Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 211
Sees these people time, Ding Hu has stood directly, the opposite altogether came 12 people. Has saying that nearby this person in Shenlong martial arts school are really many, their several such exited to transfer for five minutes to retrieve eight people, person altogether 12 people who in addition a moment ago hit, at this time these 12 people of simultaneously moved toward Ding Hu. Several, cannot hit really again, otherwise our business had no way to do.” The managers clench teeth to go forward to say. Lead the background of that person should not be small, that the person of four taking a beating followed a moment ago in him behind, after hearing the words of manager, his brow wrinkle, nodded slightly afterward, looked that said to Ding Hu: Dares to come out?” Has anything not to dare.” Ding Hu said that walks toward outside directly. Ding Hu.” Eldest sister Sun Wenwen followed hurriedly, several other people also followed. Manager, pays.” Xia Tian threw to the manager 1000 dollars, these two tables added 1000 to be enough. Xia Tian this money spends is very depressed, a thing has not eaten, has spent 1000. Their several all followed Ding Hu. „The male student of nursing department, you are not very fierce, you help the big brother-in-law quickly.” Yuan Li looks at Xia Tian to say. When I said that I was fierce.” Xia Tian does not worry to get rid. Snort.” Yuan Li snort, ran hurriedly the hot pot shop. Ding Hu sees opposite person vision ice-cold, has not spoken, Sun Wenwen arrives at his side: Or we reported to the police, their many people.” Although Sun Wenwen knows that Ding Hu is fierce, however the person of opposite party were also too many, she is afraid Ding Hu to have the danger. Does not use, I had said I will protect you for a lifetime.” Ding Hu words make Sun Wenwen almost not have the happy corona, she most likes is Ding Hu man makings, can protect her, making her have the security sense.

Eldest sister was really too happy, the big brother-in-law's words said was good.” Yuan Li envies sees her eldest sister. All right?” Li Ying looked at Xia Tian one, after the previous several times matters, she, although does not have fully to understand Xia Tian, but she knows that Xia Tian is not an average person, therefore she will ask Xia Tian. In her mind, no matter what happened, so long as there is Xia Tian, that can be solved. Previous time in KTV, these big gangster saw him to be polite, moreover Liu Ying boyfriend spoke to him so is also polite. All right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Ma Lan in paying attention to Xia Tian, hears Li Ying to ask Xia Tian time, she is very puzzled, looks from the semblance, Xia Tian absolutely is not a second generation of rich, because he puts on is not the sign, 100 dollars stopped. Such person can have any too big skill, but after Li Ying hears is all right two characters that he said resembles the whole person not to be anxious. Ma Lan shook the head, why cannot think through this is. The Shenlong martial arts school is that person of head saw after Ding Hu walks, nodded: Good, you plant.” How you want to hit, selects or comes only together?” Ding Hu looked that the person to Shenlong martial arts school asked. Snort.” Is that person of cold snort one of the head: „Are you are smiling our Shenlong martial arts school nobody? Good, I fight you, so long as you hit wins me, today's matter.” Good.” Saying of Ding Hu coldly. My name was Shen Dalong, was the martial arts foremost person in the field of Shenlong martial arts school second grade.” Shen Dalong introduced oneself, Shenlong martial arts school each grade had own foremost person in the field, the person who placed second in the imperial civil service examination and 3 d highest place in hanun. Also is first, second and third.

This is the symbol of strength, is the symbol of status. Foremost person in the field who can become Shenlong martial arts school any grade, that cannot be underestimated, the person in Shenlong martial arts school are many, probably about 40,000-50,000 people, altogether four grades, average grade about 10,000 people, can become in 10,000 people first, thus it can be seen his strength is strong. When Shen Dalong said is in itself the martial arts foremost people in the field of second grade, was very proud. However he really has proud skill. Ding Hu.” Ding Huzhi said own name. Ding Hu is retired Special Force, he and Sun Wenwen knew since childhood that they went to the junior middle school in together, afterward high school time, some people bullied Sun Wenwen, Ding Hu go for Sun Wenwen over, finally hit was very miserable, but Ding Hu was a very stubborn person, the first time was returned, his second time also went, the second time was returned time also to go third. Finally when was hit the tenth chapter, he entered the hospital, simultaneously was dismissed by the school, Ding Hu thinks that was own strength weak cannot be over Sun Wenwen, therefore he became a soldier directly. Just before leaving before , after he told Sun Wenwen , etc. came back, nobody can again bully her. Ding Hu is very assiduous in the army, his daily training are more than average man, others in training he is training, others in rest he is still training, everybody called his Ding lunatic in the army, time that because he trained completely was a lunatic. Afterward he when unit martial arts contest budding, became Special Force, after the difficult training of Special Force, he gave up became the opportunity of Advanced officer, demobilized. However his just before leaving time spoke a few words: When the country needs me, my this life is a country, but I must go back to take care of my woman now.” Ding Hu demobilized at this time for one year, after demobilizing, he became a security of company, although the wages are not high, but also enough his expense. Shen Dalong is the Shenlong martial arts school big two students, he is a dark horse, because he is transfers the school to come, moreover just entered the Shenlong martial arts school to take the martial arts foremost person in the field of second grade, the strength is as deep as a well. At this time they stand there, imposing manner is in sharp opposition.

Dragon elder brother, making him experience fierce of our Shenlong martial arts school.” Dragon elder brother, overturns him, looked after him, dares to bully the person in our Shenlong martial arts school.” Dragon elder brother, must teach him well.” Shen Dalong behind these people shouts. Big brother-in-law, keep it up.” Yuan Li also dies shouting that refuses to admit being inferior. Sun Wenwen is looks at Ding Hu who a face worries, although he knows that Ding Hu is fierce, but she worried that this possibly is cares chaotically. Begins.” Shen Dalong said that directly to Ding Huchong, fights with the fists to Ding Hu. The Shen Dalong first fist is mammoth, has probably not probed the meaning of opposite party, Ding Hu is also fast the fist, they do not dodge do not hide, hit on the body of opposite party, two bodies of people simultaneously retreat. Ding Hu.” Sun Wenwen saw that Ding Hu was hit anxious shouting. Do not come.” Ding Hu puts out a hand to prevent, afterward looked at Shen Dalong one eyes. First round fighting, both sides have both drawn back three steps, does not know one's place, this was also considered as changed to the probe, then they wanted realistic, a war was unavoidable.