Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 201
From the technique, is from the imposing manner, the island Sichuan plum has completely the superiority, but Xia Tian has sat there is motionless. You look at anything, you also swing.” Longleg beauty anxious saying, although she does not know why one worry, is very at heart disturbed, possibly relative Wen Zhaohua and opposite that kimono female, she likes Xia Tian. However also is only restricted in their three in making a comparison in the situation. I swung.” Xia Tian light saying. Swung? When you swing.” Longleg beauty puzzled asking. Other people are also very puzzled, they have not seen Xia Tian to touch front dice. Island Sichuan plum still earnest is swinging own dice, she heard the Xia Tian words, she also wanted to listen to the Xia Tian dice is several points, since Xia Tian swung, she naturally could not hear, but she has the confidence to win Xia Tian, because nobody can swing compared with she also small points. The island Sichuan plum and Xia Tian have formed a sharp contrast. The island Sichuan plum tigerish creating an incident that swings there, Xia Tian is actually sitting of serene there. Scene exceptionally peaceful, no one has spoken, the fear disturbs them. Xia Tian, I must make you lose completely the honor today.” Wen Zhaohua innermost feelings wicked saying. Bang! The dice of island Sichuan plum decided finally on the table, the result of first showdown must appear immediately. Is the island Sichuan plum wins, does Xia Tian win? The words that Xia Tian wins, Wen Zhaohua must eat playing cards. But words that the island Sichuan plum wins, Xia Tian on takes off the clothes, then shouts me to admit defeat, walks from this cruise. Finally actually how, all people will be anticipating.

I open first, do you open first?” The island Sichuan plum looked that asked to Xia Tian. You open first.” Xia Tian said. First opens with latter to open characteristics, that is if the points are the same, first that opens wins. Sees Xia Tian so serene, the surrounding person thinks him in act high and mighty, some people think that he gave up, clear(ly) knows one will lose, therefore so will be optional. The island Sichuan plum turned on own cover. Made audience all person surprised one appear, 12 dices all folded in one . Moreover the uppermost points were one, in other words the points of island Sichuan plum were one, in addition she first opened, therefore was Xia Tian has the same technique also to lose with her without doubt. This technique only then in betting the stunt of piece can see. Quite fierce, this bets the piece?” „Is she Chow Yun-fat's apprentice.” Her technology has shone blindly my 24 K alloy dog eyes.” The surrounding person was all shocked by her technology, she these people scene all subdued. Longleg beauty was shaking the head unceasingly, she any confidence, she has not thought that Xia Tian lost, although must see Xia Tian disgraced side immediately, but she discovered one have not imagined was so happy. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, you lost, I must have a look at your streaking today but actually the appearance.” Wen Zhaohua said with a smile loudly. Hu Fangye and Jiang Shao and the others also show a faint smile, they think that first has won steadily, the technology of island Sichuan plum has subdued all people, they crossed the skill of island Sichuan plum on the experience before. Second time looks is so shocking. I have not opened, how you know that she did win?” Xia Tian asked.

You open, her points are, moreover opens first, even if you have her skill, is the same with her points, you must lose without doubt, then said that do you have that strong skill? Quickly completes the gambling to make.” Wen Zhaohua excited saying, thinks that Xia Tian then wants the streaking, his specially is happy. He knew that Xia Tian for a long time, is Xia Tian has made him suffer a loss, today he can make Xia Tian also taste that taste finally. Opened with does not open has not distinguished, opened also is just brings contempt upon oneself.” Saying that the island Sichuan plum disdains. All people looked to Xia Tian, although everybody clearly knows that he will lose, but the person had the curiosity, they were waiting for Xia Tian turned on the cover, some people prepared to laugh, some people in curious, actually Xia Tian swung several points. Scene exceptionally peaceful. The hand of Xia Tian has placed on the cover slowly, on his face has piled up with the smiling face. Opening. Xia Tian turned on oneself cover, all people were all shocked. Because Xia Tian does not have, the dice turned into the powder. Is impossible.” Island Sichuan plum whole face inconceivable looks at that pile of powder, what ability this is, these dice unexpectedly all turned into the powder, does not have. The chin of Wen Zhaohua soon fell to the ground, he was confident, but the confidence completely is beaten by Xia Tian now. Lost. All people all dumbfounded looks at front all these. Jiang Tianshu has almost not scolded to make noise, straight stamping the feet of Hu Fangye air/Qi, Wen Zhaohua looked at Xia Tian, then read playing cards on table, he has swallowed saliva. This can lose. Ding Min and longleg beauty all puzzled looks to Xia Tian, their two are unable to imagine, how Xia Tian achieves.

He is Profound Grade Expert.” The soldier elder brother said in a low voice. Profound Grade, snort, is really troublesome.” Jiang Tianshu was mumbling. Hey, that side that fatty, should to the time that you perform, eats the playing cards.” Xia Tian shouted to Wen Zhaohua, Wen Zhaohua almost did not have escaping secretly a moment ago, he was praying that Xia Tian must forget the gambling to make, but Xia Tian selected his name finally. Wen Zhaohua looked at Jiang Tianshu, but Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly do not pass the head, the meaning is you looks at the office. The playing cards on table there peaceful is placing. Wen Zhaohua has taken up the playing cards, breaking a seal slowly, all people looked to him, does he want to eat really? Right, he must eat, this competition is the testimony that Jiang Tianshu makes, if he does not eat, that is challenging the Jiang Tianshu dignity. Therefore he must eat. Has taken up the playing cards, Wen Zhaohua toward mouth. You is a fatty, fatty who eats the playing cards.” Xia Tian sang in that side, the intonation of lyrics is he arranges. Watches the eating playing cards performance of Wen Zhaohua, surroundings many people want to smile, but does not dare to smile, all of a sudden the scene appeared awkward, but the song that Xia Tian sang appeared highlights. Hears the song that Xia Tian sang, Wen Zhaohua is almost irritated. What he wishes one could oneself present to eat is the Xia Tian flesh and blood, he pledged that the enmity of today must report, has eaten the tenth playing cards, he already disgusting is not good.