Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 207

The females after Xia Tian left the library, arrived at the bookshelf, took the book that Xia Tian read a moment ago, she turned, then reads Xia Tian had used a moment ago the note, on the entire face has written all over surprisedly. After Xia Tian goes back, experiments the result that today has calculated. These Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step tiny step that he calculates today, he experimented, he has been able to open the diameter now 3. 1 meter circle, although only increased 0. 1 meter, but this is his two days achievement. And he completely mastered this ability now, when he fights with Bai Yu can open the First Layer Realm tiny step reluctantly, that present Xia Tian could be said as completely mastered this skill. Again even if once more to fighting Bai Yu, he will not lose was so miserable. The previous competition was Bai Yu has won, this also made Xia Tian see outside the person to have the person, one should always strive for better, although before him, understood this truth, but after he and Bai Yu fought, in the true sense understood this truth. Bai Yu was known as the China speed quickest person, Xia Tian with he competes the speed the time is also ended oppressively. It seems like Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is really extraordinary Movement Technique.” As Xia Tian knew about deepening of Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step that he start in the true sense admires Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to come, initially he just learned Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step time thinks one completely mastered this skill. However now he is clear, oneself only opened the tip of the iceberg. His father once closed right up against Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance became figure that China is second to none, is known as Western Hidden. If Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step so is really simple, his father will not be famous. Xia Tian was very satisfied to the two days achievement, just two days, he was promoted, this is the extraordinary matter. Next morning, Xia Tian has bought two big books, is quite thick, but the semblance is ordinary, another is quite adorable that he has also bought a pen, went to the library once more, after arriving at the library, Xia Tian sat that position once more, but he only took a book today. In a meeting, that female came, Xia Tian has pushed to her the book. The females saw book that Xia Tian pushes understands meaning of Xia Tian, she wrote down several characters you is very really strange in the book.” Xia Tian takes the book to write above: How did I feel strange?”

Your reading speed is so fast, likely is not reading radically, but the rough drafts of computations I went back to look, but also was really in the book.” The females write. Front has looked, but reviews.” Xia Tian writes on the paper. „Are you interested in mathematical very much?” The females write. I am also interested in I Ching, but here book were too many, I could not find.” Xia Tian writes. Xia Tian and female are passing on the paper in the library, their behaviors are the matters that the middle-school student can handle, moreover is matter that the past middle-school student can do, the present middle-school student was also is sending the information, but did not pass on the paper. The females have stood, afterward walks toward the direction of bookshelf. Before long, the female came back, in her hand takes a book, on the book cover writes the I Ching two characters. The females advanced the Xia Tian front the book. Thanks.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Xia Tian opened I Ching, looks since first few words, I Ching is a very mysterious book, if the average person first time looks, will look more is blurrier, is unable to continue watching including one page, so long as you persist in looking that you will discover, actually this book is also very interesting. If you look the second time, you will discover that this book looks like also good. Third time looked that this book is good. Fourth time looked that will see the different things from this inside. Some people saw the life, some people saw the etiquette, some people saw the belief, some people invented Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step this mysterious Movement Technique from this inside. You, if also wants to read tells me, I help you look.” The females write.

Thanks, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian writes. I called Ma Lan.” The females write. Xia Tian and female were also knew, Xia Tian continued own computation, but after he has calculated for one hour, shook the head, closed the book, he felt that his computing power achieved a bottleneck, wish has made own Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step promote Realm again, depended on this computation is only incorrect. After having opened I Ching, Xia Tian watched a meeting. Toot toot! The cell phone vibration of Xia Tian, is SMS. „Do you have the time in the evening? My roommate wants to see you.” Is SMS that Li Ying sends. I in the Jianghai University library.” Xia Tian returned to a news. Good, I one will look for you.” Li Ying has sent an information. After Xia Tian the telephone returns in the pocket , to continue to look at I Ching, he looked that the I Ching speed is also quick, but had not looked that other books are so quick, is one minute one page, Ma Lan like this looks probably Xia Tian flips through the book there. Ma Lan has been very curious, although the book in library very entire, but looked that the mathematical book and I Ching person almost did not have. Attractively what does I Ching have?” Ma Lan writes on the paper. My father makes me look since childhood.” Xia Tian writes. Your father certainly is a extraordinary bachelor, what Professor won't be?” Ma Lan writes.

He died for several years.” Xia Tian writes. „, Sorry.” Ma Lan saw Xia Tian content apology writes. All right.” Xia Tian was already used. I looked at your calculation, your mathematical is so good, can teach me, my ability in mathematics was too bad.” Ma Lan shifted the topic. Em.” Xia Tian only returned to a character. Ma Lan shows a faint smile to Xia Tian, afterward took up the thing to leave the library, she one will have also the matter to do, leaves Ma Lan of library to return to the dormitory, today the dormitory has the important matter. Their dormitory four people must see the Li Ying friend together, although Li Ying has said the opposite party is only her friend, but several other people guessed that mysterious man is the Li Ying boyfriend. Li Ying these many years never have the boyfriend, this is not because she is unattractive, on the contrary, she is full big beauty, reason that for these years she did not have the boyfriend is because she diligently has been studying. The Li Ying family is not well-off, she has wanted to make money through her effort, helping the parents have the auspicious day, therefore she had not made the boyfriend. These years have many second generations of rich to pursue Li Ying, but Li Ying has not agreed that she most repugnant is these second generations of rich, a friend who because she plays since childhood together was harmed by the second generation of rich insanely. Ma Lan, how you come back.” Saw Ma Lan to come back, several females said.