Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 210

Xia Tian their attention were captured the past by next door table, next door that table sat four people, their pondered looks at Xia Tian this table, words that they spoke a moment ago. Everybody continues to eat, do not pay attention to them.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen said. Snort.” Sun Wenwen boyfriend cold snort, had then turned head. beauty, your four women, two men, that has two not to have the boyfriend, knows how is it?” That table of people of open the mouth to say once more. „Are you how is it?” The Sun Wenwen boyfriend stands up to angrily rebuke that several people. beauty do you have the boyfriend, if no wants one, did some words mind that trades one, the words that minds, are you willing to have two.” These people have not gone to visit him, but looks at Sun Wenwen to say. The Sun Wenwen boyfriend sees them to sexually harass Sun Wenwen, which can also bear, walks toward their tables directly. Ding Hu, comes back.” Sun Wenwen shouted one hurriedly. However Ding Hu is entirely still, has arrived at the opposite that table. You must give my girlfriend to apologize.” Ding Hu coldly looks at their four. Ha Ha Ha Ha, what you said a moment ago, unexpectedly makes us apologize, do you know that who we are?” Is saying that that man of head laughs. I, no matter you are, must give my girlfriend to apologize.” Ding Hu said again. Doesn't want to fight? The fight words, our Shenlong martial arts school has not feared.” The men sent out the name of oneself school directly, in the ordinary circumstances only then they sent out the name of oneself school, that nobody dares to annoy them. The Shenlong martial arts school, that is a very famous martial arts school, was considered as is the undergraduate university, in the Shenlong martial arts school person won the national martial arts champion repeatedly. They advocate the martial arts, therefore usually in school fights unceasingly, in the situation of so long as not using the weapon, the school does not manage, so long as some people use the weapon, that certainly will dismiss. Although in the school fights unceasingly, but if some people dare to bully the person in their school, in that school very unites. In the ordinary circumstances is nobody dares to bully the person in Shenlong martial arts school, because the person in Shenlong martial arts school can the military, fights nobody to be also victorious outside they.

Because of this, so long as the average person hears the reputation of Shenlong martial arts school immediately to be far away. I, no matter you are any schools, you must give my girlfriend to apologize.” Ding Hu that coldly appearance. The manager in hot pot shop noticed that here situation ran over hurriedly: Fellow brothers, do not quarrel, everybody is eats meal.” Who with you are brothers.” The person eye of Shenlong martial arts school stares. Today this I invite, everybody should not be angry.” The manager in hot pot shop does not think that they cause trouble in this. Go away.” The person in Shenlong martial arts school scolded one: „Does father miss your money?” Several, I know that you are not bad, but our hot pot shop is the pamphlet business, you have a look.” The manager in hot pot shop said. My TM makes you leave.” The person foot of Shenlong martial arts school trampled in the belly of hot pot shop manager, trampled to fall the hot pot shop manager to the ground directly. Sees to fight, several other tables of people of hide distant. „Does boy, make us apologize now?” That several people in Shenlong martial arts school ponder looks to Ding Hu. Apology.” Saying of Ding Hu coldly. Calls me.” Is that person of head gives a loud shout, afterward leaves a Ding Hu recent that person of foot to trample directly to the belly of Ding tiger, with trampled that foot of manager to be exactly the same a moment ago. Saw that foot must trample to the belly of Ding tiger on, but Xia Tian discovers Sun Wenwen and the others on the faces not slight worry. Yuan Li instead is excited. Sees only Ding Hu left hand to grasp the thigh of opposite party, the right hand congealing fist, hit directly above the thigh of opposite party. Ah! a pitiful yell shouted from the opposite party mouth.

Your boy has real skill, gives me on together.” Is that person of head shouts. Afterward four people have fired into Ding Hu together. Ding Hu slight fear, getting rid speed is extremely not fast. Big brother-in-law, keep it up.” Yuan Li shouts loudly. Careful, do not injure the person.” Sun Wenwen shouts. The Ding Hu ten branches use the battlefield, although opposite party person are many, so long as does not make them stand, that person many also can only look in behind again, therefore Ding Hu blocks their seats, not to the opportunity that they stand. Is very fierce.” Xia Tian light saying, using the battlefield terrain, this is not an average person. That was natural, big brother-in-law becomes a soldier, moreover hears Special Force.” Yuan Li excited saying. After two minutes, Ding Hu several people all has knocked down, but these trays and beer bottles on their table also fall on the ground fall crush. You are waiting to me.” Was the person in that Shenlong martial arts school is bringing several other people of distressed escaping. The manager sees fragment helpless shaking the head of everywhere. Manager, that table of accounts I calculate.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You walk, they are the people in Shenlong martial arts school, can definitely retaliate your.” The manager reminded, obviously this matter frequently occurred here . Moreover the person in Shenlong martial arts school usually was also rules by force. Why must walk.” Ding Hu extremely strong saying, sat directly. Ding Hu, or we walk.” Sun Wenwen said that she is afraid one to have an accident. Fears anything, in any case is the matter that they annoy, did not have the law of the land inadequately.” Ding Hu said.

„The person in Shenlong martial arts school year to year fights, but their school has the relations with above, therefore has gone, quick will come out, will not leave behind the case history.” The manager reminded, the Shenlong martial arts school was away from Jianghai University to be very near, distance hot pot shop was also near, therefore here manager knew about them very much. Big brother-in-law, or we walk.” Li Ying was also worried that a while will have trouble. Without enough time.” Xia Tian light saying. What without enough time?” Li Ying puzzled asking. They came back.” Xia Tian said. Which?” Several people simultaneously look to the entrance. Quickly to entrance.” Xia Tian said. The people do not understand how Xia Tian knows, but they worry looked to the entrance. The opposite party comes back was also too quick. After one minute, enormous and powerful more than ten arrived at the entrance of hot pot shop personally. Ma Lan doubts looked to Xia Tian, how Xia Tian knew the opposite party to immediately. Is he, is he bullies the person in our Shenlong martial arts school.” A moment ago the hit that several people pointed at Ding Hu to shout. These people look from the surrounding hotel, the Shenlong martial arts school is this, so long as some people were bullied, so long as shouts one in the surroundings, the people who in these Shenlong martial arts schools then the nearby eats meal immediately come out to help. Such rapidness that therefore they can come back.