Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 205
After Xia Tian stamina restored, has been calculating Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step in mind, but wanted to promote some Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step scopes once more is really too difficult. Xia Tian to promote Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, altogether has thought three points, first, he must deepen the understanding to I Ching, second, he must strengthen his arithmetic ability, third, he must promote his Spiritual Force. Spiritual Force is very important regarding present him, the X-Ray Vision eye regarding his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, after Spiritual Force has promoted, his brain calculates that the ability is stronger, fight time mainly depends is the brain calculates the ability. Because fought time nobody to wait for you, if you wait / etc. I, I look for a pen to calculate first was already kicked. The first point and second Xia Tian have the means that that is goes to the major libraries to seek for the material, but the third point was really too difficult, he cannot think that any promoted the Spiritual Force means. Was right, do the previous these raise these people of ghost to have to promote the Spiritual Force means?” On Xia Tian face one happy, these ghosts itself are the energetic bodies, wants to control them to need formidable Spiritual Force. Therefore these people have certainly to promote the Spiritual Force means. Next time must hold them to ask.” Xia Tian light saying, he returned to the room afterward. Entered the sleep fast, since cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, his sleep condition is best, sleep rests after dawn, the Xia Tian getting up exercise early, looked for worn-out clothes to exchange at home casually. Yeah, but also real buys several clothes.” Xia Tian sighed saying that these that although Sister Rou buys are very attractive, but is not suitable usually to put on, too high-sounding talk, moreover he fights frequently, if made into yesterday evening such, he has not loved dearly dies. Now these clothes place in his older female cousin house, in old dwelling only remaining several old clothes. Money gave Brother Xu, now in did not have money, what to do?” Xia Tian lowers the head to ponder, but he has thought immediately of a person: Wen Zhaohua does not owe me 1 million, he.” Thinks of Wen Zhaohua, Xia Tian sends out directly, he must look for Wen Zhaohua. To look for Wen Zhaohua to be very simple, so long as bet nearby the ship the biggest guesthouse certainly unable to find him, how he looked for that many model and star possibly not natural. After Xia Tian entered the guesthouse walked, left, he used the X-Ray Vision eye to see the registration, although Wen Zhaohua has not registered personally, however last night late at night only then a person has carried on the registration.

After Wen Zhaohua ate the playing cards, yesterday evening is very depressed, Jiang Tianshu afterward had not seen him, incomparably depressed he, looked for a longleg model star and he opened a room together. This he has almost not rested, took a drug, tossed about one fully, he all used his anger on these two females. Moreover this nearly in abnormally is late same, various SM. Tossed about entire him, finally has fallen asleep in early morning, just entered him in dreamland to hear as if the devil common voice of suddenly. The master of this sound probably is that most repugnant Xia Tian is the same. He turned a body, a brow wrinkle, he thinks that he is having a dream. Hey, awakes.” He heard that sound. I collect, this dream so is how real.” Wen Zhaohua mumbled one, suddenly he does not feel right, this sound was also too more real, probably to be how same near own ear. Wen Zhaohua sat hurriedly. Xia Tian, you. How do you come in?” Wen Zhaohua looked to the entrance, but the gate was closing. I said today that if cannot see money, I will look your.” Xia Tian sits in bedside light saying, that two females also by Wen Zhaohua noisy turning over, but has not awaked, possibly was really too tired. Wen Shao, how? You tossed about us half the night.” Female model sleepy eyes dim saying. Xia Tian, are you how is it?” Wen Zhaohua sits to set out, vigilant looks at Xia Tian. You also owe me 999,900.” Xia Tian said.

When I owed you money.” Wen Zhaohua asked. Yesterday hit your service charge.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, do not go too far.” Wen Zhaohua angry looks to Xia Tian. „Don't a few words, give?” Xia Tian stood up, shook own neck, pinched own finger to ask. To, me gives.” Wen Zhaohua feared death Xia Tian, he is afraid Xia Tian to act unreasonably. Your obtains certainly my card number, before noon, turns around to me money, otherwise I will come to be possible not to speak next time.” Xia Tian said that walked from the gate directly, he is not Batman, is not the spider variant, the flying window has the addiction. Until Xia Tian walked, that female model and female star also not completely sober. Wen Shao, you must do do, I cannot move.” Female model blurry saying. Does you egg, leave to me.” Wen Zhaohua foot trampled their two directly came up, this must go to 1 million by Xia Tian, his mood can good blame, now he is not stranded. That two females were also trampled to awake by Wen Zhaohua this foot. Tidies up the clothes hurriedly, escaped from guesthouse. Xia Tian, I must kill you.” In the guesthouse spread the Wen Zhaohua angry scream. Xia Tian has not heard the Wen Zhaohua cry, he left the guesthouse. older female cousin, uses taking advantage of me with your books card.”

„Do you want the books card to do?” „The good child who I such conscientiously study was studies certainly.” „Are you good child?” Naturally, I am the college entrance examination foremost person in the field.” Said also right, you come Literature and Art Department to take.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, walks on whereabouts Jianghai University, starting today he must turn into one good child who likes studying, well the study, Tiantian upwardly is his motto. After arriving at Jianghai University, Xia Tian took his older female cousin books card. After leaving Literature and Art Department, Xia Tian thinks that have not known where the library is, therefore walked: older female cousin, where is the library at?” Stupid, exits later turn left, goes straight the highest that building is the Jianghai University library.” Ye Qingxue helpless saying, the Jianghai University library is very famous. That is the Jianghai University highest construction, there usually many people read in inside, it is said there book collection is very complete, so long as is the book that you have to read, will have there. However hypertext fiction only then most famous has, the probably well-known author spends the work of old and young to have in. Xia Tian stands in the face of this huge construction shows a faint smile, such big library, has certainly the book that he must look, confident Xia Tian entered the library, but entered to that moment of library he was scared, here should have several hundred thousand books. Which this makes me go to look.” Xia Tian looks that front these many books were thoroughly silly.