Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 209

Right, I have not known what you reported was any specialty.” Li Ying opens the mouth to ask. Several other females also simultaneously looked to Xia Tian, actually what front they were very curious this man to report was any specialty, Sun Wenwen and Yuan Li to the present have not believed that Xia Tian was not the Li Ying boyfriend, therefore was very curious. Although Ma Lan also suspected that Xia Tian is the Li Ying boyfriend, but she hopes that Xia Tian is not, why as, her does not know. If said that she likes Xia Tian, that absolutely is impossible, she is is a little at most curious to Xia Tian. Xia Tian awkward smiles, his older female cousin gives that specialty that he reported his also really embarrassed start to talk: „The next meat, I have ordered eight meat, everybody eats with all one's might.” This shifts the topic big law, but Xia Tian discovered that his shift topic big law not effective, four female nobody looks at the meat, but curiously visits him, Xia Tian shift big method not only not effective, but also increased they several curiosity. The curiosity of person is this, if Xia Tian said that everybody is not possibly serious, Xia Tian more is covers up, their several are more curious. nursing.” Xia Tian has helpless saying. Hears the nursing two characters time, four females were shocked, they have gawked probably for ten seconds, then smiles to make noise together, including Li Ying. Male student study nursing, this with female student study machine manufacture is a truth. Under normal conditions, nursing is in altogether studies the nursing male student to add also less than ten people, but machine manufacture will be inside female student adds not to ten people. nursing is the specialty of woman, machine manufacture is the specialty of man. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Yuan Li smiles loudest. Was not good, laughs at me, your grown man unexpectedly studied nursing, now I believe that you were not sister's boyfriend.” Yuan Li smiled while said. Em, definitely not, the person who only then could not find the girlfriend will go to study nursing.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen unexpectedly that always little spoke also started to tease Xia Tian. Your how bulletin nursing?” Li Ying puzzled asking.

My older female cousin helps me report.” Xia Tian awkward saying, he is not the first time is ridiculed. Oneself reported said one reported that we will not laugh at you in any case.” Yuan Li said that she had as if forgotten she smiled a moment ago is unscrupulous. Xia Tian knows one more explained that does not talk clearly on exceed, therefore simply did not speak. At this moment, eldest sister Sun Wenwen telephone sound. I and dormitory the person in eat meal.” „Do you do.” You must do.” The eldest sister Sun Wenwen brow tight wrinkle, the opposite that person wants obviously. Big brother-in-law wants to come you to make him come.” Yuan Li said. You come.” Sun Wenwen said that has hung up the telephone. She has sent to the opposite party the address, then apology looks at Xia Tian saying: Excuse me, is my boyfriend.” This has anything to be embarrassed, comes to eat together.” Xia Tian does not care about many person but actually, few person. „The male student of nursing department, how you and my sister knows?” Yuan Li looks at Xia Tian to ask, she is ten points liked the Eight Trigrams person. Hears Yuan Li to give own name, Xia Tian is very speechless, called him a moment ago is sister's scandal boyfriend, now calls him directly is the male students of nursing department: Is a chance encounter.” „? Mentioned listens, the sister only said that you have saved her.” Yuan Li curious looks at Xia Tian, her Eight Trigrams degree is very intense.

Had nothing saying that has saved her.” Xia Tian said. How possibly to have nothing saying that for example the sister was held under duress with the (spear|gun), then you dropped from the clouds, said I represented moon to eliminate you, then that several people knelt on the ground directly, was full of admiration to you.” Has to admire the Yuan Li imagination, her imagination also is really the terrifying. Small four, how you do not write the novel, by your imagination, you can certainly turn into a extraordinary writer.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen said. You cannot hope that I select, but also makes the person hold under duress with the (spear|gun), you watched the movie to look.” Li Ying selected with the hand has selected the head of Yuan Li. Saying that Yuan Li honk the mouth, has not been convinced: Precisely, you had a look at these chivalrous people, or the spider variant, Batman anything, they do not enter the stage, moreover their classical lines are the ability are bigger, the responsibility is bigger.” Your real movie looked.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen smiles. Big brother-in-law came.” Ma Lan that had not spoken opens the mouth to say suddenly that with her sound, all people looked to the entrance. Ma Lan stood up to resign the seat directly, then arrived at the Xia Tian side: You sit toward inside.” „In sister, you enter sit.” Li Ying said. Does not use, I like making outside.” Ma Lan sat in Xia Tian position directly. The Sun Wenwen boyfriend sat in the Ma Lan position, by eldest sister Sun Wenwen. This is?” The Sun Wenwen boyfriend looked at Xia Tian to ask. I called Xia Tian, was the Li Ying friend.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „, Is three brothers-in-law.” The Sun Wenwen boyfriend said. He is not the Li Ying boyfriend.” Ma Lan opens the mouth to say.

Li Ying is on the face one red, has not spoken. You spoke irresponsibly anything, he was the young three good friends.” Sun Wenwen said hurriedly that could see Sun Wenwen is very helpless to own boyfriend, however their sentiments are very deep. „, Excuse me.” The Sun Wenwen boyfriend shows a faint smile. Sister, you are very monster today, are you with the male students of this nursing department the understanding.” Yuan Li looks at Ma Lan to ask, she is a ten points Eight Trigrams person, simultaneously her idea is also Eight Trigrams, she just started to discover Ma Lan monster time has not discovered anything, but afterward she discovered is the related Xia Tian topic she immediately opens the mouth. Ma Lan by Yuan Li was said time stares slightly, afterward nodded. „Did you know really?” A Li Ying brow wrinkle, she suddenly one not good premonitions. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Was interesting, your unexpectedly knew that my sister, then knows my sister, no wonder you will go to report the nursing department, originally your such unfaithful.” Yuan Li indignant looks at Xia Tian. Do not talk nonsense.” Li Ying and Ma Lan simultaneously open the mouth to say. Volume.” Yuan Li stares slightly: You will not have a liking for him, but you good sisters, unable , for a man has torn to pieces the face.” No, if your women are many, can apportion our brothers several, we also unmarried.” At this moment the man of next door table said loudly that their several have been watching the fun a moment ago, after all a table, four woman men, this situation is rarely seen.