Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 212

Ding Hu looks at the opposite party surprisedly, he is retired Special Force, in the army, few people are his match, but fought a moment ago, made him feel the opposite party strength. That is not weak in own strength. The first round strength competion does not know one's place. Actually Shen Dalong surprised are not less than him, after entering the Shenlong martial arts school, reason that he can as transfer enter the second grade is because his strength enough. Moreover entered the second grade to obtain the status of second-grade foremost person in the field. Present he absolutely did not have the match in the Shenlong martial arts school entire second grade. You are good.” Saying of Shen Dalong coldly. You are also good.” Ding Hu has gotten hold of the fist. Big brother-in-law, keep it up.” Yuan Li shouts loudly. Was good, small four, you had not noticed that the eldest sister is worried.” Ma Lan saw that the Yuan Li mindless appearance said. „.” Yuan Li nodded: Big brother-in-law was careful.” Ding Hu right hand congealing fist flushes away to Shen Dalong directly, Shen Dalong also refuses to admit being inferior, to Ding Huchong, this time he did not have hard resisting directly, was just probed a moment ago, he has shunted his fist with ease, afterward right fought with the fists to the lower abdomen of Ding tiger. Gave up any idea.” Ding Hu left fist makes from below. Shen Dalong bite back own right fist, the body one has evaded a Ding Hu fist short, afterward the right foot kicked under the Ding Hu left rib. Ding Hu body inclined toward right two steps.

Sun Wenwen worries looks at Ding Hu, but she does not dare to make noise, the fear makes Dean tiger lose concentration. After Ding Hu stands firm the body, flushes away once more forward, knocks out the fist and leg is very decisive, vigorous and resolute, the flexibility of his explosive force and body is strong, present he truly starts to erupt. Compares the fierceness of in Dean tiger, Shen Dalong has dodged. Ding Hu got the winning side. Saw that Ding Hu got the winning side, worry on Sun Wenwen face has been short finally, Yuan Li was excitedly has visited them to compete with. „The military style fist, is really fierce.” Shen Dalong evades a Ding Hu fist to say. „The people who has enlisted in the military have studied the military style fist, but everyone learns and comprehends different.” Ding Hu said. That lets I come well ask for advice fierce of military style fist.” On Shen Dalong face has filled excitedly, Xia Tian saw his vision, is the bloodthirsty vision. Shen Dalong said that has fired into Ding Hu directly, but Ding Hu is also continues to display own military style fist. The military style fist is army most commonly used fist technique, the content that everyone trains is basic of military style fist, but everyone 's comprehension to the military style fist is different, there are many soldiers not to know one are practicing the military style fist, only regards these trainings is mission, therefore they absolutely do not have the opportunity contact true military style fist. Ding Hu the Tiantian training in the army, he tracks down this road, therefore he has understood the essence of military style fist from inside, afterward joined the special troops, started the study military style fist in the true sense. The characteristics of military style fist are the speed are quick, explosive force. Shen Dalong skill is not bad, moreover his movement is very flexible, although the explosive force does not have Ding Huqiang, but he can actually shunt Ding Hu fist technique, then attacks. This is the military style fist.” Xia Tian looks at the time brow wrinkle of military style fist, he discovered that in this military style fist contained many things, the reason that Dante tiger possibly year to year trains, he integrated the body the military style fist, one move is the military style fist, therefore he has not understood the true essence of this set of military style fist.

In the Xia Tian mind is training the military style fist, he also completely fuses his suspicion. In this time, both sides of fight had the big reversal, Shen Dalong unexpectedly started to counter-attack, Ding Hu military style fist little was suppressed, his strength was suppressed completely, he gradually can only get rid to prevent, is unable to counterattack. Has not ended.” Shen Dalong more hits is braver, he leaves a move of decisiveness, the attack is sharp, but the speed and explosive force are actually equally matched with Ding Hu, reason that he can trig Ding Hu because of his attack angle. He is familiar with the weakness of Ding tiger probably, how regardless of Ding Hu attacks, he can attack Ding tiger the place of weakness, making Dean tiger have strength nowhere to cause. Hateful.” Ding Hu felt one more hit more feels suffocated, he knows that like this hits, oneself must lose without doubt, therefore he gave up the defense, has suffered an opposite party fist stiffly. Courts death.” Shen Dalong contemptuous saying, strikes to go well, the Shen Dalong following attack also followed. Who courts death is uncertain.” A Ding Hu fist rumbles, directly with Shen Dalong all hit in one. Shen Dalong body fast retreat, Ding Hugen, a bang of fist then fist, his strong moved the war once more. Succeeded.” On face of Xia Tian suddenly one happy, he experimented to improve the military style fist in the mind a moment ago, finally really success. The battlefield Khet Stoeng Treng tiger has had completely the superiority, Shen Dalong unceasing retreat. Bang! Ding Hu fought with the fists in Shen Dalong chest. You lost.” Saying of Ding Hu coldly. Shen Dalong knees down, whole face hate looks at Ding Hu, he does not have to think own unexpectedly lost, this regarding him is the greatest shame.

Ding Hu turned head, walks toward Sun Wenwen. Be careful.” Several people simultaneously shouted. Ding Hu turns head hurriedly, he felt that a crisis, stretches out the left arm to resist hurriedly. Is Shen Dalong, he noticed a moment ago Ding Hu turns head, after snatching passes away, iron bar in person hand directly, fires into Ding Hu, on Ding Hu left arm transmits a severe pain, saw that Ding Hu left arm puts down, Shen Dalong was a stick pounds to Ding Hu head. Dies.” Shen Dalong crazy saying. Be careful.” Several females also shout. If this stick hits on the head of Ding tiger, Ding Hu did not die also wants disabled, but Ding Hu radically without enough time has defended now, Yuan Li and the others have closed the eye, does not dare to look. At this moment the form appeared in Ding Hu front together, his left arm blocked Shen Dalong right arm directly, iron bar in Shen Dalong hand was unable again the downward slightest. Sees this time, all people stare. Shen Dalong has been making an effort, but he discovered how, regardless of make an effort, the right arm is unable to drop. Do not reach out for a yard after taking an inch.” Xia Tian looks that Shen Dalong said that afterward his left arm shakes, shook to fly Shen Dalong body directly, right, flew, because Shen Dalong foot takeoffed. Sees Xia Tian Might, several people surprisedly visit him. On the face of Yuan Li has written all over inconceivable, Sun Wenwen is also surprised of whole face, Ma Lan finally understands why Li Ying must ask Xia Tian a moment ago, but Li Ying is the worship looks to Xia Tian.