimated fierce of Rank 5 demon beast, but did not need to be worried that I looked up a moment ago, the Rank 4 demon beast had ten heads, the Rank 3 demon beast had 30 heads, the quantity was not too many.” Only moon/month light saying. Reason that a moment ago he complexion changed, is not because the demon beast was fearful, but by the wisdom of demon beast shaking. Rank 3 demon beast has six cauldron Rank 5 strengths, the Rank 4 demon beast six cauldron Rank 9 strengths, in other words we must simultaneously face 30 six cauldron Rank 5 and ten six cauldron Rank 9, as well as a Rank 5 demon was beastly, this time interesting.” On the face of business magpie presented a faint trace excited expression. She when noticed that hears to have these many Advanced demon beasts not only does not have the slight anxiety, but also unexpectedly is somewhat excited. This five people of squads from combining in together to the present. Uses the excessively true strength without any person. This time arrives at they show the true strength the time finally. Business magpie, you and Xia Tian copes with 30 Rank 3 demon beasts, Ok?” Only the moon/month looked that asked to the business magpie. Ok!!” The business magpie nodded. Um, considers the Xia Tian safety.” Only the moon/month reminder said. Feeds, whom takes care, I am very fierce.” Xia Tian very discontented saying. „, I make you look after the business magpie.” Only the moon/month can only give in to say. This also almost.” Xia Tian satisfied nod. Fat bear, our two solves first ten Rank 4 demon beasts, then copes with the Rank 5 demon beast.” Only the moon/month looked that said to fat Xiong, he has not arranged mission to Yuan pill. Relax, gave me.” Fat bear very self-confident saying.

Not only on several people of faces does not have the slight anxiety, instead appeared excitedly. Although this all the way they are also fighting, but these fights regarding them are the departments of pediatrics, without any challenge. These time appeared finally interestingly fights. Rank 5 demon ** gives me.” At this moment Yuan pill's saying slowly. Young Master!!” The fat bear said hurriedly. Relieved fight.” Yuan pill said. !! Several people have all put out their weapon. In the hand of business magpie presented a crystal abacus, this is her weapon. Money-mad!!” When Xia Tian sees the weapon of business magpie, very impolite saying, the business magpie unexpectedly weapon is also continually related with money. The fat bear has worn his coverall. The moon/month has only put out a handle long spear. As for Yuan pill, his weapon looked like on the power and prestige were many, the semblance looked that turns off the broadswords of two masters, but he was not the Azure Dragon long-handled crescent-shaped sword, but was the purple electricity Shenlong blade. This time, five people must put out the true strength. Naturally, Xia Tian is the lazy putting out weapon. Hey, Xia Tian, you hide me behind on the line.” Saying of business magpie very atmosphere. „, My big masters, do you make me hide you behind?” An anger of Xia Tian face, this is insulting him obviously, does he have is not concerned about face? The answer is: Has!! Which hides?” On the face of Xia Tian piled up with has smiled inexpensively. Although these Rank 3 demon beasts do not have what threat to him, but he is lazy, generally can not begin not to begin as far as possible. Xia Tian said that has put out a bench directly, lay down in the business magpie.

shit, your this was also too shameless.” Business magpie helpless saying, she in provocative Xia Tian, she has not thought a moment ago Xia Tian unexpectedly so is not concerned about face, but also hid her behind to come, moreover lay down on the chair, this was also too leisurely and carefree. She also thinks the Xia Tian affirmation meeting man spirit full house, then makes her hide behind to go, finally Xia Tian unexpectedly really agreed directly. „It is not you lets?” Xia Tian innocent saying. Good, you have won, looks was good, the elder sister makes you have a look at elder sister's true strength.” The business magpie cast aside Xia Tian one to say. Bang!! The surrounding demon beast all flushed. Came!!” Four forms have killed directly. The crystal abacus in business magpie hand throws directly, afterward her body upward tuck dive. Domain, eight levels of merit laws: Graceful Crystal Dance!! !! The innumerable crystal abacus beads shoot to the surroundings. These crystal abacus beads probably changed into the blue female to dance lightly, scene very magnificent. Domain!! Eight levels of merit laws!! On the face of Xia Tian has shown smiling face, this time he experienced to the true skill of business magpie finally, the business magpie was one has the domain super talent, moreover her merit law was also eight levels of merit laws. Strength very formidable. Bang!! Leading ten Rank 3 demon beasts fall to the ground directly accordingly. Several other people of there have launched meanwhile the fight. Domain, seven levels of merit laws: Silver Dragon Strike!! Only the body of moon/month changes into a long line, flew to kill directly.

Domain, seven levels of merit laws!! Also is a domain talent, Xia Tian does not know at this time really should say any was good, he does not have to think person unexpectedly these many of own this team have the domain strength. Bang!!! The silver dragon struck to kill two Rank 4 demon beasts instantaneously. Domain, seven levels of merit laws: Flesh Explosion Attack!! The body of fat bear changed into a giant meatball, afterward pounded directly to the bodies of these Rank 4 demon beasts. Puff!! That coverall changed into the innumerable sharp knives instantaneously, cuts directly the body of Rank 4 demon beast. After this pounds , a tumbling, unexpectedly directly cut to kill three Rank 4 demon beasts. Domain, unexpectedly is domain!!” Xia Tian has opened the mouth, he is not clear, the domain so is not when valuable, already rotten avenue? Can present such several domain talents in Hong Jianmen inside hundreds of thousands talented people, but has the domain in their team inside person three of three getting rid, this too exaggerated simply. At this time ways of their three fights are the unusual violence, does not need to think with these demon beast fights any fight skill, only needs directly, the bang of most violence killed is OK. Good fierce one group of people.” Xia Tian lies down on the chair surprised saying. With the deaths of these demon beasts, opposite that Rank 5 demon beast flushed finally. This Rank 5 demon beast is one great likely beast, very big, more than ten meters high, its long nose pulled out probably directly to opposite Yuan pill. !! At this moment, the Yuan pill's body flushed instantaneously. Interesting, it seems like I must move.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.