Almighty Student - Volume 25 - Chapter 2422

Hey, how you clash each time are so quick.” The business magpie shouts loudly. She also is really to Xia Tian thorough was helpless, always does not fear to fight hurriedly, no matter the opposite party has many people, is, asked that did not ask must pass to hit. Xia Tian, your running wrong direction.” Only the moon/month is also a heavy line of face. Stops!! Before Xia Tian that the body that clashes anchored directly. Running wrong direction?” Um, is here!!” Only the moon/month with pointing at has referred to left front: Moreover you do not need such to worry, my words have not said that I discovered that there most little has five teams of people . Moreover the aura is not weak, obviously is Expert, how we must study to deal with this group of people.” Studies anything to study, big masters rub chirp, hit them not to finish up, who dares to snatch punches anyone.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. Studies anything to study, big masters rub chirp, hit them not to finish up, who dares to snatch punches anyone.” That old fogy presents in Xia Tian. Volume!!” Xia Tian immediately a heavy line of face: How you also with me, go, returns to the beginning of the universe city to buy the bottle liquor for me again.” Um, several days?” The old fogies asked. Five days!! Goes!!” Xia Tian said directly. Whiz!! The old fogies did not have the shade instantaneously. When sees the speed of this old fogy each time, people all very surprised. Too quick. We walk!!” Only the moon/month said. Um!!” The people nodded. Xia Tian, meets you not to impulse, we do not have the battle with them as far as possible, if cannot shunt must fight a battle to force a quick decision.” Only the moon/month reminder said.

„!!” Xia Tian nodded. Whiz!! The people went forward for more than 20 minutes to see there. At this time there gathered more than 100 people. However more than 100 people are not outside these F level Mercenary. Xia Tian saw that the bodies of these people hang the Mercenary sign, E level Mercenary, D level Mercenary are also even having C level Mercenary. Advanced Mercenary!! Uniform Advanced Mercenary!! Is difficult to see outside E level Mercenary that in the city, E level Mercenary that is receives ten thousand people to worship and respect in the city. However here not only presented E level Mercenary, but also presented D level Mercenary and C level Mercenary. The opposite party saw their several obviously. Hangs up the Mercenary badge, this world only recognizes the Mercenary badge, if enters the endless demon woods not to wear the badge, will be mistaken as will have other goals, for example that group of people of feather emperor have not brought the badge, however their bodies will have the clothes of feather emperor, will not cause others' misunderstanding easily, but if others were different, after all here everywhere will be hunting and killing.” The business magpie reminder said. The people hear her words, all put on the badge. This can indicate one are not hunting and killing, because hunting and killing has the badge not to dare to wear, once otherwise were discovered that will encounter chasing down of Mercenary. Snort, one crowd of F level Mercenary also dare to come to join in the fun, go away.” And a person of team scolded directly. Unusual is impolite. This is Advanced Mercenary treats the preliminary Mercenary manner. Does not need to look straight at to regard.

Several people of complexions change, Yuan pill also cancould help beginning. But actually by only moon/month pulling back. Several, we want the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of thunder clouds beast, if possible, we can buy.” Only moon/month very polite saying. Does not roll, first has killed you.” And saying of D level Mercenary coldly. !! Xia Tian applauds directly. Um?” People all doubts looked to Xia Tian, does not understand that he was any meaning. Does not need to manage me, you continue, I thought good that your this B installs, can therefore not help.” Xia Tian said directly. Such remarks, only the moon/month knows that situation is not good, at this time here person is Expert, if hits, that difficultly managed. I thought you really exactly enough, to you living the opportunity you did not treasure, that do not blame us being cruel and merciless.” That D level Mercenary expression ice-cold saying. Xia Tian, the situation is not right, they probably are one group.” Only the brow wrinkle of moon/month, just started him to induce to these people stands in the different positions, but also thinks these people are not the same partners. Um, truly is one group, their bodies wear the same Mercenary Group badge.” The business magpie said. At this time their several know that troubled. In opposite more than 100 individuals, strength lowest is about six cauldron Rank 5, strength highest even is seven cauldron above Expert, although Yuan pill had defeated the Rank 5 demon beast a moment ago, but the Rank 5 demon beasts and seven cauldron Expert are completely different, the cut-throat degree of Rank 5 demon beast is ordinary seven cauldron Expert cannot take. But seven cauldron Expert deal with the people of six cauldrons not to be different. Because the strength promotes a cauldron every time, that will have the tremendous changes. It looks like the change environment of six cauldrons is the same, seven cauldrons have their ability. Standing by.” Only a moon/month brow wrinkle.

Does not use that anxiously.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward stand forth: One group of waste, boasted B to be very fierce in this, finally gathered round this thunder clouds beast not to dare to begin, to put it bluntly could not take.” My this has killed you.” That D level Mercenary vision one cold. F level Mercenary unexpectedly dares such to speak to him, how this makes him be able to endure. You have a look at your caret-shaped eyebrow, the eyes that slope outwards, looks is the face of criminal, how, to have violated, deceitful, crime? I said how my family sow was pregnant.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. When that D level Mercenary must begin, he directly by behind that C level Mercenary holding on. Can become C level Mercenary, no matter the strength experiences cannot be underestimated, he already discovered Xia Tian their this team of people was different, although these people are F level Mercenary, but imposing manner is not absolutely simple, he guessed that these five people absolutely are not ordinary F level Mercenary, because ordinary F level Mercenary is impossible to come here. Rudder lord!!” That D level Mercenary puzzled looks to C level Mercenary. Brother, in which? We are two-spotted spider mite Mercenary Group, this thunder clouds beast we had a liking, hopes that do not meddle.” That C level Mercenary Group Captain cups one hand in the other across the chest to say. Will speak the logical expression finally.” Xia Tian light saying. You...” That D level Mercenary wished one could to rush to kill Xia Tian now. My what I? I refer to your forehead scolding you now, can you be what kind of? Comes to nip me? You can try, having a look at me to be able to break off your tooth.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. At this time Xia Tian behind these people were all shocked. They all by Xia Tian shook aggressively, but they have thought immediately of an issue: Xia Tian definitely was goes out forgets to take a drug. The paranoea manifested suddenly, unexpectedly dares to be in front of these many Expert to speak this words. Said that hasn't resulted in discusses?” That C level Mercenary Group Captain vision one cold. Discussed that *** the wool, anyone of you moves me to have a look.”