Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 215
What figure is Yun Miao? That is Jianghai University recognition first beauty, hears this name time, is not only the man, the woman also all looked at the vision to the entrance. Yun Miao full is peerless beauty that men and women sweep the decks. Xia Tian this table of people of also all looked to the entrance, in entire cafeteria, although the person were not many, but besides Xia Tian, all people looked to the entrance. What side Yun Miao is spirit of that spirit demon, they as if have not noted the surrounding vision to be common. In the cafeteria some people started to oneself the person or the friend in dormitory telephone. I saw Yun Miao, she in the cafeteria, a bit faster comes now.” You also wait for anything, she is more attractive than the picture.” Brothers, have missed regret for a lifetime, my this whole life has not seen such pretty woman.” These male students in cafeteria started to call people friends readily, some even also put out the cell phone to start to photograph, before they had seen the Yun Miao picture, but sees with one's own eyes them all unable to extricate oneself now. This is the true goddess. The vision of spirit took a fast look around in the surroundings, afterward she stares slightly, she saw strange one, unexpectedly had a male student not to look at her Senior Sister, this made her very obscure, unexpectedly had the male student not to be interested in her Senior Sister. Forwarded two steps, spirit thought that this person looked familiar, forwarded again two steps, spirit saw clearly the appearance of this person finally. Senior Sister, is the god of that Basketball.” Spirit light saying. Em?” Yun Miao also slightly stares, then followed spirit the vision to look. Hey, the male student of nursing department, are you a man, in this room has not gone to look at Yun Miao on you probably, she is peerless beauty.” Yuan Li looked at Xia Tian saying that she was still complaining about Xia Tian not to teach her super to kill the technique invincibly. At this time several other talented person discoveries, Xia Tian unexpectedly lowered the head to eat meal in that has not gone to look at Yun Miao. All people curious looks at Xia Tian.

Ding Hu also looked a moment ago, moreover he also looked at the eye to be straight, but Sun Wenwen has not complained his meaning slightly, because the expression of Ding tiger was just the normal person should have the expression that. Xia Tian is not but normal. Senior Sister, we pass to sit.” Spirit shows a faint smile. Also good.” Yun Miao nodded. You looked quickly that Yun Miao looked like me to walk, do not put together the table with me.” You have misread, she walks toward me.” Your eyes are not easy-to-use, she walks toward me obviously.” Xia Tian right them these male students almost quickly quarrelled. Well, she walks to here probably.” Yuan Li stares slightly. Probably is really.” Ma Lan also nodded. Several people then discovered that Yun Miao walks probably really to their this tables, Xia Tian does not lift , to continue to eat. Your glutton, knows to eat, Jianghai University first beauty walks to our tables.” Yuan Li saw that Xia Tian only knows to eat, very discontented saying. Xia Tian had not answered, but continues to lower the head to eat. Ma Lan very puzzled looks to Xia Tian, she does not believe will have the man not to have the interest to Yun Miao, but Xia Tian so will be tranquil, rather will eat front red-roasted pork not to look at Yun Miao, will resemble his front red-roasted pork more attractive than Yun Miao. She walks to our tables probably.” Sun Wenwen stares slightly. „, Jianghai University first beauty do not put together the table with us?” Li Ying whole face inconceivable saying, although they are the women, but they were also considered as are Yun Miao fans.

The surrounding these people noticed that Yun Miao moves toward here is very all excited, when Yun Miao passed by their there, their once more loses at heart. Knew not possibly, but they also really harbored the fantasy a moment ago. Here our one table.” On face of Ma Lan suddenly one happy, they like Yun Miao very much, but usually cannot contact. Yun Miao and spirit arrived at Xia Tian their this tables: „Can I sit in this?” That side does not have the place.” Continuation that Xia Tian does not lift is eating front red-roasted pork. Hears the Xia Tian words, several other people wish one could to choke to death him. Do not listen to him to talk nonsense, please have a seat.” Yuan Li said hurriedly. Sits, you want to eat anything, I go.” Li Ying excited saying, this feeling probably is fans face to face saw that singer who one most like is the same. Really was too attractive.” Saying that a Ma Lan face envies, although they have seen the Yun Miao picture, but visits me to know today that I was more attractive than the picture was too many, even if she continuously to her appearance and skin were very self-confident, but saw that Yun Miao that moment she also from the bottom of the heart envied the beautiful appearance of opposite party. Thanks.” When Yun Miao said thanks, Li Ying they all almost happily pass. Xia Tian does not understand that they similarly are the women, such will not have why the resistivity to Yun Miao. The attractiveness of Yun Miao is without a doubt, she is Xia Tian has seen the prettiest woman, but she also is very similarly dangerous, Xia Tian cannot find out their details completely, but actually feels from them has been to the dangerous the aura. Therefore Xia Tian does not want also to have mystical powers with Yun Miao has many exchanges. beauty, you want to eat anything, we go.” Sun Wenwen opens the mouth to ask. Does not use, these was enough.” Yun Miao shows a faint smile, this smiling let present all people to be attracted, beautiful, was really too beautiful, beautiful in a complete mess. She is the men and women sweeps the decks completely, Li Ying and other females also by her beautiful deep attraction.

Hey, does the male student of nursing department, you do, how you know to eat, sit by you, but Jianghai University first beauty.” Yuan Li very discontented saying, she is the Yun Miao powdered iron. „Is that also what kind of?” Xia Tian said. How is it? You are an idiot, that is Jianghai University first beauty, looks at one is your good fortunes.” Yuan Li extremely angry saying. She is not my wife, I thought that her I have any good fortune.” Xia Tian is speechless. You.” Yuan Li wishes one could to bite to death Xia Tian. Several other females are also very discontented looks to Xia Tian, including Li Ying, although her relations with the Xia Tian is very good, but Xia Tian was really too impolite. You too do not welcome me probably.” Yun Miao looks at Xia Tian to say. I am not ripe with you, why must welcome you.” Saying that Xia Tian does not lift. Brat, your is any manner.” The person of neighboring table could not get used to seeing Xia Tian finally, the thing on table fell, points at Xia Tian to shout to clear the way. You must give the Yun Miao apology.” Right, must apologize, otherwise you cannot go out of here today absolutely.” His unexpectedly dares such to speak with Yun Miao, did not apologize everybody to tidy up him.” Surroundings these think that the gentleman of justice all walked, threatening looks at Xia Tian.