Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 208
Some matters have delayed, I tidy up.” Ma Lan shows a faint smile, they know that today is any day, today is sees the Li Ying scandal boyfriend, reason that is the scandal boyfriend is because Li Ying did not acknowledge completely. However they do not believe the Li Ying words, therefore plans to see through them today. Li Ying beforehand always does not exit in the evening, but she exited several with Xia Tian times, moreover Xia Tian also looked for a work for Li Ying. Everybody is very curious to this mysterious person, they think that Li Ying has made a second generation of rich boyfriend. I look for him first, he in the library, meets me to call you.” Li Ying said that left classroom directly. Library?” Ma Lan stares slightly, afterward continues to tidy up, has not thought. Li Ying arrives at the library entrance time sent SMS to Xia Tian, Xia Tian has returned the bookshelf I Ching, deposited the book and pen in the library. After going out of the library, Xia Tian saw Li Ying. Li Ying also saw Xia Tian, Xia Tian that ordinary clothes, this clothes are Xia Tian buy, Wen Zhaohua called him money, 1 million, although Xia Tian said wants 999,900, but Wen Zhaohua has hit 1 million very magnanimous, has not missed that 100. Xia Tian direct has bought more than 30 clothes with these money one time, but these clothes not over 200. What wants to eat? Today I invite.” Li Ying shows a faint smile. I invited.” Xia Tian said. Must I invite, I did not have thank you, my intern treatment so is good, this is I always cannot think.” Li Ying felt that own treatment was really good. The student who her has not graduated, one month can only on several days of class, but opposite party not only has not shut out her, instead has given her one month 3000 wages. Has given back to she very important position, making her study the lots. Chief Zeng of company specially is good to her. Who is Chief Zeng? Wind and cloud capable woman Zeng Ruo, that is her idol.

Therefore Li Ying thanked Xia Tian. I invited, otherwise I do not go, happen to I couple of days ago made money.” Xia Tian light saying. Heard Xia Tian unable saying that Li Ying gawked slightly, she promised the dormitory sisters to make them see Xia Tian: No.” That settled, I invited.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good.” But Li Ying shaking the head after continues saying: That must make me invite next time.” Good, next time will say again.” Xia Tian towed to next time all of a sudden. What do we eat?” Li Ying asked. That eats the hot pot.” Xia Tian understands the woman, in woman ordinary circumstances liking makes the man take responsibility, moreover hopes that the man said himself to like eating, if the man said was not right, the woman will say does not eat, you said again. Hears the Xia Tian words satisfied, Li Ying smiles, Xia Tian knows one have guessed right, Li Ying likes eating the hot pot evidently. Ten woman eight like eating the hot pot, therefore Xia Tian will say the hot pot. Xia Tian brought that hot pot shop that Li Ying went to and Ye Qingxue their previous going, several other females of Li Ying to dormitory to make a phone call, told them the position. Li Ying makes the Xia Tian point, Xia Tian select the thing that a table girl has liked eating, remaining and other Li Ying roommates arrived have selected again. Here is not far from Jianghai University, therefore their less than a half hour arrived. I in this!” Li Ying saw that several people in bedroom come, waved, Xia Tian sits in the Li Ying opposite, carries to that several people, when Xia Tian knows that the Li Ying schoolmate came, naturally must stand the politeness. When Xia Tian turns the head, stares slightly, because he saw an acquaintance. That girl Ma Lan in library.

Ma Lan saw Xia Tian time also stares, the whole person stands there does not know that this any was good, this was also too skillful, Xia Tian unexpectedly was the Li Ying scandal boyfriend. Ma Lan, do you here do?” Another female in their dormitory has patted her. „.” Ma Lan stares slightly, discovered one were rude. The table altogether can make of six people, finally Li Ying and Xia Tian sat in one row, other three females sat in one row, Ma Lan have lowered the head from beginning to end, a few words did not say. Xia Tian treats, several female natures ordered food embarrassed, therefore Xia Tian added something. I introduced to you, he called Xia Tian, was my good friend.” Li Ying introduced. After the introduction of Li Ying, Xia Tian has understood Li Ying the member in their dormitory. Eldest sister Sun Wenwen, sister Ma Lan, Li Ying is a third child, the youngest fourth child is Yuan Li. The eldest sister usually does not like speaking, but treats several other people in dormitory is very good, sister Ma Lan is a lively open girl, the third child is Li Ying, fourth child Yuan Li is a woman of spirit demon, she also most likes the Eight Trigrams woman. Everyone has own characteristics. „Are you sister's scandal boyfriend?” The Yuan Li first start to talk spoke, she probably was originally ripe is the same with anybody. Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly, when oneself became the Li Ying scandal boyfriend. I said that you are my good friend, they do not believe that” Li Ying answered hurriedly. „Aren't you really the male and female friends?” Yuan Li surprised looks at Li Ying and Xia Tian, on the face writes all over has not believed: That is you are certainly pursuing my sister is right.” Hears the Yuan Li words, Li Ying face unexpectedly one red, lowered the head. You have a look, was said the thoughts by me.” Yuan Li continues to say.

Do not make.” Li Ying low voice saying. Sister, you spoke actually, how you always did not say to the present a few words.” Yuan Li as if in seeking the help is ordinary, usually will chat time Ma Lan of this topic together to play the Li Ying joke with her. However today's Ma Lan is very strange, her unexpectedly static sitting there, a few words did not say. This with usual her a little not like. Lily, no joking.” Ma Lan said. Heard usually most Ma Lan unexpectedly that liked cracking a joke saying that have not made, Yuan Li a little surprise, puzzled looked to Ma Lan: Sister, you how?” All right, all right.” Ma Lan awkward smiles. Sister, you are very strange today.” Li Ying light saying. Ma Lan has thought a moment later, shows a faint smile: Thing has come up, we eat the thing first.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen that had not spoken smiles: Xia Tian, are you also the Jianghai University student?” Begins school and that's the end.” Xia Tian said. New Student that you were just admitted to a university, that was really good, when you went to college later have any matter to look for us, no matter what, we were your Senior Sister.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen said. Sister's scandal boyfriend, what you reported was which specialty?” Yuan Li asked.